The  mission  of  the  Centerville  Baseball  Dugout  Club  is  to  support  the  Centerville  High School  Baseball  Program.

As a committee, the group develops and carries out fundraising events to provide financial assistance to the baseball program.  The group further provides the Centerville community with special events during the season at select games.



President                                                                                                       Matt  Poulton

Vice  President  /  Banner  Sales                                                             Scott  Lieberman

Treasurer                                                                                                      Mary  Mahon

Mulch  Chairman                                                                                         Travis  King

Booster  Representative                                                                            Todd  Tobe

Facility  Manager                                                                                         Darryl  Edwards

Special  Events  /  Alumni  Relations                                                      Molly  Hoffmann

Special  Advisors                                                                                         Tom  Hughes

                              Mike  Hoffmann




BASEBALL Facility Updates - We've Been Busy Preparing for the 2018 Season and beyond...

Office Expansion - Added 144 square feet to the existing office which allowed for the creation of four additional coaches' lockers. Added a secure storage closet for gear and game day equipment. Added a 32" flat screen TV for scouting purposes.
Batting Cage - Rotated the batting cage to extend the life of the net, and stretched the net taught to take out the slack to create more space above the batters.  Installed pro level L-screens to protect the pitchers during batting practice. Installed markers to track ball flight path to visualize the ball's trajectory and new training tools.
Player Conveniences - Installed a 43" flat screen TV and blu-ray player for the players to watch scouting films and review mechanics during training sessions.  Installed a large bat rack system to store all the training and weighted bats. Updating the player lockers with new paint and photos of current players.
Logos - Relocating existing logos to make room for new items to kick off the 2018 season.
J-Band Wall - The J-Band wall is being relocated outside in the bullpen area due to the office expansion, and will provide a larger wall for additional J-Bands and more room for the players to stretch

SOFTBALL Facility Updates....Yes...Softball has Dugouts, too!!!

1)  Moved the home dugout from the 1st base side to the 3rd base side
2)  Installed helmet cubbies and bag hangers
3)  Installed bat racks in both the home and away dugouts
4)  Scraped paint in home dugout and repainted
5)  Added painted lettering to home dugout
6)  Will be adding turf to the floor of the home dugout in the near future