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Questions & Answers


Q..What does the little league use as an age criteria?
A...For 2018 the cut off for age is Sept 1st depending on the year of birth. Little league age is based on what age the child will be prior to Sept 1st of that given year in the year he/she is playing. To play in the league for 2018, a child must be 4 prior to that date and not older than 16 prior to that date. The only exception to this, is for those players born in 2006 whose age will be determined by their age prior to may 1, 2018.
Q..My child has moved up every year he/she is playing, can he/she now move up to the Majors Division as a Little League aged 10 year old?
A...No, The MCLL mandates that the The Majors Division is for 11 & 12 year olds only.

Q..I signed my 11 year old up for the Majors Division. Will he/she definitely play in the Majors.
A...No, Only a select number of 11 year olds will be drafted into the Majors. All 12 year olds must be drafted into the Majors. The remaining 11 year old players will be placed into the AAA Draft.

Q...Can my 13 year old stay in the Majors?
A...No, under no circumstances. This is an insurance issue and mandate by Little League National. 13 year olds must play in the Juniors as per Little League National who govern our program.

Q...Can I request that my child be on a certain team or have a certain coach?
A...Only in Squirts, T-Ball and Sandlot can those requests be made. In these noted divisions, most requests are honored. Requests for coaches or teammates are not honored in the Rookies, AA and upper levels. ONLY Siblings can be placed on the same team in All Divisions, provided they both meet the required age criteria.

Q...Are the Board Members on Salary?
A...No, the Board Members are not on salary, do not have expense accounts, they are all Volunteers. The MCLL is a Non-Profit organization, whose board members receive No Form of Compensation for their time, nor do they get things like cell phone bills paid. While many organizations are able to attain not-for-profit status, many times they compensate those working in their organization. The MCLL Does NOT.

Q...How many games will there be a week?
A...Each division will be scheduled for 2 games per week. One game on a weekday and the other on Saturday. The Saturday games can start anytime from 9:00AM until 6:00PM. The season will start the first week of April and run thru till around the 3rd week of June.

Q...When do the kids pitch?
A...Players pitch starting in the AA Division. The Rookies Division, which is the division before AA, has the coaches pitching to the players.

Q...What if I do not want my child to play for a certain coach?
A....Please send an e-mail to, so that this is addressed or write it on your registration form.

Q...Who can play in the Massapequa Coast Little League?
A...Any child who lives in Massapequa or Massapequa Park and resides South of Sunrise Hway or attends a school within the confines of our baundaries.

Q...Does the Massapequa Coast Little League offer girls softball?
A...We are partnered up with our neighbors, the Masspequa International Little League, which is the league for Massapequa residents North of the tracks. When the International Little League talked about starting a program, there was concern that there would not be a strong enough interest level at certain age groups. By having our girls play with the International League, it has created a softball program that can be sustained at all age levels.


Q...Why doesn't the MCLL have online registration..?
A...Online registration is a complicated issue for our program. We are mandated by little league national to have all players meet our resident requirements. Online registration opens the door for many to register in our program who do not live here and ultimately will effect those that do reside here in the area of field usage and other areas. Additionally for new registrants we need to verify age with a certified birth certificate. While some would argue that all info can be checked after the fact, tracking everyone down and getting their documents would become a frustrating and time consuming tasks for our volunteers. Additionally, our face to face registration gives us a chance to answer your questions.


Q...We see lots being done by the MCLL in the area of field improvements. Where does that funding come from?
A...Over the past 10 years, we have a had a highly successfull fund raising effort through sponsorships and the snack stand. These efforts have led to us not only providing the best uniforms, the best equipment, replacement of any and all broken equipment, the purchase and installation of many field amenities like batting cages, backstop padding, player benches, foul poles, break away base and scoreboards. During the last 11 years we have raised our registration fees just $5.00


Q...Who owns the snack stand, who gets paid, can I work there as a kid. Can I volunteer as an adult?
A...The MCLL operates the snack stand at Burns Park. All money from the snack stand goes back the MCLL General Fund. Adults that you see in the snack stand are VOLUNTEERS....Kids in the snack stand for the most part are paid hourly by the league, with occasional kid volunteers. For additional info contact our Snack Stand Director, who is also a Volunteer.


Q...How does it work with the umpires? I see a lot of kids umping games in the AA and AAA Divisions.
A...The umps are paid workers by the MCLL. Umps are paid by check and any that make over $600.00 will be issued a 1099. If interested, you must be little league age 14 years old must attend our umpire clinic. For additional info, contact our umpire-in-chief.


Q...Whose monitoring the league books and finances?
A...We have a Finance Committee comprised of 3 of our board members. Each have an accounting background. In addition, we are in full compliance with the IRS in filing annual tax returns. In addition, we are pro-active in ensuring the integrity of our program and have an outside accounting firm to conduct an independent audit of our books. We are held accountable by the NYS Attorney General's Office as a not-for-profit.


Q...How do I get on the board?
A...Over the past 2 years we have added several new board members to replace those that have moved on. When openings have come up, we do a league wide e-mail to the entire league seeking applicants. Over the past 2 years, we have added 4 new board members from these applicants.


Q...What does the league do for its coaches?
A...We pay for training in the use of AED's along with a comprehensive CPR/First Aid course.

....We have a coaches appreciation day at Citifield and provide any and all coaches that want to attend a ticket to the game at basically half price, with the MCLL picking up the balance of the $30.00 plus ticket.

....We provide free clinics to assist them in the teaching of baseball skills to the kids.

....We only charge a portion of the cost of the coaches shirts that they wear.


Q...What about my kids safety on the ballfield?

...We currently have a large inventory of AED's(Defibrillator's) that are deployed or available at each and every field the MCLL plays at.

...In addition, we currently have over 100 managers, coaches, umpires and board members certified in the use of these AED's and have received formal First Aid and CPR training.

...We have worked with the Town and the School District to make the playing safest the best they can be to minimize bad hops or uneven playing surfaces that can lead to injury.


Q...How does the league accept payment and what method is preferred?
A...Only by check or cash...Checks payable to MCLL..Checks is the preferred method of payment. It makes it simpler for our record keeping and insures a permanent document on your end.


Q...How are players selected to tournament teams?
A....In some levels, there are tryouts to better expose players and at other levels there are meetings for the selection process..

Here is how it operates....

At the AA and AAA levels for the selection of our 8, 9 and 10 year old teams, we have a managers meeting at the beginning of June...At that meeting, each manager becomes an advocate for his players. Each manager has the opportunity to nominate any amount of players from his team, provided they are age appropriate for the respectiuve team.

Once the players are nominated, those players are invited to take part in a player showcase to exhibit his/her skills in front of the managers from that respective division.

Following the showcases, each manager again speaks about the players that he nominated and speaks of their skill level. During this process, any manager from another team can also interject about players from other teams.

Following the player discussion, each manager circles a a specified number of names from the nominee list. The votes are then counted by a board member and one manager whose name was pulled from a hat(cannot be a board member) and he becomes the independent auditor to maintain the integrity of the process.

Once the votes are tallied, the top vote getters are placed on the team. This amounts to 2/3rds of the team roster. The balance of the players are then selected by the tournament manager and must be selected from the nominee list. This of course includes the managers son...

As for the Majors, Juniors and Seniors Divisions, the same format is utilized, but there is no showcase.