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In 2006, we made a decision as a league to incorporate AED's into our program. Since that time, we have enhanced that program from year to year.

Our AED program has become a model that others can follow. From the availability of an AED at each and every field to the training of managers in there use.

This current season(2011), we have 151 volunteers(managers, coaches, board members trained in AED/CPR/First Aid. The cost of this training was absorbed by your MCLL. Each of these trained responders had an active 2 year certification. Each and every manager is ceritfied and is required to have an active certification. Without that certification, they are ineligible to manage a team in our program.

The AED's are kept in lock boxes that you will see positioned behind backstops of many of our fields. Each manager has a master key to access each and every container should the need arise at a ballfield. In addition to housing an AED, they will also house First Aid Kits, Ice Packs and needed field equipment.

We now have an AED available at each and every field the MCLL has a permit for. While most fields have a single unit dedicated to that field, other units may cover more than one field if they are in close proximity of each other. This is the case at Burns Park. The 90 foot and the Front Turf have an AED dedicated to said fields. Our 4 field hub in the back, is covered by the AED in the Majors lockbox. Each and every managers is aware of the unit that covers their field.

The aforementioned training of the Managers and the purchase of the Storage containers is being absorbed by the league from our general fund. Over the past 5 seasons, the MCLL has spent over $40,000.00 in the training, purchasing of storage containers and the purchase of the AED's and other AED accessories.

We hope that this comprehensive program that we have in place, offers you peace of mind of knowing that should the need arise, there are trained responders on every field and an AED at every field utilized by the Massapequa Coast Little League.