2020 Bat rules updated

December 2, 2019 – 05:47 PM

The following bats have been banned from East Shore Travel League play



all 2 3/4 “barrels


Reebok Vector TLS


Marucci Cat 5


Marucci Black


Nike CX2


Mattingly Balistk


Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty


2020 Bat Restrictions:


15u/16u & 19u-wood bat only (one piece only)


14u-2 5/8 barrel only; drop 3 (BBCOR) no exceptions


13u- 2 5/8 barrel only; drop 3/5/8 only no bat length greater than 34 inches

Drop 3 must be BBCOR for 13u division & any stamped USA or USSSA bat is acceptable.



12u – only no 2 ¼ inch bats allowed

 No longer than 32 inches

 No specific weight/length ratio limit

 Wood, metal or composite is allowed

 Non-wood and multi-piece wood bats must be USA Bat certified

Barrel diameter for any bat may be no larger than 2 5/8"


Any stamped USA or USSSA bats are allow (no 2 ¾” barrel are allowed)


If a player is caught using an illegal bat then at that time of question and in fact the bat is proved to be illegal the batter will be out, and everything goes back to where it was previous to the batter before. You can only question an illegal bat, if a pitch is thrown to that batter; you cannot question an illegal bat if no pitch is thrown.

The head coach is then restricted to the dugout for the rest of the game, the bat is removed from the dugout. The second time that a team is caught using an illegal bat the head coach will receive a 1 game suspension. This will be reported to the league following the game from one of the umpires doing that game. The umpire will report the team and the number of the player using the illegal bat.