League rules (updated for 2019 season)

 East Shore Travel League


Rule Book


2019 Fall season Our 11th Season  


A note from our Directors:


Please note that for the 2019 the East Shore Travel League has set our own Bat Restrictions and we will not follow the set AAU bat restrictions. We are also playing modify NFHS rules with our own house rules implemented.


This season no players can be double roster at all, and all rosters must be submitted prior to the start of regular season play. The East Shore Travel League is recognize as a National AAU League and is not governor by the State of Connecticut’s Baseball Rules or Baseball Chair, as our league is sanction nationally.


Our 2019 League sanction #19CTBLX793


So please review the entire package prior to registering your program or team this coming season. And of course, any questions please contact one of the directors and they will be more than happy to help you.






I promise that I shall participate in this 2019 East Shore Travel League AAU Program


Respecting and abiding by the rules which govern it


In the true spirit of sportsmanship,


For the glory of sport,


And the honor of my team




Code of Ethics:


AAU Baseball subscribes to the Code of Ethics set forth by the National Federation of State High School Associations


AAU Player/Coach registration:


Every team must have all their players & coaches register with AAU (http://aausports.org/Membership/SignUp.aspx)


Each player must register under the youth athletic & coaches under the non-athletic


If your team is planning on playing in non-AAU sanction events, then you must purchase the extended coverage membership, if you do not have the extended coverage insurance and you are playing in a non-AAU sanction event and an injury occurs your insurance will not cover your injury


No team will be allowed to participate in the 2019 without each one of their players & coaches register with AAU




Insurance certificates:


Please contact the league @ chuck.estl@gmail.comfor practice field/ game field & tournament insurance by March 10th, after March 10th, there will be a $35 charge per insurance request from that time forward. No field insurance certificates will be issued until all league entry fees have been satisfied.


To use the AAU insurance for non-AAU events your players & coaches must have the extended coverage membership.


When you are requesting a certificate of insurance please forward us the following. Complete name of the Park or Tournament, address, phone number and a contact person. (You can download the 2019 insurance request forms on the web site).




Black Out dates:


Please fill out the form on line for all black-out dates by February 24th. Please make sure to include all the dates that your team is unavailable to play on. Make sure that on the top of the form you fill out all the information including your team name and division. The league will only take black-out dates on the provided form and not via an email message or text message.






All rosters must be presented to East Shore prior to your first regular season scheduled game.


(No roster; No playing; PERIOD)




a.)  All AAU numbers must be included on roster


b.)  All players date of births must be included on roster


c.)  All player’s numbers must be included on roster


d.)  All players parents must sign the league wavier (stating that their son/daughter has a valid AAU insurance card)


e.)  All coaches must have two ways of contact (email address & cell phone number)


f.)   At least one member of each team must be register to either our Twitter page or rainedout.com for all weather updates


g.)  Roster will be limited to 20 players, 3 coaches & 1 score keeper


h.)  No player can be double roster & no player can play on two different programs at any one time. (No exceptions, No waivers; Period). If you’re a program and want to move a player up to a different age group, then you must submit a written release wavier in order to do so, and that player can no longer go down in age for the remainder of the season.


i.)   If a team gets caught using an illegal player during a scheduled ESTL game, the head coach from that team will receive a one game suspension for their next scheduled game. 2nd time will be review by the directors of the league.


j.)   9u-18u teams can pick up any non-roster AAU player up to May 15th/ (14u-18u) June 21st.  during the regular season.


k.)  Any player that leaves a current East Shore roster to go to a different East Shore roster during the regular season must obtain a release from the current program that there involved with and then the league has the right to accept it or deny it depending the issues of the release; and it must be within the allowable timetable for adding players to your current roster.


l.)   If your team advances to an AAU Grand National from our league, you can pick up players from any East Shore roster if the coach or director from the other team is notified from us first before contacting that player’s parent. 




2019 Age cut off:


8u - must be 8 or under by May 1st, 2011


9u – must be 9 or under by May 1st, 2010


10u – must be 10 or under by May 1st, 2009


11u – must be 11 or under by May 1st, 2008


12u – must be 12 or under by May 1st, 2007


13u – must be 13 or under by May 1st, 2006


14u – must be 14 or under by May 1st, 2005


15u- must be 15 or under by May 1st, 2004


16u – must be 16 or under by May 1st, 2003


18u – must be 18 or under by May 1st, 2001




Field sizes:


8u & 9u- 46/60 closed bases (no leading)


10u- 46/70 open bases


11u – 50/70


12u- 50/70


13u -18u - 60/90








Game Cancelation:


In event you must cancel a game it must be emailed 24 hours in advance or it will be considered a forfeit and your team will be charge with $110.00 forfeit fee which must be paid before your next schedule game. Please take into consideration that your canceling for a major/serious reason other then weather and that the league must explain to the other teams why they’re getting canceled on!


















9u – 18 games & all teams make playoffs


10u elite & major divisions 20 games & all teams make playoffs


11u elite- major- local 20-24 games & all teams make playoffs


12u elite -major – local 20-24 games & all teams make playoffs


13u elite & major 30-35 games & all teams make playoffs


14u – 16u 24 games & top 8 make playoffs in each division


17u & 19u 16 games & top 8 make playoffs in each division






2019 Bat Restrictions:


15u/16u & 18u-wood bat only (one piece only)




14u-2 5/8 barrel only; drop 3 (BBCOR) no exceptions




13u- 2 5/8 barrel only; drop 3/5/8 only no bat length greater than 34 inches


Drop 3 must be BBCOR for 13u division & any stamped USA bat is acceptable.




The following bats have been banned from East Shore Travel League play


all 2 3/4 barrels


Reebok Vector TLS


Marucci Cat 5


Marucci Black


Nike CX2


Mattingly Balistk


Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty




12u Elite Division only– 2 5/8 barrel only drop 5-10




 No bat length greater than 32 inches




plus any stamped USA bat




12u Major & local Divisions- 2 5/8 barrel or 2 ¼ barrel; drop 5-11 only




No bat length greater than 32 inches




plus any stamped USA bat




11u- Elite, Major & Local Divisions- 2 5/8 barrel or 2 ¼ barrel; drop 8-12 only




No bat length greater than 32 inches




plus any stamped USA bat




10u- 2 ¼ barrel or 2 5/8 barrel; drop 10-11-12 only




No bat length greater than 32 inches




plus any stamped USA bat




9u- 2 ¼ barrel or 2 5/8 barrel; drop 10-11-12 only




No bat length greater than 32 inches




plus any stamped USA bat






If a player is caught using an illegal bat then at that time of question and in fact the bat is proved to be illegal the batter will be out, and everything goes back to where it was previous to the batter before. You can only question an illegal bat, if a pitch is thrown to that batter; you cannot question an illegal bat if no pitch is thrown.


The head coach is then restricted to the dugout for the rest of the game, the bat is removed from the dugout. The second time that a team is caught using an illegal bat the head coach will receive a 1 game suspension. This will be reported to the league following the game from one of the umpires doing that game. The umpire will report the team and the number of the player using the illegal bat. 






No metal spikes for 9u-12u


No metal spikes for pitchers on east shore fields 2 & 3 due to portable mounds


No metal spikes for any players playing at the Connecticut Sports Plex due to the Astro turf


Connecticut Sports Plex footwear


Plastic cleats*Sneakers*Turf shoes






Each team is responsible to supply baseballs during the regular season


Each coach must present 2-3 games balls to the umpire @ the start of the game during ground rules


Recommendations: Rawlings R-200 or R-100, Diamond DOL-1, DOL-A, DOL-NFHS


For 13u-18u any National Federation High School game ball is fine








All schedules will be posted prior to the start of the regular season.


Schedule will be made off each individual black date request within reason.


All coaches will release a rough draft schedule prior to final web site posting.


Any scheduling cancelations must be email, the league will no longer accept text messages or voice messages about rescheduling or canceling games.


Please keep in mind that when you decide to cancel a game for whatever reason you may have, that there is another team on the other end wondering why?


Canceling games due to lack of pitching will no longer be a valid reason, so don’t bother emailing for that reason in 2019. (If you enter a 5 game tournament over a 3 day period you need more than 3 pitchers, so do not cause our league the headache of rescheduling games due to your lack of pitching this season)


Make Up games:


The schedule will be updated weekly as we will try to makeup rain out games ASAP. It is the coaches responsible to check the website weekly for any updates. We will also send out weekly emails with all updates on the Monday night following each weekend. The league strongly recommends that you tell all your parents that if you print off a schedule on line April 1st, and hand it out to them it is going to change due to weather, so warn them ahead of time about the schedule changing from time to time.




Time limits for league play; when the time limit expires the home team must have batted in the bottom of the current inning if trailing in the game for the game to be official. Official games are 3 ½ innings for an 6 inning game and 4 ½ innings for a 7 inning game, if the time limit expires prior to the game being official the score at that point will count, and only count due to the time limit expiring. Home team must bat if trailing when time expires.


In event of darkness or weather the game will be pickup from the point where it is call; only if it’s within the time limit and not an official game or if the home team is trailing following an official game, (Home team must bat)




This is a house rule!


9u/10u/11u/12u – 1 hour 45 minutes for all regular season games, first & second rounds of playoffs (semi-final games 2 hours) (finals no time limit)


13u- 1 hour 50 minutes for all regular season games, first & second rounds of playoffs (Semi-final games 2 hours) (finals no time limit)




 2 hours (semi-final games 2 hours 15 minutes) (finals no time limit)



ALL PLAYOFF GAMES MUST HAVE A WINNER, BUT UNTIL WE REACH THE FINALS, WE MUST adhere to the time limits of each age group.




Innings per division:


9u-12u– 6 innings


13u -19u- 7 innings







All scores must be reported via email only to scores.estl@gmail.com


It is completely impossible to update the leagues web site without either one of the coaches sending their scores in.
Please report your score win or lose immediately following your game




Mercy rules:




10 run after 4 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)


8 run after 5 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)




12 run after 4 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)


10 run after 5 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)


8 run after 6 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)




10 run after 5 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)


8 run after 6 innings (home team must bat if trailing in the inning)






The third – to – first pickoff attempt is legal


We are playing major league trips only (one per inning per pitcher, 2nd trip you must remove the pitcher) & and all other rules are NHSF


9u no balks: warnings only


10u & 11u one balk warning per pitcher per game


12u-19u straight balks (no exceptions and no discussions at ground rules)




House Rule: Once a pitcher has been removed from pitching, that pitcher cannot re-enter as a pitcher for the rest of the game (This is very important to the game and must be followed) 


Pitching trips:


Each pitcher is allowed 1 trips per pitcher, the 2nd trip they must remove the pitcher from the game
















Tied Breaker:


In the event of a tied game and there is still time on the clock, we will play another inning or as many innings that you can before the time limit is up.




When time is expired the game is over, if the home has batted


No more tie breaker rule for the


All playoffs games must be played until a winner




Batting Order:


9u-13u Teams can either bat the entire order, 10, 11 or 9 hitters


14u-19u Teams must be bat either 9 or 10


Each team can either bat a DH which will be for a position player only or an EH which can play in the field also


The team must decide before the game if they will use a continues batting order


If a team is using a continues batting order they cannot change once the game starts


If a player is injured while using a continues batting order and they come to the injured players spot in the batting order, an out is recorded and then they can continue with the batting order If the team starts with 8 players the 9th spot in the order is a recorded out until the 9th batter arrives (you can finish a game with 8 players)




Courtesy Runner:


Courtesy runner can only be used for the catcher with 2 outs (mandatory) last batted out only.


 No exceptions PERIOD




Head First Slide:


Headfirst slides will be allowed in all age groups.    


All changes must be reported to the other coach during the game


One offensive conference per inning (you can take an offensive conference when the opposing team is visiting the pitcher)




Protest Procedures:


a. Protests must be made verbally with the umpire by the offended team at the time of the play and before the next pitch. If a pitch is made there is then no protest. Do not call either director about protesting a game after the game is final. The only way a protest can be made is during game and at the time of question.


b. A fee of $100.00 cash (refunded if protest is upheld) must accompany the protest.


c. All decisions of the protest committee shall be final.


d. Only decisions involving the misinterpretation or misapplication of a rule may be protested. No protest shall be allowed in matters involving solely the umpire’s judgment.


e. you cannot protest an illegal bat, or a player’s equipment




Ejections (Manager, Coach or Players):


a. In all age groups, the first occurrence results in suspension for the rest of the game (removal from the field) in which ejection occurs, and the coach must sit out the next scheduled game for that team; if they are coaching more then 1 team, the ejection will only apply to that team and not another one.


b. The second occurrence is a three-game suspension No exceptions


c. The third occurrence is a five-game suspension


d. If all coaches listed on the team’s roster are ejected during a game; then the team must forfeit upon the removal of the last coach.


e. Any physical touching of an umpire or chest bumping of an umpire will result in an automatic 3 game suspension
All umpires have been notified to restrict a coach to the dugout first.


Any foul language in general will result in an ejection of either a player or a coach.


Any player trying to hurt another player will result in an ejection of both the player & head coach






General Field Rules:


If you’re playing on Annex field # 1 & Annex field # 2 and a batted ball hits the netting it’s a live baseball and the play will continue


We are asking all teams to please keep the dugouts cleaned during games at all fields


There will be no outside food parties allowed during double headers or during games at the Annex/ East Shore fields or the Connecticut Sportsplex Complex


Connecticut Sportsplex does not allow chewing gum or sun flower seeds on the fields or inside any of the dugouts, a direct result of not following those rules and your team or program will no longer be able to play at the Sportsplex


Batting Cages: Please enforced that all players are wearing helmets during use of the cages and the pitcher is behind the L-screen.


All catchers must wear helmets during warm ups 9u-18u


The skull cap for catchers playing in the 16u & 18u leagues are legal


Warm up pitches: each pitcher prior to the start of the game will be allowed 8 pitches, and from the second inning on 5 pitches per inning, unless the pitcher is changed








It is the coaches’ responsibility to police their own parents, if a parent or groups of parents are getting out of control than the umpire will stop the game and ask for the coaches to remove the parents and then play will continue. If the problem isn’t removed than the game will be forfeited and the game awarded to the opposing team. This is going to be strictly enforced for 2018. The past two seasons our umpires have been getting abused and it’s going to stop this season. Any foul language from a parent during the game directed at either a coach or an umpire and that person and there kid will be removed from the park. This is the only way a lot of this non-sense is going to stop. So if you’re a parent causing a scene, you’re then going to cause your son/daughter playing time.









We will schedule all umpires for games and fields


If there is a problem with any of our umpires than please email us at umpires.estl@gmail.com


Please during ground rules have the head coach go and out pay the umpire either check or cash prior to the start of the game. From the start of the game, only the head coach can address the umpires during the game and no other coaches are allowed to question the umpires during the game.


In the event that a team bounces an umpire check that check must be paid including the bank fees prior to the start of their next game.




Umpire fees:


9u – one umpire $70 ($35 per team)


All age groups are two umpires, so the fee is per team per umpire


10u/11u/12u - $60 in the event of 1 umpire ($90)


13u/14u/15u/16u/17u/19u - $70 (9 inning game $90)




Additional fees:


In the event that a game gets called before the start of the 3rd inning due to darkness or rain, the umpires have been instructed to return half of the payment; but only if it is the 2nd game of a double header and not a single game. If it’s a single game then the umpires keep their fee for that game. This rule only applies to out of town games; it doesn't pertain to East Shore, Annex, Dom Aitro or the Sportsplex fields.


In the event that you have a scheduled double header off the East Shore site and both coaches decide to cancel the second game, then both coaches must pay each umpire half the fee of that game, plus the game that their playing.


In the event that you have a schedule double header and both coaches agree to play one 9 inning game then each umpire will receive a game & half fee for the that 9 inning game (follow the posted fees for a 9 inning game)


In the event that you have a schedule double header using east shore umpires and both umpires get to the field and another board is doing the game, then both coaches and the coach that scheduled the other umpires must pay both umpires.


In the event that a scheduled game is canceled same day or a team no show’s a scheduled game than the umpire/umpires scheduled to work that game must be paid half of fee


Westport fields for 13u-18u must follow the Fairfield county board fees, as East Shore does not schedule Westport fields ages 13u-18u




Outside Fields:


If you have your own field to use, please make sure of the following.


A.) Do you hold the permit for that field?


B.) The times & dates that you sent in for scheduling belong to your team


C.) Who makes the call for canceling games (your program or a city/town employee?)


D.) If there are any park/town rules for using the field (email them to the league so we could inform the other teams)


E.) If it has lights who controls them and what are the hours of usage?




League Standings


In event of a tie breaker to determine playoff seeding's


1.) head to head record vs. the team or teams tied with


2.) Runs against


3.) Runs scored


4.) coin flip




Concussion Policy

We have therefore established this concussion policy for and on behalf of the East Shore Travel League, which is as follows: Where there is reasonable cause to believe that a concussion may have occurred, such participant shall be allowed to continue his/her participant ina regular season game without a medical release to resume such participation