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Welcome to our sponsorship page for Light It Up!


We are using this space to recognize people and organizations who have made significant financial and personal contribution to the Light It Up! initiative.  Light It Up! has been quietly running for several years now, but we are now aggressively seeking public participation and the public is responding in a huge way!!!


C.R.I.C. is on board as our largest contributor, with a $15,000.00 donation!!!  Thank you C.R.I.C.!  So who is C.R.I.C.?  C.R.I.C. operates as a non-profit organization of volunteers raising and administering funds for recreational and cultural groups activities and projects serving Tottenham and District area.  C.R.I.C. is deeply embedded in events and contributions in our community. 


To learn more, click here ==> C.R.I.C to go to their website



The Tottenham Old Timers initiated the charge for lights at C1 at Coventry park and have strategically changed their financial position over the last 4 years, to now be in the position of contributing $15,000.00 to this initiative.  The mandate of the Tottenham Old Timers Slo Pitch League is to provide recreational baseball in a manner that promotes the ideals of sportsmanship and friendship while minimizing the potential for injury. 


To learn more, click here ==> TOT to go to their website


Firehouse Pizza and Wings has provided a few different fundraising scenarios and has a contribution goal of $5,000.00 by September of 2019!  Firehouse has been actively involved baseball related and special need fundraising.  Owner, Jason Bower, is no stranger to helping the Tottenham Foodbank or families in need.  Thanks for the support Jason!


To learn more and see their menu, click here ==> FIREHOUSE to go to their website


Tottenham Paving is a locally based construction firm that's been in our community since 2008.  The company specializes in all facets of asphalt, paving, concrete, patterned concrete, and interlocking brick applications in both residential and commercial project settings.  Owner, John Genova, has been engaged with our fundraising team and has set a target donation of $2,000.00 by the end of September 2019!  Thank you John!


To learn more about their services, click here ==> TOTTENHAM PAVING to go to their website.


The Tottenham Ladies Lob Ball League is a vibrant local Tottenham league for women 25 years of age and over.  While working closely with the Old Timers on joint ventures, the Ladies league has maintained its own unique identity and is welcoming to new players whether they've played before or not.  The TLLB has stepped forward with a $1000.00 contribution to the lights  Thank you very much!


Want to sign up for Spring?  Click here ==> TLLB to join for their 35 anniversary year!



F&P Manufacturing is located off of the 5th Line in Tottenham and employees numerous people across our many leagues.  F&P is a subsidiary of Ftech Inc. in Japan and is a leading Tier 1 Automotive Parts Manufacturer.  Their core business includes metal stamping, welding, hydroforming and assembly and produces over 58 million components annually for more than 10 different models.  F&P warmly accepted our invitation to donate to our community endeavor and have contributed $1000.00.  Thank you F&P!!!


Want to learn more about F&P products and careers?  Click here ==> F&P to visit their website.


Beeton Foodland is a long-standing supporter of all levels of baseball in Tottenham.  Beeton Foodland has local owners from Tottenham & in addition to their other sponsorships, They have stepped forward with a $500.00 advertising/sponsorship donation for our August tournament.  They have a number of speciality services including, but not limited to, party platters, Beer Store, LCBO Agency and delivery services.  Thank you Monica & Sandy!


To find out more, click here ==> BEETON FOODLAND to go to their website

Carrie Kortis is a self described "Dream Catcher".  A Tottenham based realtor who prides herself on providing her clients, friends new and old, with homes of their dreams!  Carrie, a former member of the Ladies League, immediately recognized the value of lighting up C1 at Coventry Park and asked for ways to contribute.  She has signed on with a $500.00 advertising/sponsorship donation for our August tournament.  Thank you Carrie!


To book a meeting with Carrie, click here ==> CARRIE KORTIS to go to her website

 The above sign means you can find housewares, hand and power tools, plumbing and electrical supplies, paint and painting supplies, sporting goods, plus automotive and farm supplies.  Home Hardware stores also feature giftware and seasonal items, including lawn and garden supplies.  Owners Dave & Silvya Fleming have established a culture of superior customer service to make your shopping experience second to none! They have contributed a $500.00 advertising/sponsorship donation for our August tournament.  Thanks Dave & Silvya! 

To find out more, click here ==> Tottenham Home Hardware to go to their website 


The JAK (Justin Alexander Keogh) Fund has a simply stated objective of helping youth in transition.  Behind that simple statement is a complex, volunteer based fundraising network that raises and donates money for worthwhile causes to support youth initiatives.  The JAK Fund looked at Light It Up! as an opportunity to 1) provide an additional lit diamond for teens and providing a evening sports related entertainment option; and 2) move the kids league back to Keogh Park on Sunday nights which puts more kids within walking and biking distance from home.  The JAK Fund's washer toss event has quickly become a "Can't Miss" event of Spring!  The JAK Fund has signed on as our sponsor for our Taste Of Freedom Inn and Restaurant event in July.  Thank you for your kind $500.00 donation!

To find out more, click here ==> JAK Fund to go to their Facebook Page 



Help The Kids Play (HTKP) has the objective to provide children with the funding to participate in a recreational activity where their parents/guardians are unable to do so.  The recreational activity can be as varied as hockey to dance; or soccer to swimming and should allow the children to participate in an activity to enhance their personal growth and well-being.  Help The Kids Play has sponored our event on the Saturday night of the HTKP tournament by donating their equipment and setup; the value to Light It Up! is $375.00 in savings in running our fundraiser.  Thank you Help The Kids Play! 

To find out more, click here ==> HTKP to go to their website 

Sharon Duggan and Peter Shmagola, are pillars in our community.  They are long serving Legion members and faithful contributors.  They are also vital in the C.R.I.C. organization.  Additionally, they have been long time friends of the Tottenham Oldtimers and Peter is a former player and continues to be a League sponsor.  Sharon and Peter have formed a holding company called SharPeter, designed to support their philanthropic ventures.  Its through this company that they are contributing $500.00 to our Light It Up! cause.  Thank you for your support Sharon & Peter!!!



If you don't know about the Euchre Tournament by now, good luck getting in!  The annual January euchre tournament is held at the Legion and has been a sellout for years.  The organizers of the event look for worthy causes to donate proceeds to.  The Light It Up! committee considers ourselves fortunate to receive an exceptionally kind donation of $300.00 from this group.  Thank you to James Taylor, Joy McCarron, Rob McCarron, Kevin Moon & Robine Hawkes!


The Tottenham Men's League have kindly added an option to their online registration to make a one time donation to Light It Up!.  The committee would like to thank, Shawn Ramadan, Jordan Lavictoire, Shawn Bramham, Kevin Moore, Alex Gibson, Scott MacEachern and Phil DeLand.  Every donation matters, thanks gentlemen!


The Tottenham Old Timers have also added an online registration option to donate to Light It Up!  The committee would like to thank Jason Bowers, Art Sagert, Jens Lepa, Mark Mumma, Robert Quadrini, John Karr, Jason Jack, Franco Belvedere, Doris Casullo, John Genova and Tom Ball for their contributions. 




There is an enthusiastic and passionate group that is putting in (literally) countless hours on the light it up committee.  You are encouraged to reach out to any of them directly with a) a donation b) an offer to participate in one of our fundraisers or c) an idea or opportunity to raise funds.  Allow us to introduce ourselves. 

  • Paul Piellusch - Light It Up! Chairperson
  • Brandy Cremascoli -  Secretary
  • Alan Lacey - Committee member
  • Tim Osmond - Committee member
  • Robert Jordan - Committee member
  • Jason Bowers - Committee member
  • Robert Farah - Committee member
  • Matt Saunders - Committee member
  • Marty Mussell - Committee member
  • Gina Heisz - Committee member
  • Dave Storms - Committee member
  • John Genova - Committee member
  • Brad Young - Committee member
  • Doug Dwyer - Committee member
  • Susan Iacoucci - Special Guest Contributor
  • Jacklyn Topp Parsons - Special Guest Contributor
  • Bo Niederhuber - Special Guest Contributor

Thank you for all you do!