OMMSPL is a “day” league created by some age 60 plus slo-pitch players who were not yet ready to retire from a sport they had played competitively for many years.  

Recognizing the diversity of the league's players, teams are formed each year in an equitable manner taking into consideration not only the individual rating of each player but also their unique skills (or limitations).   Also, every effort is made to ensure players are with a different Manager from the previous year.  Not only does this exercise promote parity amongst the eight teams; it also enriches the social interaction that is so important to our players.

If you have played slo-pitch competitively in Ontario, chances are very good that you will recognize a number of our players. Many play on competitive teams such as the Mississauga Legends and Brantford Nissan teams who participate at the World Senior Games in St. George Utah each year. Others have competed fiercely elsewhere for more than just a couple of decades.



And YES, we even manage to draw some fans at many of our games.







Our eight teams play from May into September on Thursday mornings (YES MORNINGS!) at the Glenashton Park twin diamonds (Glenashton Drive just east of 8th Line, Oakville) or Millbank Park West (Glenashton Dr. west of Trafalgar.


 // a map.


The league has grown from four teams in 2009 to six teams in 2010, and currently eight teams since 2012. All teams each play two -7 inning games Thursday mornings beginning at 9:30 a.m. 

The games always generate a lot of excitement as these boys just love to compete!  That “SNAP, CRACKLE, POP” that you hear on the ball diamonds on Thursdays is not Rice Crispies!


In 2017, the Red Faces put together a late season surge to narrowly beat out the Rusty Royals for the season.  Then, for only the second time in our nine year history, the Reds claimed the League Championship in a close game with the Blue Pills.


Most head to our sponsor’s patio for some lunch and refreshments. For the first three years we were fortunate to enjoy ourselves at East Side Mario’s. In 2012 we moved to Fionn MacCools and for our 10th  season in 2018 we move to THE PIPES AND TAPS. ) The Pipes and Taps (the OMMSPL’s exclusive sponsor) is located at 231 Oak Park Blvd. # 101, Oakville and is very close to our ball parks.

The rehashes of the games “on the patio”, where the morning’s battles are replayed, replayed and then replayed again produce a magical atmosphere. "Bloop singles" suddenly transform into "line drive shots to the opposite field" while “awkward stumbles over the bag” are now recollected as “classic slides into second base”. 

It is a place where each every one of the "mental errors" on the diamond is vividly recounted amidst good natured bantering and hilarity. Mostly, it’s just good times. To some, Thursday afternoons on the patio are as much fun as the games themselves. // a video clip of one of our typical afternoons.





While most of our 120 players will return for the 2018 season,, we will have a few openings.If you were born in 1958 or earlier, are an experienced Slo-Pitch player and want to continue to enjoy this sport, you are eligible to apply. For application forms//

Far beyond the many seasons past of fierce competition, slo-pitch spawns a sense of fellowship amongst not only teammates but also opposing players. There is certain bond amongst them that leads to some great friendships. We share laughs on the field, in the dugout and even more at our post game celebrations.



The main purpose of this site is to provide information; its overall theme; however, is FUN.  And that is what our league is all about. We report the scores and the standings and keep our players informed. We also provide game reports which occasionally include "action shots".  While game details may not always be clearly remembered and the truth may at times be a little stretched or distorted, everything is done in both good jest and taste.

Please enjoy maneuvering through our site and please come back as it changes week to week during slo-pitch season. 

Thanks for visiting.







"There are three things in my life which I really love: God, my family, and baseball.
The only problem — once baseball season starts; I change the order around a bit".

~Al Gallagher, 1971