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1. The entire roster of players present for the game shall bat in rotation.
2. Field 4 infielder's,1 pitcher and 1 catcher all remaining players will be placed in the outfield.
3. No bunting.
4. For the first 8 games all batters will hit from a tee. The batter will continue to swing until the ball is put into play.
5. Starting game number 9, we will go to coach pitch. The batter will receive 5 coach pitches. If the batter fails to hit the ball, the ball will be place on the Tee until the ball is put into play.
6. There is no stealing or leading off of the bases if a player leaves early they will be called out.
7. There is no infield fly rule.
8. All players must play at least 3 innings per game.
9. When the ball is in the possession of an infielder ( do not hold the ball up) and in the umpires ( Coaches in this case) judgment all play on the runner or runners has ceased the umpire ( coaches) shall call time the ball is dead and the ball is returned to the home plate.
Coaches we need to get away from holding up the ball, because when it comes to tournament play the other leagues in the area do not use it.

10.OVER THROWS to 1st Base are DEAD BALLS , all runners advance 1 base. OVER THROWS to 2nd and 3rd Base remain LIVE as long as the ball stays in the field of play.
11. T-ball players are not permitted to pitch.
12. Games shall be 5 innings of play.
13. Each team will bat until they reach 5 runs or 3 outs which ever comes first. Except the 5th inning you may bat your roster (1time ) to give all the kids a chance to hit.
14. No new inning will start after 1hour , drop dead after 1 hour and 15 min.
15. Two adult coaches may coach runners from the coach’s boxes out side the base lines.
16. You may place two coaches in the outfield to assist on defensive play.

17. When running the bases please give players time to make a play don’t run the children to gain runs and run up the score , this teaches kids nothing .