How the "Battle" Works

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The Tournament Format

The Battle at Fort Niagara is a "Tiered" Softball Tournament. Each team will either be placed in a division or be given a random draw to play two or three "Seeding" games. The results of these seeeding games will determine where you place for Sunday games.

It is very important to us that each grouping of teams is as balanced as possible, top to bottom, and that is why we ask for some information from your team on the registration form.

The Battle at Fort Niagara understands the disparity in Softball programs. This is what sets us apart from other tournaments who will only take the top 4-8 teams into sunday, or have other teams play meaningless "consolation" games that many teams don't even show up for.

Each Tournament team is placed into a "Tier" on Sunday. That Tier will be made up of teams that have similar records to your team, and ideally, similar talent. Each Tier is a completely seperate championship single elimination tournament on Sunday, with teams in each tier competing for the the exact same Tournament Championship awards and trophies.

Why do we do this?
This allows Academy-level teams to compete against each other on Sunday and it allows All Star level teams compete against each other on Sunday as well. This format give every team a chance to walk away a champion, including B teams, good teams, and great teams.

We understand that sometimes large tournaments can be disheartening for small teams, or teams that are just starting to experience Softball at a competitive level. We also understand that there are so many mid-level teams that struggle in "A" tournaments but want a higher level of competition and challenge that Traditional "B" Tournaments provide.  This format gives us the chance to give all of the teams meaningful, quality games in a playoff atmosphere that all teams crave, and allows us to let more teams walk away champions!

Battle at Fort Niagara Schedule Information
The Battle at Fort Niagara is a four day tournament, Friday through Sunday. However, your team would only play on three days if your team requests to do so.

Teams registered from outside of Western New York or the Greater Niagara Falls / Buffalo area will NOT BE ASKED TO PLAY ON Friday Unless you request to do so. This request is conviently made directly on the registration form.

Why do we do this?

Simply, to save you money and allow you to determine the number of games your team can handle playing in one day. Hotel stays can be expensive (unless, of course, you choose to stay at a Battle sponsor hotel!), and in the interest of keeping your trip to the Battle at Fort Niagara as cheap as possible, we do not ask that you reserve hotel space for two or three nights.

What about the Fields?
The Battle has three site venues, each within five minutes if each other, although we strive to keep teams in one location or give a larger then normal break if we ask you to change venues.
Each Venue has unique and cool charecteristics that your girls will love.  Veterans Park boasts lights and scoreboards and fields that were completely remodeled in 2010.  Lew Port High School has traditional brick dugouts and homerun fencing and was newly built in 2011.  Kiwanis Park, brand new in 2012, has top of the line drainage, home run fencing, and plans for many more site additions in the near future.  All fields are professionally maintained, with outfield "striping" and designing, level infields, and between-game stadd to keep it that way.
Google Map each park to see why a registration to the "Battle" puts you on the best fields in Western NY.
Tournament Organization
There is no need for trips to "Tournament Central" to get updates on standings, scores, or games.  Each game is updated to as soon as the game is reported.  Any parent, player or coach with a smartphone can get fast and easy updates, saving time searching for tournament central and spending more time with your team.