AUBL Miami Welcomes 8 New Teams!

Kendall Blue Jays

The Kendall Blue Jays have been well established in other local leagues for years. Look for The Blue Jays to compete with the top teams in AUBL Miami. According to Manager Peter Rivero "We are an organized team, looking for the best that AUBL Miami has to offer".

Miami Sparks

The Miami Sparks roster is stacked with experienced players. The Sparks are well organized and will be tough to beat in their 1st season in AUBL Miami. Manager Ramon Alfonso said "We are happy to be in AUBL Miami. We look forward to the challenge of playing against tougher opponents".


Miami Pirates

The Miami Pirates are a new team, with many familiar faces. The Pirates are stacked with top pitchers and have a solid roster. The Pirates may go deep in the playoffs. 1st time Manager Andy Celaya said "We have a good team. I am excited to see how we play this season!"


Biscayne Bats

The Biscayne Bats 2.0 have been built to win with a young, strong nucleus of players. The Bats will be very competitive against all AUBL Miami teams. 1st time Manager Alexis Valladares said "We have a really talented and young team. We look to knock off some well established teams".


Los Tigres

After years in the Nica League, Los Tigres are now ready for the next challenge. Los Tigres are a scrappy squad that is ready to take on all teams in AUBL Miami. Manager Ruben Peralta said "We want to play a hard schedule. We had heard great things about AUBL Miami and we can't wait to play tougher competition".

Team USA

Team USA has great talent and are a very exciting team. After competing in other local leagues, Team USA will look to establish itself as a force for years to come in AUBL Miami. Manager Roberto Fernandez was quoted "We are very happy to play in AUBL Miami. The fields, the umpires and the teams are all 1st class". 

South Florida Hawks

The South Florida Hawks are a brand new team with high expectations. Manager Alex Torres brings a very organized and exciting approach to the South Florida Hawks. Several experienced AUBL players will anchor the team. Manager Alex Torres said "We have put a lot of energy into creating a great franchise. We look forward to all of the challenges in AUBL Miami". 

Miami Spartans

The Miami Spartans have played before in other local leagues. Assistant Coach Elio Pena said "We are excited to be in AUBL Miami. We will surprise some teams this season!"