Bernard G. (BG) Mohan


Born:  September 10, 1944 in Topeka, Kansas 

High School:  Hayden High School, Topeka, Kansas 


BG began his slow pitch career in 1970 with the PG Contributors in Prince George’s County.  In 1974, when the team was going to fold, BG volunteered to manage and, 39 years later, is still doing so.  Teams he has sponsored and managed include Ninety’s Inn, Outlaw Vans, Glendale Car Wash, Temple Inland Mortgage, Capital Mortgage, Mo’s Hammerheads and Taylor’s.  In 1983, under the sponsorship of Outlaw Conversion Vans, his teams were able to travel to many regional, national and world tournaments.  BG continued to play on the nationally ranked Outlaw Vans co-ed team than won the USSSA NIT in Orange County, California in 1988 and finished second in the USSSSA Mixed Worlds in Kansas City in 1989.  During this time, he was also managing Glendale Car Wash 35+ team, winners of the 1987 ASA DC Metro and the 1989 USSSA Over 35 States.  When Outlaws Vans, owned by Ron Taylor, closed up shop in the early 1990’s, Taylor’s Softball emerged, playing in many local leagues and tournaments throughout the US. 


In 1996, he started his own senior team, Taylor’s, which he still manages in the AA County senior league.


BG was inducted into the Washington Metro Slow Pitch Softball Hall of Fame in 1985 and the Anne Arundel Senior Softball Hall of Fame in 2003. 


Married:  Patricia             

Children:  Shannon, Katie

Occupation:  Universal Mortgage & Finance