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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Mon5/6/20196:00 pm F 6-20 Oakville 2  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon5/6/20196:00 pm F 6-5 Mississauga North 1  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Tue5/7/20196:00 pm F 14-9 Burlington 1  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue5/7/20196:00 pm F 19-7 Brampton  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue5/7/20196:00 pm F 14-18 Halton Hills  Milton   Maplehurst
Wed5/8/20196:00 pm F 21-22 Waterdown  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed5/8/20196:15 pm F 22-1 Oakville 1  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed5/8/20196:15 pm F 16-15 Milton  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu5/9/20196:00 pm F 0-27 Hamilton  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 15-16 Mississauga North 1  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 21-7 Burlington 1  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Wed5/15/20196:00 pm F 6-18 Burlington 2  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed5/15/20196:15 pm F 6-16 Hamilton  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Mon5/20/20196:00 pm F 12-9 Mississauga North 1  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon5/20/20196:00 pm F 23-8 Oakville 1  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon5/20/20196:15 pm F 12-14 Oakville 2  Majors   Crookes Park
Mon5/20/20196:15 pm F 6-22 Hamilton  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 21-5 Oakville 1  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 21-17 Halton Hills  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 14-22 Brampton  Milton   Maplehurst
Tue5/21/20196:30 pm F 6-10 Burlington 2  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed5/22/20196:00 pm F 8-20 MSBA  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed5/22/20196:15 pm F 16-21 Waterdown  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed5/22/20196:15 pm F 19-8 Burlington 1  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Mon5/27/20196:00 pm F 19-21 Burlington 2  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon5/27/20196:15 pm F 11-20 Halton Hills  Majors   Crookes Park
Mon5/27/20196:15 pm F 13-23 Brampton  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue5/28/20196:00 pm F 7-0 MSBA  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue5/28/20196:30 pm F 10-19 Waterdown  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed5/29/20196:00 pm F 8-14 Oakville 2  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed5/29/20196:15 pm F 9-10 Hamilton  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed5/29/20196:15 pm F 29-12 Majors  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu5/30/20196:00 pm F 1-22 Burlington 1  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Sun6/2/20193:00 pm F 15-13 MSBA  Majors   Crookes Park
Mon6/3/20196:00 pm F 24-1 Oakville 1  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon6/3/20196:00 pm F 13-26 Waterdown  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon6/3/20196:15 pm F 14-15 Hamilton  Majors   Crookes Park
Mon6/3/20196:15 pm F 15-13 Milton  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue6/4/20196:00 pm F 9-17 Burlington 2  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue6/4/20196:00 pm F 8-9 Mississauga North 1  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue6/4/20196:30 pm F 5-10 MSBA  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed6/5/20196:00 pm F 4-12 Halton Hills  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Thu6/6/20196:00 pm F 5-23 Mississauga North 1  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Fri6/7/20196:00 pm F 13-21 Brampton  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Sat6/8/20199:00 am F 11-20 Majors  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Sat6/8/20194:00 pm F 19-11 Hamilton  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Mon6/10/20196:00 pm F 15-7 Burlington 2  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon6/10/20196:15 pm F 7-21 Oakville 2  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue6/11/20196:00 pm F 7-15 Halton Hills  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue6/11/20196:00 pm F 27-4 Majors  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue6/11/20196:00 pm F 21-22 Hamilton  Milton   Maplehurst
Wed6/12/20196:00 pm F 22-20 Hamilton  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Wed6/12/20196:15 pm F 17-7 Burlington 1  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed6/12/20196:15 pm F 23-8 Brampton  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu6/13/20196:00 pm F 3-13 Brampton  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Fri6/14/20196:00 pm F 18-26 Mississauga North 1  Milton   Maplehurst
Sat6/15/20196:00 pm F 9-27 Milton  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Mon6/17/20196:00 pm F 30-8 Milton  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon6/17/20196:00 pm F 13-6 Burlington 1  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon6/17/20196:15 pm F 7-10 Burlington 2  Majors   Crookes Park
Tue6/18/20196:00 pm F 3-18 Waterdown  Milton   Maplehurst
Tue6/18/20196:30 pm F 1-6 Oakville 2  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed6/19/20196:00 pm F 11-12 Majors  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed6/19/20196:15 pm F 8-17 Mississauga North 1  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Thu6/20/20196:00 pm F 1-23 MSBA  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Mon6/24/20196:00 pm F 12-19 MSBA  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon6/24/20196:15 pm F 15-3 Milton  Majors   Crookes Park
Mon6/24/20196:15 pm F 2-20 Waterdown  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue6/25/20196:00 pm F 24-1 Oakville 1  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue6/25/20196:00 pm F 9-16 Oakville 2  Milton   Maplehurst
Tue6/25/20196:30 pm F 10-10 Halton Hills  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed6/26/20196:15 pm F 25-26 Brampton  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed6/26/20196:15 pm F 9-9 MSBA  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu6/27/20196:00 pm F 4-20 Burlington 2  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Mon7/1/20196:00 pm F 28-4 Burlington 1  Halton Hills   The Barn
Tue7/2/20196:00 pm F 18-13 Waterdown  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue7/2/20196:00 pm F 8-22 Burlington 2  Milton   Maplehurst
Wed7/3/20196:00 pm F 8-20 Hamilton  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed7/3/20196:15 pm F 3-27 MSBA  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed7/3/20196:15 pm F 24-6 Oakville 2  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Sun7/7/201911:00 am F 4-14 Majors  Hamilton   Memorial 3
Mon7/8/20196:00 pm F 12-22 Waterdown  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon7/8/20196:00 pm F 13-4 Brampton  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon7/8/20196:15 pm F 13-24 Mississauga North 1  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue7/9/20196:00 pm F 10-14 Majors  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue7/9/20196:00 pm F 7-4 Burlington 2  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue7/9/20196:00 pm F 17-7 Oakville 1  Milton   Maplehurst
Tue7/9/20196:30 pm F 16-7 Burlington 1  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed7/10/20196:00 pm F 19-11 Milton  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed7/10/20196:15 pm F 12-12 Majors  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed7/10/20196:15 pm F 16-21 Halton Hills  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu7/11/20196:00 pm F 0-15 Oakville 2  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Sun7/14/20199:00 am F 16-8 Milton  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Sun7/14/20196:00 pm F 25-3 Milton  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon7/15/20196:00 pm F 15-7 Hamilton  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon7/15/20196:15 pm F 11-1 Burlington 1  Majors   Crookes Park
Tue7/16/20196:00 pm F 8-3 Brampton  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue7/16/20196:00 pm F 14-9 Hamilton  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue7/16/20196:00 pm F 2-10 MSBA  Milton   Maplehurst
Wed7/17/20196:00 pm F 14-14 Burlington 1  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed7/17/20196:15 pm F 6-7 Oakville 2  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed7/17/20196:15 pm F 6-14 Waterdown  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu7/18/20196:00 pm F 24-2 Oakville 1  Majors   West Oak Trails
Mon7/22/20196:00 pm F 17-9 Oakville 2  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon7/22/20196:15 pm F 15-0 Oakville 1  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue7/23/20196:00 pm F 6-15 MSBA  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue7/23/20196:30 pm F 18-10 Milton  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed7/24/20196:15 pm F 5-14 Halton Hills  Burlington 2   Central Park South
Wed7/24/20196:15 pm F 25-1 Oakville 1  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Fri7/26/20196:00 pm F 10-13 Majors  Milton   Maplehurst
Sun7/28/20196:00 pm F 27-16 Majors  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Mon7/29/20196:00 pm F 23-15 Brampton  Halton Hills   The Barn
Mon7/29/20196:15 pm F 18-21 Mississauga North 1  Majors   Crookes Park
Mon7/29/20196:15 pm F 25-13 Burlington 2  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue7/30/20196:00 pm F 27-9 Milton  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Tue7/30/20196:15 pm F 7-0 Brampton  Majors   Crookes Park
Tue7/30/20196:30 pm F 20-0 Oakville 1  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed7/31/20196:00 pm F 16-12 Mississauga North 1  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed7/31/20196:00 pm F 11-17 Halton Hills  MSBA   Tom Chater South
Thu8/1/20196:00 pm F 9-10 Burlington 1  Milton   Maplehurst
Thu8/1/20196:00 pm F 4-27 Waterdown  Oakville 1   West Oak Trails
Fri8/2/20196:00 am F 11-3 Burlington 1  Halton Hills   Barn
Mon8/5/20196:00 pm F 27-11 Majors  Halton Hills   Crook's Park
Mon8/5/20196:15 pm F 1-17 MSBA  Burlington 1   Nelson D3
Tue8/6/20196:00 pm F 10-7 Milton  Oakville 2   Bronte Park
Tue8/6/20196:30 pm F 13-13 Mississauga North 1  Hamilton   Mahoney Park A
Wed8/7/20196:00 pm F 24-4 Oakville 1  Brampton   Duggan Yellow
Wed8/7/20196:00 pm F 19-0 Oakville 2  Waterdown   Joe Sams 4
Wed8/7/20196:15 pm F 8-9 Burlington 2  Mississauga North 1   Syntex
Thu8/8/20196:00 pm F 4-22 Halton Hills  Oakville 1   Langtry Park
Fri8/9/20196:00 pm F 1-18 Majors  Oakville 1   Crookes Park
Sat8/10/20196:30 pm F 9-27 Waterdown  Majors   Crookes Park

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