The Board learned yesterday that King Soopers is changing how they are managing their King Soopers Community Rewards Program.

We do not know or understand the implications of the new system yet ... however, we know that as of April 1, 2019 the gift cards you have all been using to raise funds for boys lacrosse and your LAX CASH will no longer deliver a percentage to you or the Club.  So if you want a last benefit before the current program ends, Charge up those gift cards before April 1, 2019.

Several of us are sad to see this change.  And I know there are several families just getting ramped up and embedded in this system for raising funds for their players' future expenses and supporting Chatfield boys lacrosse.  (Everyone may need to become versed in SCRIPS.)

Jamie and a few others are studying the King Sooper's change.  The future system will provide for donations to the lacrosse club.  We do not know if it will be possible to recognize the contributions of individual players. 



From a King Soopers FAQ:

Q. Will Community Rewards be replacing the reloadable gift card program?

A. Yes. In an effort to simplify our community giving, we have launched Community Rewards. No longer will your supporters need to reload gift cards to earn for the organization of their choice – all they need to do is link their loyalty card to your organization and shop with King Soopers.