• 2018 JV/L3 Team
  • 2018 Varsity

Player Gear Order Form ORDER NOW !!! (you are encouraged to pay your bill at the Dec 11 meeting; Payment Deadline Dec 14th)


 The online Contact Information Form is to be completed by all incoming Freshman and players  new to Chatfield Lacrosse (anyone who has not played lacrosse for Chatfield in the past).  Please complete this form as soon as possible, if you have not already, to assure you receive important information from the booster club about all lacrosse activities and events.
Click Here for the:  Online Contact Information Form

Shared Photos taken By Lacrosse Families

See below for links to available photo libraries provided by lacrosse families.



"Thank You" to Dennis Gilmore.  (Feel free to download any pictures you choose.)

If you would like to share your photos, please send the link to Info@chatfieldlacrosse.com, and the link will be added here.

Thank you Emma Wildermuth.

Here is a link to the Google Calendar for the Team.  

Chatfield Boys Lacrosse Google Calendar

To get a .ics download for your Calendar ... use this link ... .ics download 

NEWEST Update!

JK Photography has uploaded all this season's galleries, 2 games of each level.  Here is the link for 2018 pictures.  There are so many great photos, see if you can spot your player!

You can download these pictures for your personal use.

Remember to follow JK Photography rules as you enjoy the pictures:  "If you see a photo or photos you like just download it to your desktop. You may print and use these images for personal use as well as social media. You may not crop off JK Photography's logo or make any edits to JK Photography’s photos. If you would like to use any of these images for commercial use, contact JK Photography. Please download our images, do not screen shot them, as it destroys the quality of our work."

You can download pictures from last season from JK Photography.  Here is a link to the

  Chatfield Boys 2017 Lacrosse Album




 You can earn money for your  "LAX Cash", all year!!!  Take advantage of the King Soopers and Scrip Gift Card Programs.  The Booster Club will put your "LAX Cash" in your individual player's saving account to assist you in covering lacrosse expenses.   Information about these programs is available in the "Fundraising/Player Account" section of the menu at the left.  If you do not have your King Soopers Card yet contact Jamie Francone or Steve Harlan, CBLBC Treasurer.  

Chatfield Boy's Lacrosse Handbook

Revisions and Updates in progress for the 2019 Spring Season.


 Please contact CBLBC Treasurer for details on ordering scrip cards.  Details on the scrip card program  can be found on the website under the "Handouts" dropdown menu and contact information for the Treasurer is under the "Contact Info" button. Have a great day!

 If you are NEW to signing up, keep in mind it takes 2-3 business days to activate your  account so do it now!





Booster club meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year at 7 PM in the CSH Library.  If scheduling confilcts occur, a re-schedule notification will be made.  Agendas and meeting minutes are provided in advance of the upcoming meeting on this website under the booster club menu item on the left side. 
The CBLBC board will meet throughout the year as needed to prepare for the upcoming season.  Board meeting minutes are available upon request.  If there are any questions regarding board or booster meetings, please contact a board member.