Its that time of year when the Tap Masters and Batsters and Dodge want to practice and the Woody's and Grisslies praise the sweet baby Jesus for a week off.  Below is a list of unofficial, non-sanctioned practice times.  I will (once again) be at the legion tonight and it will be your last time to book a spot for an UNOFFICIAL, NON-SANCTIONED practice.  



Tuesday's Games


  • The Hot Tub Woody's staged a late rally scoring 11 of the games final 12 runs to earn a 15-15 tie with the Sons of Pitches. 
  • Trailing 6-5 in the 7th, the Master Batters broke through with 3 runs to escape with an 8-6 win over the Dog Catchers.
  • The Inglorious Batsters won the 2017 Beer Cup by defeating the Hurtin' Units in a close 31-17 affair.   
  • Break up the Draft Kings! Winners of two in a row, this time defeating the Gruesome Devils 15-10



The playoff projections aren’t always broken down in the order that teams appear in the standings.  The reason for that is that our sort criteria in the standings doesn’t necessarily match what our tie breaking criteria is, specifically; our standings don't understand Head-To-Head


You will see the accurate order of finish below.  In accordance with our constitution, end of season ties are decided in the following order:

i)     Head – to – head record determined by points. (runs for and against in head – to – head are not a factor)

ii)    If still tied, by the number of wins in the overall league statistics. (ie. 12-12 beats 11-11-2).

iii)   If still tied, by the highest number of runs for in the overall league statistics.

iv)   If still tied, by the lowest number of runs against in the overall league statistics.


NOTE:  After the playoff round robin, the tie breaker changes to i) total points, ii) Plus / Minus iii) Head – to – head, iv) lowest number of runs against, v) coin flip  

All that being said, this would be your playoff matchups as of Friday August 25th. (Shaded boxes indicate home games)

The final two columns indicate the Highest and Lowest that a team could possibly finish.



Last nights games (see above) had a HUGE impact.  There are only 3 possible spots left with 9 possible permutations.     

Tonight's Playoff Implications

  • Dodge City Vs Dusty Cleats:  Dodge already has their playoff position decided so the game is of no relevance to them.  Strangely, the game is of no real relevance to the Cleats either.  Whether they win or lose, they still need to beat the Sliders in the season's final game (next week) to move up a spot.  However a loss will narrow the Tap Masters possible finishes from 9th to 11th place to 9th to 10th.  
  • Grisslies Vs Beer Bros:  Both teams fates are sealed.  This game has no impact on the standings.       

 Here is your playoff schedule with teams (excepting 9th, 10th and 11th) filled in.  When its fully complete we'll add the games into the schedule.  If that's too small to see, you can click on the link to yesterday's update (on the upper right of the page under "headlines") and you'll see a larger version without the team names, just positions.      






  • The Hurtin' Units finally submitted a picture!  YaY Units!  
  • Then they lost the Beer Cup.  Congratulation to the Inglorious Batsters on winning the 2017 Beer Cup!

So what does winning the Beer Cup mean?  Well, there's the full winter with the trophy, that's kind of a big deal.  Then there's the being in the lead car in the Santa Claus parade which is SUPER COOL!  Then the jackets, (please get your order in by end of the week), throwing out the first pitch of the world series and the trip to the ESPY awards in Vegas.  Way to go guys!


Poor Hurtin' Units, one game away from fame and fortune.  


The Inglorious Batsters have in reality guaranteed 3 things.  i) the trophy presentation at the banquet, ii) 12 free beer tickets (not each) at the banquet and iii) being the home team in game 2 of opening night of the 2018 season.  


The only way point 3 will change is if they lose the finals and then they'll be visitors in the 1st game of the season and play for the Beer Cup OR if they win the finals and then they'll host game one and put the Beer cup up for grabs.  


Thanks for submitting the photo! 

Then above picture sucks.  Not because of who's in it, but who isn't.  You'll notice that it isn't centered, but not only that, the five people to James Taylor's right aren't even in the picture.  This is not James' fault.  Hugh Armstrong (noted photographer and technology nut) took the shot.    



       Held the Cup

                 Inglorious Batsters (2)

                 Hurtin’ Units (2)

                 Dusty Cleats (1)

                 Grisslies (1)

                 Rusty Rebels (1)

                 Bat Flippers (1)

                 Beer Bros. (1)

                 Twisters (1)

       Defended the Cup

                 Grisslies (3)

                 Beer Bros. (3)

                 Twisters (3)

                 Dusty Cleats (2)

                 Hurtin' Units (2)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

       Beer Cup Games Played                  

                 Dusty Cleats (6)

                 Grisslies (5)

                 Beer Bros. (5)

                 Twisters (5)

                 Hurtin' Units (5)

                 Bat Flippers (4)

                 Inglorious Batsters (4)

                 Rusty Rebels (2)

                 Tap Master (2)

                 Dodge City (2)

                 Gruesome Devils (2)  

                 Draft Kings

                 Master Batters

                 Sons Of Pitches

                 Hot Tub Woody's