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Riding-In-Tandem S37 Champ is Yamaha

What a game!

Yamaha and Ducati tussled it out last Friday at MJCC to stake claim to become LigaLeague's 37th champion.  Though it was a tight ballgame throughout the second half as Yamaha evened the score at 14 minute mark, no team led by more than 4 points from then on...until last 4 minutes rolled around and the bounce slowly went Yamaha's way.
Yamaha played steady and with poise, even being behind at half time did not deter them.  Kudos to the veterans from the squad led by Billy Flores, Ricky Livelo, Ferdie Nuguid and Jose Martinez where they've successfully navigated through a winning ballgame!
Congratulations to the team, Quineri brothers, soon-to-be-50 Randy Vizcarra and most especially to first time champ, Ariel Rosero and Gideon Jacob (rookie).  Way to go bros.
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