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  • 2020 USPL Pod B Champions
  • 2020 McCalmont Masters
  • 2020 USPL Pod B Champions
  • 2020 Paul Love

Important Dates

Season start date is Monday, August 10 


Season ends September 29 

Sick Kids Donation

I want to give a very big THANK YOU to you and the other League Executives and all the players in the league for supporting the Lemonade Stand and donating the great prizes for the raffle.   The proceeds from the Lemonade Stand/Raffle and the generous donations from the Teams at the year end banquet, pushed our total raised to $5,000 which we have donated to Sick Kids to support research to find a cure for Ava. My family is very appreciative of all the league has done for us.

 All the best for 2020 !



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About the USPL -

The Unionville Slo Pitch League (USPL) was started in 1974 as a recreational men's league for players of all abilities.

We field 18 teams in the regular division with player ages ranging from 21-60+.  We also have 10 teams in our Masters division with player ages ranging from 40-65+.

On May 11, 2020 we'll be starting our 46th consecutive year of slo-pitch play.  Between mid-May and early September, the regular division plays 25 regular season games and 21 in the Masters division.

The season concludes on the weekend of September 25-27 with our electrifying “Championship Weekend”.  Food, beer tent, music and some outstanding ball.

For residents of Unionville/Markham (or if you happen to be an owner of a business paying taxes in Markham), our regular division is for men 21+ years, while our Masters division is for men 40+ years as of Dec/31/2020.

Far beyond the many years of competition, Slo Pitch generates a sense of fellowship among teammates and opposing players. There is a certain bond that leads to some great long term friendships. Some say that this camaraderie is unique to the sport.

It's a great way to spend an evening or two a week at the ballpark, rekindling your youth and making new friends. We share many laughs on the field, in the dugout and even more at our post game celebrations.  Many of our members review the highlights of their game over refreshments afterwards.

If all roster spots are filled, you may join the spares list.  This list is then eligible to play in games when a team requires extra players to round out a game roster.



Congratulations to Harding Display, the 2019 USPL champions.

Congratulations to Sylvia Morris, the 2019 USPL champions.

2019 Masters Conny Champions

2019 Conny Champions

Congratulations to the Duchess, 2018 USPL champions

Congratulations to Symposium, 2018 USPL Maters Champions

Congratulations to DST, 2017 USPL champions

Congratulations to State Farm, 2017 USPL Masters champions

Congratulations to DST, the 2016 USPL champions.

Link to the Unionville Pride pictures: http://www.mehuys.com/pride19

Kevin Wilson Law on CTV news.

Click on the link above to watch the news.


Congratulations to Sylvia Morris, the 2016 USPL Masters champions.




New 2017 Site link:   http://www.mehuys.com/pride17


Congratulations to DST, the 2015 USPL champions.

Congratulations to Village Grocer, the 2015 USPL Masters champions.

2015 Cony Champs

Congratulations to MAS medical supplies, the 2014 USPL champions.




Congratulations to Paul Love, the 2014 Masters champions.



Congratulations to Summit, the 2014 USPL consolation champions. 




Congratulations 2013 USPL Champions DST.

Congratulations 2013 Masters champs Paul Love.




Congratulations to the 2013 Cony champions Harding Display.

The new 2017 Unionville Pride photos are online.


New 2017 Site link:   http://www.mehuys.com/pride17






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More pics of the Crosby's

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Alcohol Policy

The U.S.P.L. has implemented a policy of zero tolerance in relation to the consumption of alcoholic beverages by U.S.P.L. members before, during or after a U.S.P.L. softball game or other U.S.P.L. function or event, which takes place in park or diamond facilities, including adjoining parking facilities, licensed to the U.S.P.L. by the Town of Markham (the “Alcohol Policy”) and that if a written complaint is received by the U.S.P.L. Executive from any member of the public or from a U.S.P.L. members, which involves an alleged breach of the Alcohol Policy by a U.S.P.L. members, the Executive is fully empowered to investigate the complaint and impose such penalties and/or sanctions against the breaching members and/or member’s team, which may include, without limitation, financial fines, forfeit of game points and individual or team suspension or expulsion from the U.S.P.L., as deemed necessary by the Executive.