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Eric Ballner
Cape Coral, FL
July 13, 2017
4:09:38 PM

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Your All-Time Leader board is missing my batting title from 2007 .551 St. Michael
Elmwood wi
July 5, 2017
12:25:55 AM

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I am trying to start a 35and over team I was just wondering how could I join your league
Rod McCormick (jr)
Pipestone mn
December 6, 2012
9:59:13 PM

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Just checking in on my Lobo's
seattle & Alaska, sunny and warm!
May 8, 2009
6:56:58 PM

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Hello! Summer Collegiate Baseball cards & collectibles article for your reading pleasure This was a Summer collegiate baseball collectibles article I wtrote last year. If any of your teams print card/photo sets of players or sell game used caps or uniform tops, let me know so I can report. Also, my 2009 Sports Address Bible & Almanac (500 pages), 21st edition, is now available. Special Spring Special pre-publication price of $19.95 + $5.50 shipping. Normal price is $39.95 so this is 50% off before the book is printed in June. You may order online through and pay to our acct: or pay to the address below! Similar to Baseball America directory but covers all sports and is loaded with baseball & other sports info. There is no other publication like it! We have some great publications listed here Have a great Summer and a gret season! thank you! Ed Kobak- Global Sports, 16810 Crystal Drive East, Enumclaw, WA 98022 310/454-9480
george nelsen
June 30, 2008
7:02:12 AM

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See you guy's at the DOME!! Bringing Fans!!!
george nelsen
Oakdale, Mn
May 30, 2008
10:11:00 PM

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Looking forward to watching you guys play. It's great to see you keep active in sports. Go Senators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Smith
Tokyo, Japan
June 29, 2007
8:53:09 PM

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Hi guys! Looks like a tough season to date! Sorry I can't be there to be a part of it, regardless of game outcomes. Work is as I remember it. Many 14 - 16 hour days with little to show for it...except for the money! Joan and I went to a local baseball game last Sunday. Tokyo Giants vs. Chibu Lions. Japanese baseball fans are interesting. Home team crowd cheers when the home team is up and sits relatively quietly when the opposition is up. Vice versa for the visitor fans, who, by the way, if there are not enough, might be recruited from a "visiting fans area" outside the stadium. They are paid soemthing to come in and cheer for the vistors. Good luck Sunday. It is time for the Senators to be humbled. Best regards, Paul Smith

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Total Entries: 7