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Football F.A.Q




Question:  When will registration begin/end?

Registration for the 2017 season is open. Regular registration ends June 21, 2017.  Like us on Facebook for any updates at

Question:  What age can my child starting participating in the Carrollton Youth Football League?

Participants start at age 5/Kindergarten as of August 1st and can play through age 12 as of August 1. CYFL does not accept players over the age of 12.

Question:  What is the cost of registration and what is included in my registration fee?

Regular registration fees Football: Tackle $140, Flag $125 (fee includes uniform – pants and jersey). Early registration discounts will be offered.  Unpaid registrations will be dropped after June 21st.

Question: What equipment do I need to purchase? Does CYFL provide any equipment?


You MUST purchase:

  • Tackle Divisions – Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Padded Girdle and knee pads or 7 piece slotted pads, cleats, football socks, mouthpiece
  • Flag Division – Cleats, Mouthpiece, football socks

Question:  What form of payment is accepted at registration?

Money orders, credit cards, debit cards and cash, or, if you register on-line at the league web site, you may pay using credit cards on PayPal. Payment for registration is at the time of registration. No checks are accepted. 

Question:  Are full or partial scholarships available if I cannot afford for my child to participate?

Unfortunately, CYFL is no longer able to provide scholarships. However, we do have payment plans available

Question:  Outside of the registration fee, are there any additional fees that may incur before or once the season begins?

Yes. Possible additional costs but it not limited to this list: Helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants and/or jersey, mouth pieces, shoes, socks, snacks, training equipment, homecoming items, admission fees to bowl games, admission fees to all-star games and other team-related items.

 Question:  Does CYFL register players by age or grade?

CYFL registers players by age and use a cutoff date of August 1.

Question:  Since I registered online, does my son have to attend a combine?

Yes, all new and going into the draft registrants are required to complete a combine.  Registration is not complete until these items are completed. If the registrant does not complete a combine, that registrant will be designated as a “hat pick” at the draft.



Question:  My child does NOT want to return to his/her former team, what are our choices?  Can my child pick a different team to play on for the upcoming season?

Participants who do not wish to return to their previous team shall designate that on the registration form and football players must attend a combine to be placed in the draft pool.  Football Players/Parents may NOT choose who they will play for in the upcoming season.

Question:  If I register late or move in from out of town can I still be placed on a team?

CYFL may compile a waiting list of players who would like to play in our league, but for some reason have missed registration.  These players are placed on teams based on number of players participating.  For example, if there are 10 teams and 9 of those teams have 19 players and 1 team has 18 players we would have 1 spot available for a waiting list player.  Waiting list players are not guaranteed spots on rosters until they are assigned by the Board.  The waiting list is first come first serve and will be closed prior to the completion of the 1st game of the season.


 Question:  What is a Protected Player?

Each year coaches are allowed to select players to return to their team for the following year.  This protects players from entering the draft thus guaranteeing a spot on their team.  Protected Players must be PAID IN FULL by June 21, 2017.  Any unpaid player will be dropped from the program.

Question: If my son is changing divisions can drafted?

Any player changing divisions and not on a team’s protected player list will go into the draft.

 Question: I did not like the team we were on last year, can we change teams this season?

Yes.  Please indicate the team you do not wish to play for on the registration form.  Your child will be entered into the draft to be selected by another team. 


 Question: When is the draft?

The CYFL Draft usually held the Sunday after regular registration ends.  Each coach will contact their players no later than July 1st.  You can also log into for team information.


Question:  What if my child does not want to play for the team he/she was drafted by?

Players can not choose who they play for.  If you do not want to play for a team a refund may be given per policy guidelines (see General FAQ). 


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