Question: How long is the season?  How many games are played?  Are there playoffs?  Do all teams qualify for the playoffs?

Practices for the season begins in late July.  We play an 8 game regular season that runs from late August through mid November.  This does not include preseason and playoff games.  All teams qualify for playoffs.

Question: What should my child wear to uniform fittings?

Cheerleaders -- wear bathing suits under clothing.

Football Players -- comfortable clothes (shorts, t-shirt), bring cleats for Combine drills (not required)

Question: When and where are practices? How many times a week? When do they begin?

Practices for the season begins in late July.  Practices are held up to 3 times a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 6:00pm - 7:45pm.  Each team is assigned a practice location at Josey Ranch Sports Complex.  All CYFL practice locations are shared by multiple teams and other youth sports organizations in Carrollton. 

CHEER & DRILL -- Coaches are allowed to have a maximum of 3 practices per week.  All practices are held at Josey Ranch Sports Complex (exact location will be chosen by the coach).

Question: When and where are games played?

Games will be played at Josey Ranch Sports Complex in Carrollton.  There maybe some games played at other fields in surrounding cities.

Question:  How many players/cheerleaders are on a team? 

Unfortunately, not all football teams have cheerleaders due to the number of registered cheerleaders.  Football team player maximum: Flag - 16 players, Freshman and Junior Varsity - 18 players, Varsity - 20 players

Question:  When can our teams begin practice for the season?

Practices will begin in late July.  Any team practicing before then is in violation of our policies and subject to the discipline by the league.

Question:  Can I get a refund if something should change (ex. my child doesn't want to participate, we move, etc.)?

Refunds are distributed as follows:

No Refund -- for partial payments or discounted registrations

Full Refund -- (for full payments) June 23, 2017

Partial Refund --  (for full payments) Football $50, Cheer $50, Drill $0 June 24th - July 19, 2017

No Refund -- after July 19, 2017

To request a refund, send an email request to

Question:  My child does NOT want to return to his/her former team/cheer squad, can we pick another team/squad to play on for the upcoming season?

Participants who do not wish to return to their previous team/squad shall designate that on the registration form.  Football players will then be placed into the draft for team selection.  FOOTBALL -- Players/Parents may not choose who they will play for in the upcoming season.  CHEERLEADERS -- may request to cheer for a certain team, but there is no guarantee this request can be granted.




Below is a list of the Most Asked Questions and Answers.  For answers to more FAQs please see the tabs to the left.


Question:  When will registration begin/end?

 Like us on Facebook at for all the latest information.

Question:  At what age can my child starting participating in the Carrollton Youth Football League?

FOOTBALL - Participants start at age 5/Kindergarten as of August 1st and can play through age 12 as of August 1. CYFL does not accept players over the age of 12.

CHEER – Participants start at age 4 as of August 1 and can cheer through age 12 as of August 1.

DRILL – Participants start at age 9 as of August 1 and can participate through age 13 as of August 1.

Question:  What is the cost of registration and what is included in my registration fee? (early registration discounts will be offered for a limited time – late fees will be added after June 22) Payment plans will be offered starting in March. (Late fees will apply)

FOOTBALL = $140.00 for tackle or $125 for flag (fee includes uniform – pants and jersey). CYFL NO LONGER PROVIDES PADS AND HELMETS.

CHEER =  $175 Age (4 –12). Registration fee for cheerleaders includes; a practice T-shirt, full uniform (top, skirt, briefs, socks, hair bow, and pom-poms), at least 1 Cheer Clinic.  Shoes are NOT included in registration fees.

DRILL = $145 (fee includes uniform, bow, poms, and clinic)

Question:  What should my child wear to combines for fittings?

CHEER/DRILL – wear bathing suits under clothing. 

FOOTBALL PLAYERS — wear comfortable clothes like shorts and t-shirt, cleats, and bring your shoulder pads (for accurate fittings for tackle players.

Question: Who should attend combines? Dates of combines/uniform fittings will be announced on website and League Facebook page.

ALL new and returning football players, cheerleaders and drill members must attend to be fitted for their uniform. 
NEW football players and those football players that do not wish to return to their prior year's team will need to do the skills evaluation during the combine.

Question: When and where is practice?  

All CYFL teams/squads practice at Josey Ranch Sports Complex.  There will be a maximum of 3 practices per week held on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday evenings between 6:00 and 7:45.  Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled practices and games.  Advance notice must be given to the Head Coach if a participant will be absent from any practice, game, or other scheduled event.

Question: Are cheerleaders allowed to cheer for a family/friends’ team or on the same squad as family/friends? 

An effort is made to keep cheerleaders with family and/or friends if requested at the time of registration.  However, due to the age of the cheerleader, the number of registered cheerleaders, and Head Coaches it is not always possible to grant these requests.

Question: Is the Drill Team assigned to a football Team?

No, the Drill Team is not assigned to one football team. They perform during halftime/pregame for various games on Saturday.  The team will be scheduled to perform at least twice each Saturday.

Question:  When and where are the games played?

Most games are played on Saturdays at either the Josey football field or Thomas football field located at the Josey Ranch Complex.  There may be some games played at other fields in cities surrounding Carrollton. A few games may be played on week nights.


Question:  When will teams begin practice?

Practices will begin at the end of July. Any team practicing before then is in violation of our policies and subject to discipline by the league.


Question: How long does the season run?

Games for the season will start with our Annual Tank Memorial Bowl in August and go through the middle of November.

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