Thank you for your interest in the CARROLLTON YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE'S cheer program!

Our goal is to provide our cheerleaders with the opportunity to make friends and have fun while learning about and participating in the sport of cheerleading.

We welcome all girls ages 4 - 12 who want to take part in a recreational cheerleading environment and who are enthusiastic about cheering our teams on to victory! 

All cheerleaders must attend one of the Uniform Fitting sessions to be professionally fitted for their custom uniform. 


Cheerleading Squad Formation

The cheer squads are formed after the football teams hold their draft. This allows us to try and place cheerleaders with their football-playing siblings and also allows us to try to accommodate special requests (i.e., ride-shares, friends, etc.).

While we make every attempt to accommodate sibling and special requests, it is not always possible. Please be aware before you register that there is a chance your daughter may NOT be with her brother’s team.   

We are in need of head coaches and assistant coaches. Please contact us if you are interested in coaching, we’d love to talk to you!
Traditionally, we have not had enough cheerleaders to form a squad for each football team.  It is our preference to build squads with a minimum of 6 girls and a maximum of 8 girls and one coach so that the girls can perform safely and confidently in front of a crowd.
Please understand that we take squad formation and special requests seriously and we make every attempt to accommodate your requests.

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