Cheer F.A.Q.



What is the cost of Cheer registration and what is included?  2017 Cheer registration costs: Age (4 –12) $175. Registration fee for cheerleaders includes; a practice T-shirt, full uniform (top, skirt, bloomers, socks, hair bow, and pom-poms), cheer bag with a tag, and at least 1 cheer clinic.  Shoes are NOT included in registration fees. Unpaid registrations will be dropped after June 21st.


What is the last date to register for cheer?  June 21st.



When will cheerleaders be fitted for uniforms?  Uniform fittings will be during football combines.  Additional fittings maybe added if needed.  Please wear swimsuit for accurate fitting.  All girls must attend a uniform fitting with a parent.  A parent or guardian must be present at fittings to sign off on the fit of the uniform.    All cheerleaders must have uniforms to cheer.


Why do Cheerleaders have to be registered so early? We require cheerleaders to get signed up and registered early in the year so that we can give the uniform companies the amount of lead time they need in order to get our uniforms produced by the time the season begins.

Also, the uniform companies work directly with our league in sending a representative to our registrations to properly size and fit the girls for their uniforms.  Logistically, we have to limit the registration dates so that we can coordinate this with the uniform companies.

Once the last cheerleading registration is complete, it becomes difficult to properly size a cheerleader’s uniform. 


What form of payment is accepted at registration? Money orders, credit cards, debit cards and cash.  Payment for registration is at the time of registration. No checks are accepted. A uniform will not be ordered until all fees have been paid.


What kind of shoes should Cheerleaders wear with their uniform?  Any white shoe that is designated as a "Cheer" shoe.


When and where is practice?  Practices will be at Josey Ranch Sports Complex.  There will be a maximum of 3 practices per week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings between 6:00 and 7:45.  Scheduling and location of practices will be up to each Head Coach.  Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled practices and games.  Cheer clinic is mandatory for all cheerleaders ages 5 and up.  Advance notice must be given to the Head Coach if a cheerleader will be absent from any practice, game, or other scheduled event.


Can my daughter cheer for her brother’s team and/or with friends/family?  How are squads formed? 

An effort is made to keep family/friends on the same squad if requested at the time of registration.  However, due to the age of the cheerleader, the number of registered cheerleaders and Head Coaches it is not always possible to grant these requests.


Can my daughter register for a different squad than she was on last year?



My daughter has never cheered before; can she still cheer for CYFL?  Yes, your daughter can cheer!  CYFL is comprised of all types of skill levels.  Your daughter will have a great time, no experience required.


Are there any additional costs for cheer squads during the season?  Cheerleaders must purchase their own shoes.  Other additional costs are up to the Head coach and Parents of the squad.  The additional costs may include, but are not limited to – Homecoming items, run through banners, cheer buckets, snacks, homecoming and/or end of season party, admission fees to bowl games, and admission fees to all-star games, parking fees and other squad-related 


Does CYFL Cheer participate in Competition? Yes all squads will participate in an end of season competition.  They will compete against other CYFL teams of similar age.


Do I need prior experience to be a cheer coach?  No.  All I ask is that you want to be a cheer coach and be willing to learn.  If you are interested in being a Cheer Coach please contact the Cheer Director via email at and complete the Cheer Coach application.

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