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Date Time Rink Division Referee Line Line
Mon 7 00 PM CBSA Pee Wee B T Pottle K Walsh M Cullen
Tues 9 00 PM CBSA Midget  XXXX Wayne L M Cullen
Thurs 9 00 PM CBSA Girls  20 Colin Tysen S Matt M
Mon 9 00 PM RFM Girls  20 Wayne Chris N Taner
Wed 6 00 PM RFM Pee Wee A Tysen S N Tucker Jon B
  7 30 PM RFM Pee Wee C Jon B Chris N N Tucker
  Cash 1.5HR        
                                                          PARADISE  GAMES        
Mon 5 30 PM PRA Atom C J Coish Linden P Hunter G
15-Jan Cash          
  7 00 PM PRB Atom A Logan P K Cole Loyola P
  8 00 PM PRB Pee Wee K Cole Logan P Loyola P
Tues 5 00 PM PRB Bantam D Ben C R Moores Cody
16-Jan Cash          
Wed 6 30 PM PRA Midget A Mike D A Davis K Cole
17-Jan Cash 1.5 HR        
Thurs 5 30 PM PRA Pee Wee C E Pretty Tyson L Clare H
18-Jan Cash          
  6 30 PM PRA Girls  15 Tyson L E Pretty Clare H
  7 30 PM PRA Midget XXXX Dave P Des
  8 30 PM PRA Midget XXXX Dave P Des
  7 00 PM PRB Pee Wee B Noah G Iain H Gary M
  8 00 PM PRB Bantam B Iain H Noah G Gary M











20160810 - New CBRMHA TimeKeeper Assignor

August 10, 2016


Jennifer Tilley will be scheduling the Time Keepers for this upcoming season. Any request for Time Keepers must go through Jennifer.  Click Here  to Contact Jennifer 


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