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NEMHA Update on Female Hockey 2016-2017 Season

October 4,  2016

NEMHA  Update on Female Hockey 2016-2017 Season.Click here for more information.



October 14, 2016

U12 Female Evaluations


  2015-2016  Evaluations:      
Position Team A Team B Team C  Team D
Goalies Kate Sullivan Lacy Bigelow Maggie Byer Vacant
  Kendra Hipditch Kassidy Eddy Darby Pendergast Megan Newman
  Avery Parsons Maggie Bussey Katie Clancey Julia Pinsent
  Kelly Aylward Avery Battcock Carrie Milks Kaitlyn Lee
  Julia Butler Candice Budgell Madison Green Lillian Byrne
  Lauren Penney Janaya Collier Rachael Cleary Chloe Hennebury
  Emma Dunn Sara Crowley Emily Edmunds Rachel Murphy
  Madison Dunn Katie Dunn Stacey Lynn Kenny Anna Halley
  Skye Evans Abigail Fleet Katelyn Gardner Brooklyn Kitchen
  Kiera Heath Julia Everson Emily Sinnicks Grace K Locke
  Ryleigh Carroll Laura Hall Abigail Frankland Teinana Lambert
  Madeline Lomholt- Mortensen Katelyn Lushman Katie Bugden Katelyn Martin
  Amber Ryan Deidra Snook Shawmeika Glasco Olivia King
  Grace Nolan Lauren Percy- Baldwin Emily Stride Sarah Quigley
  Haley Ryan Anna Pike Kathy Manning Allie Spencer
  Brooklyn Tucker Julia Butt Paige Norman Lily Smith
  Chloe Walters Kate Tippett Isabella Oleary Caitlin Upshall
  Sidney Jane Whitty Katie Turpin Kiley Rice Mckenie Ralph
  Emma Griffin Andie Brown Ceili Bennett Georgie Cameron
        Kyla Chaytor
Coaches John Parsons Jeff Brown Shawn Pendergast Tony Lambert
Ass Coach Mike Hipditch Paul Snook Jerry Stride Deric Cameron
Ass Coach Kevin Carroll Pamela Hunt Gary Clancey Norm King
    John Baldwin    

Team A & B will practice on Saturday, Oct.15th, 4:00-5:00pm Glacier 2

Team C & D will practice on Sunday, Oct.16th, 6:00-7:00pm CBS Arena


Team B & D will have an exhibition game on Tuesday, Oct.18th, 6:30-7:30, Glacier


Team A & C will have an exhibition game on Thursday, Oct.20th, 6:00-7:00pm , CBS Arena

If your daughter’s name is missing please email Denise or Tony Goobie

If you plan on coaching, or interested in being a trainer, please send in your application ASAP as all positions will be filled early next week.

As per HNL rules, we are required to have female bench staff with each team, please contact Denise or Tony for more details.

Please note, this teams & coaches are not final, these are in place for evaluations ONLY and WILL be adjusted to balance teams.

Thank you

Yours in Female Hockey

Denise Fagan MPMHA Female Director

Tony Goobie CBRMHA Female Director


October 5, 2016
Coaches interested in coaching in the pooled U12 program this season please complete the coaching application and applicable RNC forms found on your associations websites.
Please email your applications to or fax them to 364-5995.
Thank you 
Female Reps 

NEMHA Females Participate in the Hockey NL U13 High Performance Hockey Camp in Corner Brook

Northeast Eagles players Lacy Bigelow, Julia Butler, Janaya Collier and Jorja Roff participated in the Hockey NL Female U13 High Performance Hockey Camp in Corner Brook September 23-25

Team Canada Olympic Gold medalist Gina Kingsbury was there to speak and practice with the girls. 

Above is a photo of Julia Butler, Janaya Collier and Jorja Roff with Gina Kingsbury and her 2 Gold medals. Lacy Bigelow was in a goaltender session when the above photo was taken.