NEMHA Atom A/B Teams

September 23, 2017

NEMHA Atom A Allstar and Atom B Allstar teams have been announced.

Click here for list of Teams/Players.


NEMHA have announced the following coaches:


Atom A:


Troy Ralph - Head Coach


Brooks Pilgrim - Assistant Coach


Danny Penton - Assistant Coach


Atom B:


Keith Maynard - Head Coach


Ian Rose - Assistant Coach 


Blair Boland - Assistant Coach 




NEMHA Atom B Takes Home The Cup

January 17, 2018 

NEMHA Atom B takes home the Gold in the CHE Tournament in Montreal this past weekend.



NEMHA Atom C, D and E Teams

December 20, 2017

NEMHA Atom C, D and E teams have been announced.

NEMHA would like to thank everyone who tried out and to congratulate those successful in the selection process. It was a very competitive round of evaluations. 

For teams please click here 

NEMHA is very pleased to announce the following coaches for the Development Teams:

Atom C

Darren Bradbury - Co Coach

Wayne Smith - Co Coach

Deon Goobie - Assistant Coach

Johnny Murrin - Assistant Coach

Atom D

Cory Pittman - Head Coach

Graham Bradbury - Assistant Coach

Dean Craniford - Assistant Coach

Atom E

Derek Mills - Head Coach

Jamie Coady - Assistant Coach

Ernie Woodman - Assistant Coach


NEMHA Atom House League Teams

October 4,  2017

NEMHA Atom House League Teams have been announced. These teams are subject to change after the 4th game, to ensure teams are equal.

Click here for Teams.



NEMHA AtoMc Penguins

January 2, 2018



Northeast AtoMC Penguins go undefeated at the Avalon Celtics Annual Atom Invitational Tournament and win the Tier 1 Championship!

Front Row: Kobe Nippard, Bear Grealis, Kenny Brown, Christian Biddiscombe

Middle Row: Alec Moores, Luke Pittman, Gavin Sala, Daniel Ozon, Nick Maynard, Brady Parsons, Andrew Mills

Back Row: Nick Mahon, Jayden Churchill, James Hopkins, Ryan Meadus, Carter Dunn (Missing – Lauren Connolly)

Coaches: Derek Mills, Gy Hopkins, John Churchill




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