Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sat5/6/20173:00 pm F 12-1 Orangeville Giants  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Tue5/9/20176:30 pm F 1-3 Ivy Rangers  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Tue5/9/20177:30 pm F 5-2 Bolton Brewers  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed5/10/20176:30 pm F 1-5 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed5/10/20176:30 pm F 7-8 Barrie Angels  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu5/11/20176:30 pm F 2-1 Lisle Astros  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sat5/13/20176:00 pm F 7-0 Clearview Orioles  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sun5/14/201712:00 pm F 7-6 Alliston Athletics  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun5/14/20171:00 pm F 0-20 Mansfield Cubs  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun5/14/20172:30 pm F 11-1 Barrie Angels  Alliston Athletics   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun5/14/20174:00 pm F 11-2 Aurora Jays  Ivy Leafs   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Mon5/15/20176:30 pm F 6-10 Ivy Leafs  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Tue5/16/20176:30 pm F 3-1 Barrie Angels  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Tue5/16/20176:30 pm F 3-9 Alliston Athletics  Orangeville Giants   Springbrook Park (Orangeville)
Wed5/17/20176:30 pm F 7-5 Lisle Astros  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed5/17/20176:30 pm F 6-9 Bolton Dodgers  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Wed5/17/20178:30 pm F 2-1 Aurora Jays  Bolton Brewers   Innisfil Recreation Complex (Innisfil)
Thu5/18/20176:30 pm F 1-9 Alliston Athletics  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu5/18/20176:30 pm F 1-15 Bolton Dodgers  Orangeville Giants   Springbrook Park (Orangeville)
Thu5/18/20176:30 pm F 6-2 Aurora Jays  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Thu5/18/20177:30 pm F 1-1 Ivy Leafs  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Fri5/19/20176:30 pm F 9-3 Barrie Angels  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Fri5/19/20177:30 pm F 3-6 Midland Indians  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Tue5/23/20176:30 pm F 3-4 Clearview Orioles  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Tue5/23/20177:30 pm F 0-2 Barrie Angels  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed5/24/20176:30 pm F 11-1 New Lowell Knights  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed5/24/20176:30 pm F 8-5 Ivy Leafs  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Wed5/24/20178:45 pm F 2-6 Aurora Jays  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Fri5/26/20176:30 pm F 3-6 Ivy Leafs  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Fri5/26/20176:30 pm F 2-3 Orangeville Giants  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Fri5/26/20176:30 pm F 9-2 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sat5/27/20171:00 pm F 2-3 Alliston Athletics  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sat5/27/20173:30 pm F 10-6 Creemore Braves  Alliston Athletics   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sat5/27/20176:00 pm F 7-1 Bolton Brewers  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sun5/28/201712:00 pm F 2-7 Clearview Orioles  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun5/28/20172:00 pm F 1-11 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun5/28/20172:30 pm F 1-2 New Lowell Knights  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun5/28/20173:00 pm F 14-5 Bolton Brewers  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun5/28/20174:00 pm F 8-3 Lisle Astros  Newmarket Cornhuskers   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun5/28/20174:00 pm F 3-7 Creemore Braves  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sun5/28/20175:00 pm F 1-11 Mansfield Cubs  Bolton Brewers   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun5/28/20178:00 pm F 15-0 Aurora Jays  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Tue5/30/20176:30 pm F 4-9 Lisle Astros  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Wed5/31/20176:30 pm F 4-5 Midland Indians  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Wed5/31/20178:45 pm F 11-2 Ivy Rangers  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Thu6/1/20176:30 pm F 1-1 Orangeville Giants  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu6/1/20178:30 pm F 9-5 Lisle Astros  Bolton Dodgers   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Fri6/2/20176:30 pm F 5-17 Mansfield Cubs  Ivy Leafs   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sat6/3/201711:00 am F 10-3 Bolton Brewers  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sat6/3/201712:30 pm F 3-9 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sat6/3/20171:30 pm F 8-6 Barrie Angels  Bolton Brewers   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sat6/3/20174:00 pm F 13-3 Midland Indians  Barrie Angels   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sat6/3/20176:00 pm F 10-2 Orangeville Giants  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Whipper Watson (Newmarket)
Sun6/4/20172:30 pm F 4-11 Lisle Astros  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Sun6/4/20178:00 pm F 4-4 Mansfield Cubs  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Tue6/6/20177:30 pm F 0-2 Ivy Rangers  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed6/7/20176:30 pm F 3-13 Mansfield Cubs  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Wed6/7/20178:45 pm F 15-12 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Thu6/8/20176:30 pm F 9-10 Ivy Leafs  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu6/8/20176:30 pm F 15-5 Bolton Brewers  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Fri6/9/20176:30 pm F 5-6 New Lowell Knights  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Fri6/9/20176:30 pm F 17-5 Aurora Jays  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Fri6/9/20177:00 pm F 2-4 Clearview Orioles  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Sat6/10/20172:00 pm F 2-12 Alliston Athletics  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sat6/10/20174:00 pm F 10-5 Ivy Leafs  Alliston Athletics   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sat6/10/20176:00 pm F 7-1 Mansfield Cubs  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sat6/10/20178:30 pm F 8-8 Barrie Angels  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sun6/11/20171:00 pm F 4-5 Ivy Rangers  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun6/11/20172:00 pm F 1-11 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Sun6/11/20172:00 pm F 4-4 Ivy Leafs  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Sun6/11/20172:00 pm F 1-8 Barrie Angels  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun6/11/20174:00 pm F 0-6 Mansfield Cubs  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Sun6/11/20175:00 pm F 10-10 Bolton Brewers  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Mon6/12/20178:30 pm F 9-8 Orangeville Giants  Bolton Brewers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Tue6/13/20176:30 pm F 5-6 Creemore Braves  Barrie Angels   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Wed6/14/20176:30 pm F 4-9 Ivy Rangers  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed6/14/20177:30 pm F 1-0 New Lowell Knights  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Thu6/15/20176:30 pm F 4-9 Creemore Braves  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu6/15/20177:30 pm F 6-6 Lisle Astros  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Fri6/16/20176:30 pm F 4-1 Clearview Orioles  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Fri6/16/20176:30 pm F 7-3 New Lowell Knights  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun6/18/20171:00 pm F 11-3 Aurora Jays  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun6/18/20172:00 pm F 2-4 Ivy Rangers  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Sun6/18/20173:00 pm F 2-3 Midland Indians  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun6/18/20175:00 pm F 5-12 Mansfield Cubs  Midland Indians   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun6/18/20178:00 pm F 10-1 Clearview Orioles  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Tue6/20/20176:30 pm F 3-0 Bolton Brewers  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Wed6/21/20176:30 pm F 12-6 Bolton Dodgers  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed6/21/20176:30 pm F 2-9 Ivy Rangers  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu6/22/20176:30 pm F 5-9 Alliston Athletics  Bolton Brewers   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Thu6/22/20177:30 pm F 1-8 Barrie Angels  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Thu6/22/20178:30 pm F 13-2 Bolton Brewers  Alliston Athletics   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Fri6/23/20176:30 pm F 9-9 Alliston Athletics  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sat6/24/20171:00 pm F 4-6 Ivy Leafs  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sat6/24/20172:00 pm F 5-2 New Lowell Knights  Ivy Rangers   New Park (Angus)
Sat6/24/20172:00 pm F 1-9 Alliston Athletics  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sat6/24/20176:00 pm F 16-5 Bolton Dodgers  Ivy Rangers   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun6/25/201712:00 pm F 0-8 Newmarket Cornhuskers  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun6/25/20171:00 pm F 4-2 Orangeville Giants  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun6/25/20172:30 pm F 10-0 New Lowell Knights  Newmarket Cornhuskers   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun6/25/20173:00 pm F 2-6 Creemore Braves  Orangeville Giants   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun6/25/20174:00 pm F 9-2 Clearview Orioles  Bolton Dodgers   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun6/25/20175:00 pm F 8-6 Aurora Jays  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun6/25/20175:30 pm F 0-1 Midland Indians  Ivy Leafs   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun6/25/20178:00 pm F 6-0 Bolton Dodgers  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Mon6/26/20176:30 pm F 7-4 Ivy Rangers  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Tue6/27/20177:30 pm F 8-16 Creemore Braves  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed6/28/20176:30 pm F 15-5 Ivy Leafs  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed6/28/20176:30 pm F 0-4 Lisle Astros  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Wed6/28/20178:30 pm F 5-6 Ivy Rangers  Bolton Brewers   Innisfil Recreation Complex (Innisfil)
Wed6/28/20178:45 pm F 14-4 Barrie Angels  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Thu6/29/20177:30 pm F 0-6 Aurora Jays  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Thu6/29/20178:30 pm F 6-8 Orangeville Giants  Bolton Dodgers   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Fri6/30/20176:30 pm F 6-5 Mansfield Cubs  Ivy Rangers   New Park (Angus)
Fri6/30/20177:00 pm F 4-2 Bolton Brewers  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Sun7/2/20171:00 pm F 7-17 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/2/20175:00 pm F 3-5 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Mon7/3/20176:30 pm F 13-4 Clearview Orioles  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Tue7/4/20176:30 pm F 10-11 Midland Indians  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Tue7/4/20177:30 pm F 4-10 Orangeville Giants  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed7/5/20176:30 pm F 2-4 Alliston Athletics  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Wed7/5/20178:30 pm F 4-5 Ivy Leafs  Bolton Brewers   Innisfil Recreation Complex (Innisfil)
Wed7/5/20178:45 pm F 10-4 New Lowell Knights  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Thu7/6/20176:30 pm F 1-16 Mansfield Cubs  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu7/6/20176:30 pm F 3-10 Creemore Braves  Bolton Brewers   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Thu7/6/20176:30 pm F 6-7 Orangeville Giants  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Thu7/6/20177:30 pm F 2-3 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Thu7/6/20178:30 pm F 10-14 Bolton Dodgers  Bolton Brewers   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Fri7/7/20176:30 pm F 5-3 Lisle Astros  Ivy Leafs   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Fri7/7/20177:00 pm F 5-2 Aurora Jays  Orangeville Giants   Princess of Wales Park (Orangeville)
Fri7/7/20178:00 pm F 2-7 Bolton Dodgers  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/9/201712:00 pm F 1-8 Bolton Dodgers  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun7/9/20171:00 pm F 0-4 Aurora Jays  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/9/20172:00 pm F 10-0 Ivy Rangers  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/9/20172:00 pm F 3-11 Midland Indians  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun7/9/20172:30 pm F 9-3 Creemore Braves  Bolton Dodgers   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Sun7/9/20173:30 pm F 4-7 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Ivy Leafs   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/9/20175:00 pm F 8-0 Clearview Orioles  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun7/9/20175:00 pm F 2-4 Midland Indians  Aurora Jays   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun7/9/20176:00 pm F 5-4 Orangeville Giants  Ivy Leafs   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/9/20178:00 pm F 13-1 New Lowell Knights  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Tue7/11/20176:30 pm F 15-3 New Lowell Knights  Creemore Braves   Gowan Memorial Park (Creemore)
Tue7/11/20176:30 pm F 7-6 Clearview Orioles  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Tue7/11/20177:30 pm F 5-4 Ivy Leafs  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Thu7/13/20176:30 pm F 15-3 Lisle Astros  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Fri7/14/20176:30 pm F 7-13 Bolton Dodgers  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Fri7/14/20176:30 pm F 15-4 New Lowell Knights  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sat7/15/20176:00 pm F 10-0 Creemore Braves  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sat7/15/20178:30 pm F 1-7 Ivy Rangers  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sun7/16/201712:00 pm F 2-5 Mansfield Cubs  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/16/20171:00 pm F 0-2 Ivy Rangers  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sun7/16/20172:00 pm F 3-1 New Lowell Knights  Orangeville Giants   Springbrook Park (Orangeville)
Sun7/16/20172:00 pm F 5-11 Bolton Dodgers  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sun7/16/20172:30 pm F 14-2 Barrie Angels  Mansfield Cubs   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/16/20173:00 pm F 8-1 Midland Indians  Ivy Rangers   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sun7/16/20174:00 pm F 14-2 Ivy Leafs  Bolton Dodgers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sun7/16/20176:30 pm F 1-3 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Bolton Brewers   North Hill Park (Bolton)
Sun7/16/20178:00 pm F 8-2 Lisle Astros  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Mon7/17/20178:30 pm F 7-14 Clearview Orioles  Bolton Brewers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Tue7/18/20176:30 pm F 1-9 Bolton Dodgers  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Tue7/18/20178:30 pm F 12-2 New Lowell Knights  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed7/19/20178:30 pm F 0-8 Midland Indians  Bolton Brewers   Innisfil Recreation Complex (Innisfil)
Wed7/19/20178:45 pm F 4-9 Mansfield Cubs  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Thu7/20/20176:30 pm F 2-4 Barrie Angels  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu7/20/20177:30 pm F 6-7 Clearview Orioles  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Thu7/20/20177:30 pm F 5-8 Creemore Braves  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Fri7/21/20176:30 pm F 6-3 Bolton Brewers  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Fri7/21/20176:30 pm F 0-8 Barrie Angels  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Fri7/21/20177:30 pm F 4-19 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Orangeville Giants   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Sat7/22/201712:00 pm F 3-7 Alliston Athletics  Ivy Rangers   New Park (Angus)
Sat7/22/201712:30 pm F 0-9 Mansfield Cubs  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Sat7/22/20171:00 pm F 3-4 Bolton Dodgers  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sat7/22/20172:30 pm F 15-10 Ivy Rangers  Alliston Athletics   New Park (Angus)
Sat7/22/20173:30 pm F 3-2 Midland Indians  Bolton Dodgers   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sat7/22/20176:00 pm F 9-8 Aurora Jays  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sat7/22/20178:30 pm F 6-5 Ivy Leafs  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sun7/23/201711:00 am F 2-2 Aurora Jays  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/23/20171:45 pm F 9-10 Midland Indians  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/23/20172:00 pm F 7-14 Lisle Astros  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/23/20174:00 pm F 2-1 Bolton Brewers  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sun7/23/20175:00 pm F 11-0 Creemore Braves  Mansfield Cubs   Mansfield Community Park (Mansfield)
Sun7/23/20175:00 pm F 4-5 Orangeville Giants  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/23/20178:00 pm F 5-2 Newmarket Cornhuskers  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)
Mon7/24/20176:30 pm F 5-5 Alliston Athletics  Clearview Orioles   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Mon7/24/20178:30 pm F 8-3 Bolton Brewers  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Tue7/25/20176:30 pm F 1-5 Alliston Athletics  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Tue7/25/20176:30 pm F 1-5 Bolton Brewers  Barrie Angels   Schmidt & Shaw Stadium (Midhurst)
Tue7/25/20178:30 pm F 7-8 Lisle Astros  Aurora Jays   Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
Wed7/26/20176:30 pm F 0-4 Creemore Braves  Clearview Orioles   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Wed7/26/20178:45 pm F 1-11 Alliston Athletics  Bolton Dodgers   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Thu7/27/20176:30 pm F 0-3 Bolton Dodgers  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Thu7/27/20176:30 pm F 10-5 Ivy Leafs  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Thu7/27/20177:30 pm F 6-7 Clearview Orioles  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Fri7/28/20176:30 pm F 4-1 Orangeville Giants  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Fri7/28/20176:30 pm F 2-8 Mansfield Cubs  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Fri7/28/20176:30 pm F 4-0 Creemore Braves  Ivy Rangers   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Fri7/28/20177:00 pm F 9-4 Midland Indians  Alliston Athletics   Tottenham Park (Tottenham)
Fri7/28/20178:30 pm F 12-11 Barrie Angels  Orangeville Giants   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Fri7/28/20178:45 pm F 9-3 Bolton Dodgers  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Nobleton Sports Park (Nobleton)
Sat7/29/201711:00 am F 5-15 Lisle Astros  Bolton Brewers   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sat7/29/20176:00 pm F 7-0 Midland Indians  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sat7/29/20178:30 pm F 12-10 Alliston Athletics  Newmarket Cornhuskers   Don McKnight Field (Newmarket)
Sun7/30/201712:00 pm F 3-10 Bolton Brewers  New Lowell Knights   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/30/20171:00 pm F 0-9 Orangeville Giants  Midland Indians   Tiffin Park (Midland)
Sun7/30/20171:30 pm F 0-5 Clearview Orioles  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sun7/30/20172:00 pm F 12-5 Aurora Jays  Barrie Angels   Dana Field (Midhurst)
Sun7/30/20172:30 pm F 7-6 New Lowell Knights  Bolton Brewers   New Lowell Recreation Park (New Lowell)
Sun7/30/20174:00 pm F 4-6 Ivy Rangers  Ivy Leafs   Victoria Park (Ivy)
Sun7/30/20175:00 pm F 10-2 Creemore Braves  Lisle Astros   The Ross Houston Memorial Park (Lisle)
Sun7/30/20178:00 pm F 6-2 Orangeville Giants  Alliston Athletics   Riverdale Park (Alliston)

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