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East Stars fall to the West

Shayne Rauhut of the East Stars is out at first base as West Stars’ Zach Scragg makes the catch during the senior division all-star game of the North Dufferin Baseball League on July 7.

(David Anderson photo)

July 10, 2018

The all-star contests for the senior and junior loops of the North Dufferin Baseball League were held in New Lowell on Saturday.

In dramatic fashion the West Stars stormed back from a four-run deficit in the ninth inning to defeat the East Stars 11-10 in the senior game.

This was the West's third straight win over the East in the same number of years.

For the first three innings the teams traded runs with a 2-2 tie. In the fourth frame the East plated four runs taking the lead and added two more in both the fifth and seventh innings.

The West scored two runs in the sixth and two in the eighth brining the score to 10-6 lead for the East.

In the ninth inning two walks and a hit batter loaded the bases for the West and with a few timely hits the West tied the game and then plated a final run to walk-off the game with an 11-10 win.

Recording hits for the West were, Cory Line, Adrian Gutierrez, David White, Tristan Cabral, Chris Greer, Nick Saracino, and Jake Nicholson. Jeff Akitt chipped in with two hits and Kris Allary hit a two-run homerun.

For the East, Adam Foote and Jake Morris recorded hits while Troy Barwick and Nathan Drury each had a pair and Daniel Accardo hit a double. Carter Burnside went four for five with three singles and a double.

The starting pitcher for the West Stars was Line. He pitched four innings, allowing six runs on four hits, walked one and struck out two.

Jesse McIntyre pitched the next two frames, allowing two runs on three hits, with one walk.

In the seventh and eighth innings Nicholson gave up two runs on three hits, with one strike out.

Tom Gateman pitched the last inning allowing no runs or hits.

The East Stars started with Devon Wu on the mound. Over his three innings, two runs scored on five hits and one walk while he struck out four West batters.

Brandon Nieva pitched the next four innings allowing two runs on three hits, one walk, and one hit batter, with one strike out.

Carson Burns pitched the eighth inning, giving up two runs on one hit, a walk, and a hit batter, with one strike out.

Ryan Bennett started the ninth frame and was pulled after giving up three runs, walking two and hitting one batter.

Drury relieved Bennett allowing two runs on three hits.

Most valuable players selected from each team were Line for the West and Burnside for the East.

5-2 win for Expos

The Expos prevailed in the junior contest with a 5-2 win over the Jays.

The Expos scored three runs in the third inning and plated one more in the fourth and fifth frames.

The Jays scored in the fourth and fifth innings.

Recording hits for the Expos were Nathan Lennox and Jacob Hall. Mitchell Skilton chipped in with a double while Charlie Jeans hit two doubles.

The Jays hits went to Evan Tuckett with two singles, and doubles by Tyson Pendleton, Cam Provenzano, and Ty Doney. Peyton Tisi hit a solo homerun.

The Expos started with Lucas Day on the mound. Day faced four batters allowing one walk.

Jeans followed him for two innings, giving up one hit, walking one, and striking out two batters.

Tristan Hill pitched the fourth frame allowing one run on two hits, striking out two.

Dylan Embury gave up a homerun and struck out one batter in the fifth frame.

Lennox allowed one hit while striking out two batters in his sixth inning appearance.

In the seventh, Dylan Dever gave up one hit and walked one batter.

For the Jays, Doney started on the rubber and pitched two scoreless innings. He gave up two hits while striking out four batters.

James Clubine pitched the third inning allowing three runs on two hits, walking one, and striking out one.

In the fourth frame, Ryan Barr toed the rubber, allowing one run and walking two, with one strike out.

Provenzano pitched in the fifth, giving up a run and hitting a batter. He struck one out.

Jordan Metz started the seventh inning and was pulled after a hit, walk, and strike out.

Liam Woodford pitched to one batter, which was a fly out.

Game most valuable players were Doney for the Jays and Jeans for the Expos.


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