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  • 2010 & 2011 Section 8 Dual Meet Champions

Section 8 Rankings

Section 8 D1 Individual Ranking as of 1/19/17
Nick Karamoshos  4th @120
Hunter Scutellaro 2nd @120
Shane Gibbons 3rd @145
Garrett Gibbons 3rd @152
Christian Pulieo 4th @160
Angelo Petrakis 4th @170
Dan Hamilton 5th @182
Kevin Smithwick 2nd @285

Section 8 D1 Individual Ranking as of 1/4/17
Chase Liardi 6th @99
Nick Karamoshos  4th @120
Hunter Scutellaro 2nd @120
Andrew Ashmawi 3rd @132
Shane Gibbons 3rd @145
Garrett Gibbons 3rd @152
Christian Pulieo 4th @160
Angelo Petrakis 4th @170
Dan Hamilton 6th @182
Kevin Smithwick 3rd @285


Angelo Petrakis notches 100th Career Win at Eastern States

Sophomore Angelo Petrakis joins Shane Gibbons, Garrett Gibbons and Andrew Ashmawi on the 100 Career wins list.
Prior to this season there were only eight wrestlers from Massapequa to record 100 Career Varsity wins. Adding four to that list in one year is nothing short of extraordinary considering the program has been in existence for 60+ years.


Ed Solosky Memorial Tournament at Kellenberg Memorial

January 14, 2017
Jeremy Scutellaro 2nd @128
Thomas Greenblatt 2nd @145
John Cassamassina 1st @160
Dan Hamilton 2nd @182
Chase Liardi 4th @99
Sam Mahoney 3rd @182
Kevin Smithwick 3rd @285

Full results and Brackets can be found on the results page or just click here


Christian Pulieo


Hunter Scutellaro




2017 Eastern States


2016 Freestyle All American Michael Amoroso

Congratulation to MHS and Hofstra University Alumni Michael Amoroso on his 2016 Freestyle accomplishments
2016 U.S. Open Men's Freestyle All American (69kg U.S. veterans division)

2016 World Team Member (69kg U.S. veterans division)



53rd Annual Massapequa Holiday Tournament Wednesday December 28th

Team Scores
  1. Long Beach 324.5
  2. Monroe-Woodbury 245 - Sec 9
  3. Hauppauge 230.5
  4. Connetquot 199.5
  5. Massapequa 164
  6. Middletown 104 - Sec 9
  7. Pittsford 92.5 - Sec 5
  8. Msgr. Farrell 90.5 - CHSAA
  9. South Side/East Rockaway 63.5
10. Nashoba 38.5 - MA
11. Bethpage 33
12. Division 26
       St. Thomas Villanova 26 - Canada
14. West Babylon 25



Championship Finals
  99 - Luke Smith (Haup) dec. Pablo Martinez (LB), 1-0
106 - Dylan Earl (M-W) dec. Dalton Otto (Con), 10-5
113 - Marco Vespa (M-W) pinned Jimmy Ryan (MF), :53
120 - Danny Colondona (Con) dec. Hunter Scutellaro (Mass), 9-3
126 - Ben Tepperman (Haup) dec. Dan Mauriello (Haup), 6-1
132 - Matt Maquet (LB) md. Anthony Sountis (M-W), 14-3
138 - Jake Silverstein (Haup) dec. Kyle Mosher (SS/ER), 12-5
145 - John Colletti (LB) dec. Shane Gibbons (Mass), 8-4
152 - John Manning (StV) dec. Evan Barczak (M-W), 4-1
160 - Tyrese Byron (LB) dec. Greg Wildstein (LB), 9-2
170 - Brandon DeVivio (LB) dec. Joe Giorlando (LB), 9-7
182 - Tyreek Bromley (LB) def. Jeffrey Browne (Con). Inj Dflt
195 - Elijah Rodriguez (LB) TF Nick Trentini (Haup), 2:49
220 - Mark Rivera (LB) dec. Tony Enkhjargal (Pitt), 4:31
285 - John Munro (Haup) pinned Kevin Smithwick (Mass), 4:26

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge, 138)
Most Pins Least Time: Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury, 113), 3 in 2:04


Alumni Jack McCauley on Massapequa's recent 100 Career winners

December 20, 2016
Very impressive but not surprising based on the winning history of the Chiefs, which I was lucky enough to be a part of from 1972-74.  During that time I had the opportunity to team with the Fiorvanti bros. except for Rudy (God rest his soul) and was the 126 pounder on the 1974 team that broke the dual match record streak of Bellmore Kennedy on the same day that Notre Dame broke UCLA's record winning streak in college basketball.  Still have the LI Press headline (a newspaper in print back then) that read "Chiefs Make Like Irish, Pull Off Upset ", probably the watershed moment for Chiefs wrestling up till then.  As you state, there were many great wrestlers back then, too many to name, that had limited opportunities for wins as the short schedules, the lack of tournaments- basically we had a Christmas tournament, then season ending division and sectionals, and states if you won the sectional. Thanks for keeping this history alive and bringing back these memories.  I was honored and lucky to have had the good fortune to be a part of it, under Coach Bev and Gary Mims, two of the finest coaches and even finer men any teenager could have as mentors. Keep up the great work and Go Chiefs.
Jack McCauley
Class of 1974

Andrew Ashmawi joins 100 Career winners

December 17, 2016

Senior Andrew Ashmawi joins teammates Shane & Garrett Gibbons on the 100 Career wins list



December 9, 2016
Congratulations to both Shane and Garrett Gibbons! On Saturday, December 3rd their names were added to the list of Massapequa Wrestlers who have accomplished the very difficult task of accumulating one hundred or more career wins. Senior Shane Gibbons was first, followed by his younger brother brother Sophomore Garrett Gibbons in back to back matches in the same dual meet. Shane, currently a 3X Section 8 Placewinner, and Garrett, currently a 2X Section 8 Placewinner, are the first brothers to accomplish this milestone at Massapequa.
Over the years, Massapequa has had many amazingly talented brothers wrestle for the Chiefs, yet only one of those brothers was able to accumulate 100 or more career wins. Ed Fiorvanti was a 4X Section 8 Placewinner and placed Third in New York State in 1977, finishing his career with 101 wins. He was the first wrestler from Massapequa to notch 100 career wins. Ed's older brother Rudy was a Section 8 Runner-up in 1970, his other brothers Jack and Tom were both 2X Section 8 Placewinners. Tom finished 6th in New York State in 1978.  
It was hard to get many matches years ago due to the combination of smaller schedules, intense competition for a starting spot, and almost no one wrestled varsity till at least ninth grade. The competition at Massapequa was often so fierce that most guys could not break into the starting line up till they were a junior or senior. The perfect example was underclassman Lindsay Biagini, a 3X Section 8 Champion having a hard time cracking the starting line-up. Lindsay went on to be a 2X New York State Runner-up. To this day he holds the school record for the best career winning percentage with a record of 83 wins and 3 losses, and two of those three losses came in finals at the New York State Championships.  
Ed Fiorvanti's record stood till 2002 when 3X Section 8 Champion Walter Sosnowski finished his outstanding career with 109 wins. Walter was able to start as a Freshman and is the school's only 3X New York State Placewinner.  After returning from an injury, Shane Strumwasser a 4X Section 8 finalist, 3X Section 8 Champion, and 2X New York State Placewinner broke Walters record in 2007 and went on to accumulate 165 career wins excluding 10 wins at the NHSCA High School Nationals. The last wrestler from Massapequa to notch 100 career wins was Conor Wetzel in 2011. Wetzel, a 3X Section 8 Placewinner took 5th in New York State and holds the school record for most pins in a season with #28.
Like Sosnowski did before him, Strumwasser expects and looks forward to a Massapequa wrestler (Garrett Gibbons) breaking his record and setting a new mark for other Massapequa Wrestlers to shoot for. 
At this pace, Garrett Gibbons could break 200 by the time he graduates.  A number that would not only put him amongst some of the all time career winners in the history of New York State, but amongst some of the best wrestlers in the State's history.
On December 17, 2016 Senior Andrew Ashmawi joined the 100 club. Congratulations Andrew!
On January 13, 2017 Sophomore Angelo Petrakis also joined the 100 Club. Congratulations Ang!
MHS Varsity Wrestling 100 Career Wins
Ed Fiorvanti (1977) 101*
Walter Sosnowski (2002) 109*
Shane Strumwasser (2008) 165* (175 with NHSCA Jr & Sr Nationals)
Mike Doria (2008) 110*
Eric Kaufman (2009) 100*
James Ondris (2010) 107
Chris Sarro (2011) 100
Conor Wetzel (2011) 103
Shane Gibbons (2017) 100+** 
Garrett Gibbons (2019) 100+**
Andrew Ashmawi (2017) 100+**
Angelo Petrakis (2019) 100+**
(denotes year of graduation)
* Prior to 2009 Dual Meet forfeits were not included in individual win/loss records.
** Still competing. 


2016 Kings Park Classic Dual Meet Tournament

Massapequa 70 Benjamin Cardoza 12
Massapequa 53 Kings Park 16
Massapequa 63 Northport 15
Massapequa 59 Patchogue-Medford 21
Massapequa 45 Smithtown West 24


2016 Colonie Linda Stuart Duals

Massapequa 73 Colonie 6
Massapequa 77 Greenville 3
Massapequa 36 Queensbury 33
Massapequa 54 Indian River 27
Massapequa 76 Levittown Division 6
MT Anthony Vermont 36 Massapequa 27
Massapequa 57 Burnt Hills 24
Minisink Valley 36 Massapequa 31 

Massapequa currently ranked #14 in NYS by the NYSSWA as of Nov 30th
defeats #11 ranked Queensbury, but drops a heartbreaker to #4 ranked Minisink Valley


Gibbons Brothers Both Notch 100th Career Win Same Day Same Dual Meet 12/03/2016

Garrett Gibbons, Coach Serrano and Shane Gibbons

Gibbons Family. Mom's in charge!
Shane Gibbons, 9th wrestler in history of Massapequa to notch 100th Win!
Garrett Gibbons, 10th wrestler in history of Massapequa to notch 100 win!


2016 - 2017 Season

Massapequa (Mass) 57, Syosset (Syo) 10
January 20, 2017
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) md. Ryan Feinstein (Syo) 10-1
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) md. Zachary Collins (Syo) 10-2
113 - Edwin Cheong (Syo) md. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 14-4
120 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) md. Sam Goldberg (Syo) 13-1
126 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) dec. Mark Mansa (Syo) 12-5
132 - Mike Blando (Mass) dec. Justin Kotler (Syo) 11-4
138 - Vito Arujau (Syo) pinned Jeremy Scutellaro (Mass) 2:39
145 - Thomas Greenblatt (Mass) dec. Zachary Trakas (Syo) 6-0
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) dec. Matt Majoy (Syo) 6-4
160 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Liam Peiper (Syo) 1:19
170 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Jacky Huang (Syo) 1:14
182 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Manny Hur (Syo) 3-0
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Timothy Kahl (Syo) 0:43
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) by FFT
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) by FFT

Massapequa (Mass) 41, Freeport (Fre) 25
January 18, 2017
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT
106 - Mike Augello (Mass) by FFT
113 - Chad Elder (Fre) md. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 9-1
120 - Sebastian Mauras (Fre) pinned Liam Schramm (Mass) 0:51
126 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) dec. Sebastian Mauras (Fre) 4-2
132 - Frankie Paulino (Fre) dec. Mike Blando (Mass) 13-10
138 - Nicolas Olivier (Fre) md. Jeremy Scutellaro (Mass) 14-2
145 - Thomas Greenblatt (Mass) md. Hassen Umanzor (Fre) 11-2
152 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Nana Adom Appiah A (Fre) 1:23
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) md. Isaiah Louder (Fre) 15-5
182 - Ikce-Wicasa Quiles (Fre) dec. Sam Mahoney (Mass) 7-0
195 - Dashaun Thomas (Fre) dec. Sam Mahoney (Mass) 12-10
220 - Myles Norris (Fre) dec. Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) 9-4
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) pinned Donovan Watson (Fre) 1:21
* Freeport Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1


Ed Solosky Memorial Tournament at Kellenberg Memorial
January 14, 2017
Team Scores
  1. Wantagh 384
  2. Smithtown West 343
  3. Massapequa 248.5
  4. John Glenn 218
  5. Sayville 140.5
  6. North Shore 138.5
  7. Long Beach B 124
  8. Chaminade 116.5
  9. Kellenberg 113.5
10. Port Washington 112.5
11. Monsignor Farrell 32
12. Great Neck North 17
      Kellenberg Gold 17
Championship Finals
  99 - Bobby Moore (Wan) pinned Marvin Canales-Vanegas (SmW), 3:17
106 - Matthew Moncada (SmW) md. Dan Gibson (PW), 10-2
113 - Matt Weitemeyer (SmW) TF Zach Hasbrouck (NS), 15-0
120 - Mike Smith (SmW) md. Michael Nahas (PW), 10-2
126 - Andrew Desousa (SmW) pinned Mike Dergarabedian (NS), 2:05
132 - Connor Yanosik (SmW) pinned Ryan Hallahan (JG), 3:23
138 - Stephen Grabher (NS) dec. Jeremy Scutellaro (Mass), 3-1
145 - Thomas Rohan (Wan) md. Thomas Greenblatt (Mass), 11-1
152 - Robert Marshall (Wan) md. Nick Blanton (JG), 10-2
160 - John Cassamassina (Mass) pinned Jack Tiedemann (Cham), 2:44
170 - Joseph Conklin (Wan) dec. Joseph Grogan (Wan), 4-3
182 - Jack Swanson (SmW) dec. Dan Hamilton (Mass), 7-0
195 - Hunter Selts (Say) dec. Larry Baker (Wan), 4-3
220 - Gavin Casey (Wan) dec. Thomas Rutherig (LB-B), 8-1
285 - Tim Nagosky (SmW) dec. Patrick Smith (Wan), 3-0
Most Outstanding Wrestler: Robert Marshall (Wantagh, 152)
Consolation Finals
  99 - Antonio George (NS) dec. Chase Liardi (Mass), 7-0
106 - Aidan Araoz (Wan) dec. Jared Albert (JG), 4-0
113 - Max Maquet (LB-B) dec. Sean Coakley (KM), 5-0
120 - Kyle Schairer (Wan) def. Brendan Liu (PW), by FFT
126 - Kyle Rielly (SmW) pinned Joseph Russo (Wan), 1:55
132 - Thomas Witthuhn (JG) dec. Frankie Hug (KM), 2-0
138 - Matthew Rogers (Wan) md. John Canny (SmW), 16-3
145 - Alexander Michaelman (LB-B) dec. Henry Burns (PW), 5-3 SV
152 - Anthony Yellas (SmW) dec. Jonathan Rismany (GNN), 12-5
160 - Christian Ramirez (JG) pinned Brian Hood (Wan), 3:29
170 - Nathan Bauland (Say) md. Jake Ferraro (SmW), 12-4
182 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) dec. Jack Ryan (JG), 4-2
195 - Josh Can (Cham) pinned James Watterson (KM), 1:59
220 - Christian Holder (JG) def. Oliver Newton (Cham), by FFT
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) pinned Thomas Gierak (SmW), 2:40
5th 6th Place Matches
  99  - Andrew Gaudiuso (PW) pinned Marques Midgett-Cheek (JG), 3:46
106  - Ty Yanowitch (LB-B) dec. Matthew Moreno (KM), 6-5
113  - James Campanelli (SmW) pinned Joseph Moore (Wan), 2:27
120  - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Osman Bayrak (JG), 2:57
126  - Jack Reusing (MF) def. Anthony Bartolotta (KM), by 5 match rule
132  - Michael Bianchi (NS) pinned Nick Errico (Wan), 3:28
138  - Patrick Giambruno (JG) dec. Anthony Capozucca (Say), 8-1
145  - Sean Ryder (Wan) def. Joe Lopresti (Say), by 5 match rule
152  - Brian Sandmeier (LB-B) pinned Jake Millwater (Say), 4:12
160  - Michael Mccabe (LB-B) pinned John Velzas (Wan), 3:55
170  - Johnathon Perez (MF) dec. Elvis Alvarez (LB-B), 6-3
182  - Marco Musso (Mass) dec. Frank Grogan (Wan), 2-0
195  - Alexander Kiryushov (PW) pinned Vinny Mariani (JG), 2:39
220  - Dennis Auz (Mass) pinned Aidan Kolar (Say), 3:07
285  - Ryan Alesius (Wan) dec. Cole Alvino (JG), 6-0


36th Annual Stan Elinsky Tournament
January 7, 2017


Chase Liardi (Massapequa) pin Sal Minichiello (Massapequa) 3:34



Clint Baker (Newark Valley) dec Jordan Taft (Greene) 1-0



Devin Todd (Deposit-Hancock) pin Nelson Martinez (Binghamton) 2:53



Ethan Stotler (Waverly) dec Owen Wormuth (Deposit-Hancock) 4-2 sv



Nick Karamoshos (Massapequa) pin Dan Calkins (Sidney) 3:22



Cooper Hall (Deposit-Hancock) dec Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) 5-2



Levi Wormuth (Deposit-Hancock) pin David Gannon (Sidney) 1:19



Jeremy Scutellaro (Massapequa) dec Thomas Greenblatt (Massapequa) 5-2



Shane Gibbons (Massapequa) inj def Garrett Gibbons (Massapequa)



Christain Pulieo (Massapequa) dec John Cassamassina (Massapequa) 3-2



Angelo Petrakis (Massapequa) pin Frank Cincotta (Rondout Valley) 5:54



Dan Hamilton (Massapequa) dec Sam Mahoney (Massapequa) 7-1



Ryan Bacigalupo (Massapequa) pin Dennis Auz (Massapequa) 3:35



Kevin Smithwick (Massapequa) pin William Sutherland (Rondout Valley) 2:22


Upper weight MOW Angelo Petrakis @170 Masaapequa HS


Massapequa (Mass) 40, Uniondale (Un) 23

January 5, 2017
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) dec. Jordan Pommels (Un) 4-1
106 - Yverson Saintvil (Un) dec. Sal Minichiello (Mass) 4-2
113 - Xavier Pommels (Un) TF Kyle Donohue (Mass) 17-0 5:20
120 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) by FFT
126 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) md. Steven Bonilla (Un) 14-1
132 - Najee Hall (Un) dec. Mike Blando (Mass) 12-5
138 - Alex Kemp (Un) dec. Jeremy Scutellaro (Mass) 7-6
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) md. Ariel Caprice (Un) 15-2
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) dec. Carlos Hernandez (Un) 5-1
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Decor Greene (Un) 0:56
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) TF Malik Abrahams (Un) 15-0 3:53
182 - Torraine Rodney (Un) dec. Sam Mahoney (Mass) 10-8
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Gary Gray (Un) 1:45
220 - Zachary Knighton-Ward (Un) pinned Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) 4:15
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) dec. Magin Saravia (Un) 7-5

53rd Massapequa Holiday Tournament
December 28, 2016
Team Scores
  1. Long Beach 324.5
  2. Monroe-Woodbury 245 - Sec 9
  3. Hauppauge 230.5
  4. Connetquot 199.5
  5. Massapequa 164
  6. Middletown 104 - Sec 9
  7. Pittsford 92.5 - Sec 5
  8. Msgr. Farrell 90.5 - CHSAA
  9. South Side/East Rockaway 63.5
10. Nashoba 38.5 - MA
11. Bethpage 33
12. Division 26
       St. Thomas Villanova 26 - Canada
14. West Babylon 25

Championship Finals
  99 - Luke Smith (Haup) dec. Pablo Martinez (LB), 1-0
106 - Dylan Earl (M-W) dec. Dalton Otto (Con), 10-5
113 - Marco Vespa (M-W) pinned Jimmy Ryan (MF), :53
120 - Danny Colondona (Con) dec. Hunter Scutellaro (Mass), 9-3
126 - Ben Tepperman (Haup) dec. Dan Mauriello (Haup), 6-1
132 - Matt Maquet (LB) md. Anthony Sountis (M-W), 14-3
138 - Jake Silverstein (Haup) dec. Kyle Mosher (SS/ER), 12-5
145 - John Colletti (LB) dec. Shane Gibbons (Mass), 8-4
152 - John Manning (StV) dec. Evan Barczak (M-W), 4-1
160 - Tyrese Byron (LB) dec. Greg Wildstein (LB), 9-2
170 - Brandon DeVivio (LB) dec. Joe Giorlando (LB), 9-7
182 - Tyreek Bromley (LB) def. Jeffrey Browne (Con). Inj Dflt
195 - Elijah Rodriguez (LB) TF Nick Trentini (Haup), 2:49
220 - Mark Rivera (LB) dec. Tony Enkhjargal (Pitt), 4:31
285 - John Munro (Haup) pinned Kevin Smithwick (Mass), 4:26
Most Outstanding Wrestler: Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge, 138)
Most Pins Least Time: Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury, 113), 3 in 2:04

Consolation Finals
  99 - Max Ebanks (MF) def. Steven Wilkinson (Con), by FFT (5 match rule)
106 - Chris Boudreau (Haup) TF Dan Adams (MF), 4:22
113 - Anthony DiBartolo (Haup) dec. Nick Sanko (Pitt), 7-4
120 - Joey McGinty (M-W) dec. Nate Cotroneo (Pitt), 7-5
126 - Paul North (Con) dec. Cameron Wernicki (M-W), 5-3
132 - Tyler Viola (Con) dec. Rob Estevez (M-W), 6-1
138 - Joe Stapleton (Con) dec. Louis Libutti (M-W), 16-10
145 - Tom Fini (M-W) def. Mark Gueli (Pitt), by FFT (5 match rule)
152 - Charlie Spada (LB) dec. Lucas Cordio (Nash), 7-5
160 - Michael Lanza (MF) pinned John Minnies (M-W), 0:43
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Adonis Morano (Mid), 8-4
182 - Rich Dailey (Haup) def. Kyle Strauss (M-W), by FFT (5 match rule)
195 - Julius Oquendo (Mid) dec. Alex Ludewig (Beth), 9-3
220 - Ismael Mudassar (Div) dec. Horace Duke (Mid), 3-1
285 - Jeffrey Alvarez (LB) dec. Duncan Wilgress (Nash), 5-2

5th/6th Place Matches
  99 - Justin Morales (Mid) def. Chase Liardi (Mass), by FFT (5 match rule)
106 - Cameron Green (Mid) pinned Andrew Shulov (SS/ER), 0:59
113 - Wil Obert-Thorn (Con) def. Max Maquet (LB), by FFT (5 match rule)
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) tie jake Minnies (M-W), Tie for 6th (5 match rule)
126 - Brevin Cassella (Nash) tie Collin Regan (Pitt), Tie for 6th (5 match rule)
132 - Chris Liberopolous (Beth) def. Andrew Ashmawi (Mass), by FFT
138 - Sam Vandersloot (Pitt) pinned Dan Del Valle (SS/ER), 1:36
145 - Bobby Piazza (WB) def. Darren Brophy (Haup), by FFT (5 match rule)
152 - Vin Nidokaj (MF) tie Garret Gibbons (Mass), Tie for 6th (5 match rule)
160 - Christian Pulieo (Mass) pinned Alex Marciniak (Pitt), 1:47
170 - Steven Holder (Haup) def. Tajh Ali (Mid), by FFT (5 match rule)
182 - Steve Roberts (MF) md. Matt Cunningham (Nash), 10-0
195 - Jared Baker (Con) pinned Boston Holmes (M-W), 4:42
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) def. Tom Rutherig (LB), by FFT
285 - Norris Gipson (Mid) dec. Brandon Bennett (WB), 2-1
* 5 Match Rule - When one wrestler wins because of the 5 match rule he receives a win and it should be recorded as a win over the other wrestlers team but not over the other wrestler.  The wrestler who has already wrestled 5 matches does not receive a loss for the match he cannot wrestle and he takes the lower place.  If two wrestlers have already wrestled 5 matches neither can wrestle anymore and they share the lower place, i.e. if going for 3rd they both get 4th and if going for 5th they both receive 6th.  They would not split the team points of the total of both places but would split the 4th (7 total or 3½ each) or 6th (3 total or 1½ each) place points.

Massapequa (Mass) 34, Locust Valley (LV) 28
December 22, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Jack Croke (LV) 0:33
106 - Vito Rodriguez (LV) dec. Alex Giulani (Mass) 7-0
113 - Vincent Marchand (LV) dec. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 8-1
120 - Gage Denatale (LV) dec. Nick Karamoshos (Mass) 7-5
126 - Jonathan Gomez (LV) md. Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) 13-4
132 - Hunter Dusold (LV) pinned Eric Pullman (Mass) 4:48
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) md. Jack Denatale (LV) 12-3
145 - Jack Ward (LV) dec. Shane Gibbons (Mass) 6-1
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) dec. Patrick Briody (LV) 3-1
170 - Bailey O`Brien (LV) dec. Angelo Petrakis (Mass) 5-2
182 - Alex Cassisi (LV) dec. Dan Hamilton (Mass) 9-2
195 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) pinned Brian Canales (LV) 1:21
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) dec. Matt Dellaquilla (LV) 2-1 UTB
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) pinned Jerermyer Medina (LV) 0:54

Kings Park Classic Dual Meet Tournament
December 17, 2006

Massapequa (Mass) 70, Benjamin Cardozo (PSAL) (BC) 12
December 17, 2016
106 - Hunter Hoo (BC) dec. Alex Giulani (Mass) 9-2
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) by FFT
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Oscar Chau (BC) 2:24
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) by FFT
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) by FFT
138 - Jonathan Chong (BC) dec. Tom Stiehler (Mass) 6-4
145 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) md. Jonathan Chong (BC) 16-3
152 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Jackie Zou (BC) 0:33
160 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
170 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Austin Fan (BC) 1:02
182 - Simon Chee (BC) pinned Dan Hamilton (Mass) 3:13
195 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) pinned Michael Jim (BC) 1:15
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) pinned Jonathan Chen (BC) 1:52
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) by FFT
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT

Massapequa (Mass) 53, Kings Park (KP) 16
December 17, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Thomas Diresta (KP) 1:55
106 - Alex Giulani (Mass) by FFT
113 - Mike Savello (KP) md. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 8-0
120 - Rich Gomez (KP) dec. Nick Karamoshos (Mass) 9-5
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) dec. Stefan Major (KP) 10-3
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Eric Fennes (KP) 7-5 SV
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) TF Aidan Tripodi (KP) 15-0 3:00
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) TF Edwin Sanchez (KP) 17-2 4:30
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) md. Ryan Doyle (KP) 18-8
160 - JC Broems (KP) dec. Christain Pulieo (Mass) 7-1
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Nico Ziccardi (KP) 5-1
182 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) by FFT
195 - Sam Schuyler (KP) pinned Sam Mahoney (Mass) 4:55
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) by FFT
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) by FFT

Massapequa (Mass) 63, Northport (Npt) 15
December 17, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT
106 - Jack Marlow (Npt) by FFT
113 - Jacob Borland (Npt) TF Kyle Donohue (Mass) 19-4 5:00
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) dec. Joshua Rubin (Npt) 9-3
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Jake Valliere (Npt) 1:13
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Mike Preston (Npt) 6-3
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) TF Alec D’Amore (Npt) 17-2 3:00
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) md. Mike Robertson (Npt) 8-0
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Billy Shaw (Npt) 4:25
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned John Petrucci (Npt) 1:07
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) pinned Tom Tabone (Npt) 1:31
182 - Christian Moriarty (Npt) md. Sam Mahoney (Mass) 9-0
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Dylan Katz (Npt) 3:45
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) pinned Nico Strieviski (Npt) 3:54
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) pinned Aiden Murtagh (Npt) 4:12

Massapequa (Mass) 59, Patchogue-Medford (PM) 21
December 17, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT
106 - Alex Giulani (Mass) dec. Chris Ivans (PM) 9-6
113 - Chris Rivera (PM) by FFT
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) by FFT
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) dec. Ryan Burgbacher (PM) 9-5
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) TF Matthew Dugan (PM) 18-3 5:30
138 - Chris Gomez (PM) dec. Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) 12-5
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Dominick Gianikos (PM) 2:15
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Shane Mcphillips (PM) 4:55
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) pinned Zak Mallard (PM) 1:00
182 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Corey Horton (PM) 5:30
195 - Chris Coyle (PM) by FFT
220 - Dylan Gianikos (PM) pinned Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) 4:30
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) pinned Nikola Angelinas (PM) 2:21

Massapequa (Mass) 45, Smithtown West (SmW) 24
December 17, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Jack Desousa (SmW) 3:08
106 - Matthew Moncada (SmW) TF Alex Giulani (Mass) 15-0
113 - Matt Weitemeyer (SmW) md. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 9-1
120 - Mike Smith (SmW) dec. Nick Karamoshos (Mass) 6-3
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Andrew Desousa (SmW) 1:30
132 - Kyle Rielly (SmW) dec. Eric Pullman (Mass) 7-0
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) dec. Connor Yanosik (SmW) 7-6
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned John Canny (SmW) 3:51
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Nick Camson (SmW) 1:51
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Matt Jung (SmW) 1:30
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) pinned Jake Ferraro (SmW) 1:40
182 - Jack Swanson (SmW) dec. Sam Mahoney (Mass) 7-4
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) by FFT
220 - D`Andre Strachan (SmW) dec. Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) 5-1
285 - Tim Nagosky (SmW) dec. Kevin Smithwick (Mass) 5-0

Colonie Linda Stuart Duals
December 9 - 10th, 2016

Massapequa (Mass) 57, Burnt Hills (Sec 2) (BH) 24
December 9, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Jack Taylor (BH) 0:43
106 - John De Conno (BH) pinned Mike Augello (Mass) 1:07
113 - Sammy Lindberg (BH) pinned Kyle Donohue (Mass) 3:26
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned David Hess (BH) 3:23
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) by FFT
132 - Daquan Williams (BH) dec. Eric Pullman (Mass) 7-0
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) dec. Danny Jada (BH) 7-2
145 - Christian Gramuglia (BH) dec. Shane Gibbons (Mass) 5-1
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Johnny Matrazzo (BH) 0:43
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Jakai Townsend (BH) 1:25
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) pinned Hunter Rowinski (BH) 1:45
182 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Vincent Daviero (BH) 2:29
195 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) pinned Vincent Daviero (BH) 1:07
220 - Dennis Auz (Mass) pinned Alex Sheldon (BH) 3:38
285 - Jake Warren (BH) pinned Kevin Smithwick (Mass) 1:19

Massapequa (Mass) 73, Colonie (Sec 2) (Col) 6
December 9, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Robbie Bahan (Col) 0:27
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) pinned Larry Sagendorf (Col) 0:19
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) dec. Ryan Brothers (Col) 4-2
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Saad Hafeez (Col) 2:22
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Darryl Wright (Col) 0:52
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Yasin Sadig (Col) 10-4
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) TF Nick Servidone (Col) 17-2 3:39
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) md. James Masse (Col) 16-7
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) md. Liam Mooney (Col) 12-3
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Logan Stark (Col) 0:33
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) pinned Terrence Bond (Col) 1:13
182 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) pinned Tyler Mcgue (Col) 1:27
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Colby Mattice (Col) 2:59
220 - Tristan Waldorf (Col) pinned Mike Wallace (Mass) 2:34
285 - William Smithwick (Mass) by FFT

Mt Anthony Vermont 36 Massapequa 27
December 9, 2016

Massapequa (Mass) 76, Division (Div) 6
December 9, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) by FFT
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) by FFT
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Dan Bellucci (Div) 0:50
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) by FFT
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Marwan Bayomi (Div) 8-1
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) pinned Gabe Galarza (Div) 5:07
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) TF Roberto Minero (Div) 20-5 3:16
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) md. Dylan Chase (Div) 13-3
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Kevin Ayers (Div) 1:08
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) md. Matt Longo (Div) 10-1
182 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) by FFT
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) by FFT
220 - Mudassar Ishmail (Div) pinned Dennis Auz (Mass) 5:10
285 - William Smithwick (Mass) by FFT

Massapequa (Mass) 77, Greenville (Sec 2) (Grvl) 3
December 9, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) pinned Gianna Mancuso (Grvl) 0:45
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) by FFT
120 - Aidan Cullen (Grvl) dec. Nick Karamoshos (Mass) 3-2
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) TF Nicholas Reese (Grvl) 17-0
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Clifton Drollette (Grvl) 6-3
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) TF Ian Mcilhenny (Grvl) 15-0
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Cameron Baitsholts (Grvl) 1:00
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Zach Storrs (Grvl) 2:30
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) md. Joe Mancini (Grvl) 16-6
182 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) by FFT
195 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Robert Mancuso (Grvl) 2:30
220 - Dennis Auz (Mass) by FFT
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) by FFT

Massapequa (Mass) 54, Indian River (Sec 3) (IR) 27
December 9, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Parker Ashley (IR) 0:18
106 - Lucas Van Tassel (IR) pinned Sal Minichiello (Mass) 3:39
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) by FFT
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Kenneth Melton (IR) 0:36
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) by FFT
132 - Tyler Pitts (IR) dec. Eric Pullman (Mass) 5-1
138 - Stefan Colbert (IR) dec. Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) 3-2
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Alexander Mathieu (IR) 2:32
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Garrett Putnam (IR) 1:34
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Chase Lynch (IR) 3:11
170 - Jeromy Henning (IR) def. Angelo Petrakis (Mass) by DQ
182 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) by FFT
195 - Chris Davis (IR) dec. Dan Hamilton (Mass) 1-0
220 - Dakota Stone (IR) pinned Mike Wallace (Mass) 0:37
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) by FFT

Massapequa (Mass) 36, Queensbury (Sec 2) (Qbry) 33
December 9, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Kaiden Laluna (Qbry) 0:21
106 - Ryan Sleezer (Qbry) pinned Sal Minichiello (Mass) 2:41
113 - Antoine Grace (Qbry) by FFT
120 - Dawson Laluna (Qbry) dec. Nick Karamoshos (Mass) 4-1
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Dan Brady (Qbry) 3:12
132 - Matt Bennett (Qbry) dec. Eric Pullman (Mass) 5-0
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) dec. Sam Linendoll (Qbry) 11-4
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) dec. Nick Robbins (Qbry) 7-6
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Will Fraser (Qbry) 1:00
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned James Morehouse (Qbry) 1:01
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Dom Nassivera (Qbry) 5-3
182 - Nico Mattia (Qbry) pinned Dan Hamilton (Mass) 4:56
195 - Sam Mahoney (Mass) dec. Travis Stiles (Qbry) 6-4
220 - Jacob Mallon-Clear (Qbry) dec. Dennis Auz (Mass) 4-1
285 - Jamie Lafarr (Qbry) pinned Kevin Smithwick (Mass) 0:43

Minisink Valley (Sec 9) (MV) 36, Massapequa (Mass) 31
December 9, 2016
  99 - Jeffery Grady (MV) dec. Chase Liardi (Mass) 9-4
106 - Joe Habert (MV) pinned Sal Minichiello (Mass) 5:02
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) dec. Mia Macaluso (MV) 4-2
120 - Tyler Lynch (MV) pinned Liam Schramm (Mass) 0:15
126 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Logan Ewanciw (MV) 1:04
132 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned James Udascr (MV) 0:49
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) dec. Vincent Vetrano (MV) 5-4
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) md. Dominic Vetrano (MV) 12-1
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Jace Hirsch (MV) 0:23
160 - Tim Ganuncio (MV) dec. Christain Pulieo (Mass) 5-4
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Demetrius Moore (MV) 5-2
182 - Joey Yanis (MV) pinned Dan Hamilton (Mass) 1:35
195 - Andrew Covais (MV) dec. Sam Mahoney (Mass) 7-0
220 - Andrew Slagle (MV) pinned Dennis Auz (Mass) 2:12
285 - Andrew Fenner (MV) dec. Kevin Smithwick (Mass) 7-2


W.C. Bryant Winter Duals
December 3rd - 4th, 2016

Massapequa (Mass) 73, Msgr. Farrell (MF) 6
December 3, 2016
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) dec. Vincent Ndokaj (MF) 10-5
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) by FFT
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) by FFT
182 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) by FFT
195 - Double Forfeit
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) pinned Michael Carroll (MF) 0:45
285 - Kevin Smithwick (Mass) by FFT
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) TF Frank Kost (MF) 15-0
106 - Daniel Adams (MF) pinned Sal Minichiello (Mass) 4:45
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) pinned John Basile (MF) 2:40
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Christopher Marrazzo (MF) 1:35
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) TF Ryan Silver (MF) 15-0
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) by FFT
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) pinned Nick Fico (MF) 1:34
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Anthony Lenza (MF) 1:32

Massapequa (Mass) 60, Newcastle (OK) (Newc) 16
December 3, 2016
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) md. Hunter Palacios (Newc) 8-0
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) TF Hunter Sneed (Newc) 15-0
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Jordan Bussey (Newc) 1:50
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Jared Gilbertson (Newc) 5-1
182 - Kaleb Crilly (Newc) dec. Dan Hamilton (Mass) 11-4
195 - Pat Devito (Mass) pinned Cole Dalton (Newc) 1:00
220 - Isac Higginbottom (Newc) pinned Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) 4:22
285 - William Smithwick (Mass) pinned Chris Dalton (Newc) 1:40
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) by FFT
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) by FFT
113 - William Lemons (Newc) md. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 11-3
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) def. Caden Holland (Newc) Inj Dflt
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Jacob Bruns (Newc) 3:30
132 - Mason Ford (Newc) dec. Eric Pullman (Mass) 3-1

Massapequa (Mass) 75, Petrides (PSAL) (Petr) 6
December 3, 2016
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Benjamin Ala (Petr) 0:54
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Joseph Diforte (Petr) 4-2 SV
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) pinned Kevin McColgan (Petr) 3:27
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Divine Streeter (Petr) 1:00
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Joseph Diforte (Petr) 4:35
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Conor Cregin (Petr) 0:38
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) pinned Sean Gillespie (Petr) 0:53
182 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) by FFT
195 - Pat Devito (Mass) pinned Francis Tawiah (Petr) 1:52
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) pinned Justin Lorenzo (Petr) 3:10
285 - Nick Azzuto (Petr) dec. William Smithwick (Mass) 2-1
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Brandon Fallon (Petr) 
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) pinned Joe Ferrera (Petr) 1:30
113 - Kevin Velez (Petr) dec. Kyle Donohue (Mass) 10-3
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned  (Petr) 

Massapequa (Mass) 70, Tottenville (PSAL) (Tot) 9
December 3, 2016
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Daniel Batavicias (Tot) 1:27
106 - Sal Minichiello (Mass) pinned Johnathan Castro (Tot) 1:37
113 - David Traub (Tot) pinned Kyle Donohue (Mass) 4:30
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Craig Sampson (Tot) 1:00
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned Thomas Girardi (Tot) 2:30
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) dec. Thomas Banks (Tot) 6-1
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) pinned Vincent Ferrante (Tot) 2:49
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Tomas Baez (Tot) 3:12
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Michael Poser (Tot) 3:21
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Jose Rodriquez (Tot) 3:00
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) md. Michael O`Brien (Tot) 13-5
182 - Leo Rabinovich (Tot) dec. Dan Hamilton (Mass) 9-5
195 - Pat Devito (Mass) pinned Andrew Finocchiaro (Tot) 0:25
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) dec. Evan Adeshchenko (Tot) 2-1
285 - William Smithwick (Mass) pinned Michael Zverina (Tot) 3:31

Massapequa (Mass) 51, Westhampton (WHB) 27
December 3, 2016
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned James D`Agostino (WHB) 1:30
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) by FFT
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Thatcher Cord (WHB) 1:29
170 - Liam McIntyre (WHB) dec. Angelo Petrakis (Mass) 2-1
182 - Scott Rementer (WHB) dec. Dan Hamilton (Mass) 9-8
195 - Austin Mahon (WHB) by FFT
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) pinned Lucas Villareale (WHB) 3:37
285 - William Smithwick (Mass) by FFT
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Gavin McIntyre (WHB) 1:20
106 - Jason Montagna (WHB) pinned Sal Minichiello (Mass) 3:37
113 - Tyler Skala (WHB) TF Kyle Donohue (Mass) 15-0
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Daniel Purkis (WHB) 1:06
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) TF Jackson Hulse (WHB) 15-0
132 - Dane Mendoza (WHB) md. Eric Pullman (Mass) 9-0
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) md. David Cable  (WHB) 15-3

Massapequa (Mass) 72, William C. Bryant (PSAL) (Bry) 12
December 3, 2016
160 - Christain Pulieo (Mass) pinned Pedro Tejada (Bry) 2:20
170 - Angelo Petrakis (Mass) dec. Feras Zedeia (Bry) 2-1
182 - Dan Hamilton (Mass) pinned Elkyng Vargas (Bry) 1:00
195 - Vasileios Botsis (Bry) by FFT
220 - Ryan Bacigalupo (Mass) pinned Anthony Doganis (Bry) 4:54
285 - William Smithwick (Mass) dec. Alan Flores (Bry) 6-4
  99 - Chase Liardi (Mass) pinned Junaid Thoophany (Bry) 1:23
106 - Christian Palazzo (Bry) pinned Sal Minichiello (Mass) 5:05
113 - Kyle Donohue (Mass) pinned Alif Hasan (Bry) 3:00
120 - Nick Karamoshos (Mass) pinned Gilbert Rosario (Bry) 2:56
126 - Hunter Scutellaro (Mass) pinned William Castro (Bry) 1:16
132 - Eric Pullman (Mass) pinned Schuyler Chen (Bry) 1:15
138 - Andrew Ashmawi (Mass) pinned Jamal Naser (Bry) 1:52
145 - Shane Gibbons (Mass) pinned Jigmey Ponpotsang (Bry) 1:25
152 - Garrett Gibbons (Mass) pinned Imtiaz Hafiz (Bry) 0:35


2016 - 2017 Massapequa Wrestling Schedule

Freak Show National Wrestling Championship in Las Vegas

2016 National Champion Chase Liardi of Massapequa


Click here to purchase a USA Wrestling card.
HS team members are included in the MHS USAW Team Membership, Please check with Coach Serrano.


Former Amityville High School alumni Jim and Tony Nordland are to be inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in April 2017. The Nordland brothers wrestled in the early 1970s for National Hall of Fame Coach Norm Maisel and finished their high school careers with All-County honors. Following their high school graduation both were standouts at Nassau Community College under legendary Coach Chuck Henke. They contributed to helping Nassau CC to Regional Championship titles and a high ranking amongst the top teams in NJCAA competition.

     Following their SUNY college graduations they began coaching careers in Nassau County, Jim at Berner High School and younger brother Tony at Massapequa High School. In the early years at Berner, Jim worked with mentor and National Hall of Fame Coach Dick Doherty and was elevated to head coach in 1983, while Tony had the privilege to assist National Hall of Fame Coach Gary Mims. Their elite teams often vied for county championship titles and had numerous county champions, along with All-County and All-State performers. Both produced state champions; Steve Whelan (1982) at Massapequa HS and Michael Bevilacqua (1985) at Berner HS. Later Jim coached at Chaminade High School under the tutelage of National Wrestling Hall of Fame Coach George Dlugolonski and some of their mat squads won many CHSAA Championships and in 1991 had three All-State matmen. Both Jim and Tony concluded their coaching stints in the Sachem School Districts; Jim at Seneca JHS and Tony at Sagamore JHS with lifelong friend, Tim Cummins.

     Perhaps the brothers greatest achievement in wrestling was when they combined their efforts with members of the Fiorvanti family (the late Rudy and younger brother Jack) in producing a wrestling publication and nationally acclaimed website.  Founded in 1979 and called "The Mat Slap", it features both Long Island and New York State individual wrestling rankings, along with in-depth articles and action packed photographs that showcase the top wrestlers in the Empire State. It is a favorite among wrestling fans, athletes and coaches, and often utilized by college coaches in their recruiting process. Over the past 37 years the Mat Slap has covered both Nassau & Suffolk Championships, the CHSAA Championships, NYS Intersectionals, National HS Championships, NWCA All-Star meet, the World Championships (2003) at Madison Square Garden and the NCAA Division I Championships. Jim and Tony are editorial consultants for the Friends of Long Island Wrestling publication and also worked exclusively with Amateur Wrestling News. In 2010, Tony was recognized as the National Wrestling Photographer of the Year and both are members of the National Wrestling Media Association.

     Jim and Tony are humbled by this prestigious honor bestowed to them by the Hall of Fame Committee. They look forward to this special night with the rest of the Nordland and Doherty families and are appreciative of all the support by their wrestling supporters/sponsors over the years. Thank you.




1000 Island Duals 2016

Massapequa takes 4th Place in the 16 Team Silver Bracket at the 2016 1000 Island Summer Duals



If I Could Do It All Over Again


If I could do it all over again, I would  take advantage of every practice. I would push myself to the limit…and then further each day.


If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t worry so much about winning but instead about enforcing my will upon my opponent, and let the winning take care of itself.


If I could do it all over again, I would refuse to feel sorry for myself whenever I experienced failure or defeat. Instead, I would use it as motivation to move forward, work harder, and gain perspective. And I would always remind myself that failure is not something to be feared but something to learn from.


If I could do it all over again, I would pursue veterans of the sport, listen to them, learn from them, and take full advantage of their knowledge and experience.


If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t dread encounters with tough opponents, I would desire them. I would seek out the best and set a course to defeat and conquer.


If I could do it all over again, I would fight through pain and fatigue when my body yearns to shut down. For the greatest sorrow in losing a wrestling match might just be “giving up” rather than merely losing. (If I’m going down, I’m going down swinging).


If I could do it all over again, I would avoid thinking about wrestling as something to extract my own glory or self-worth, and view it instead as a gift to be engaged.


If I could do it all over again, I would always resort to humility as opposed to arrogance. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance, and one’s ego should never take precedence


If I could do it all over again, I would soak in the atmosphere of big tournaments – state and national – and thank God for the experience. .


If I could do it all over again, I would try and have fun. Life is short, and a wrestling career even shorter. I wouldn’t want to miss a single opportunity to compete.


If I could do it all over again, I would put on my wrestling shoes and tie them a little slower; because the day will come when I am not afforded the opportunity to put on a pair of wrestling shoes again.


If I could do it all over again, I would dream a little bigger, set goals that appear unlikely or impossible, and then pursue them as if the  “impossible”  is a foreign concept


If I could do it all over again, I would smile a little brighter and walk a little taller, because I would be a part of the oldest and greatest sport on earth.


But the truth is…I can’t do it all over again. The time is gone and the regrets are plenty. But perhaps my regrets will lose their sting  as I encourage  current wrestlers to learn from my mistakes and take advantage of the time they have.


If I could do it all over again, I would…and in a heartbeat. Don’t let my regrets be yours. This sport is just too great to not enjoy all that is available within it. As the famous Dan Gable has said, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”


Coach Bevilacqua


2016 NYS Championships

Garrett Gibbons drops opening bout, but wrestles back to the round of eight (final placing elimination round) with two consecutive wins over his opponents by scores of 7 - 4 and 3 - 2. Garrett drops a 5- 0 decision in the round of eight and is eliminated from the placing rounds.

Paul Brachfeld wins his opening bout, but drops his bout in the quarter finals. Paul drops a 5 - 4 decision in the 2nd round of wrestlebacks and is eliminated just before the round of eight.

2016 NYSPHSAA State Championships Results for Massapequa
DI-126 - Garrett Gibbons (2-2)
    Champ. Round 1 - Kiernan Shanahan (Shenendehowa) 1-2 won by fall over Garrett Gibbons (Massapequa) 2-2 (Fall 4:28)
    Cons. Round 1 - Garrett Gibbons (Massapequa) 2-2 won by decision over Josh Reed (Schenectady) 0-2 (Dec 7-4)
    Cons. Round 2 - Garrett Gibbons (Massapequa) 2-2 won by decision over Vince Falvo (Niagara Wheatfield) 1-2 (Dec 3-2)
    Cons. Round 3 - Ben Tepperman (Hauppauge) 3-1 won by decision over Garrett Gibbons (Massapequa) 2-2 (Dec 5-0)

DI-195 - Paul Brachfield (1-2)
    Champ. Round 1 - Paul Brachfield (Massapequa) 1-2 won in sudden victory - 1 over John Fuino (Hilton) 0-2 (SV-1 3-1)
    Quarterfinal - Micheal DiNardo (Mahopac) 2-0 won by fall over Paul Brachfield (Massapequa) 1-2 (Fall 1:58)
    Cons. Round 2 - Tanner Nielsen (Arlington) 2-1 won by decision over Paul Brachfield (Massapequa) 1-2 (Dec 5-4)


NYS Championship - Sectional Champions & Wild Card Qualifiers

Massapequa finishes the Dual Meet Season Ranked 3rd in NYS

MHS 2015 - 2016 Season Photos

Congratulations Hunter Scutellaro

 LIWA Wrestler of the Week for week 7 of the 2015-16 season is Hunter Scutellaro of Massapequa

Wrestling at 120 lbs, Hunter was 4-0 in the Nassau Dual Meet Championships, including a win by fall over Michael Killard (Wantagh, 3rd Section 8, ranked #1) and Matt Maquet (Long Beach, 3rd Section 8, ranked #3). 


Massapequa teammates inspire Jesse Bran-Umana to victory
December 16, 2015 11:05 PM  By Erik Bacharach 

Jesse Bran-Umana of Massapequa, top, gets an advantage on Bailey O'Brien of Locust Valley at 160 pounds during a non-league varsity wrestling meet at Massapequa High School on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015. Bran-Umana won by decision 3-1. (Credit: James Escher)


Those who had the pleasure of knowing you will forever miss you
Jonathan Kaloust R.I.P.




Section 8 Championships

February 15, 2015
Massapequa Finishes the County Championships in third Place with eight All-County Wrestlers
(Wantagh 1st 191 points, Long Beach 2nd 183, Massapequa 3rd 173.5, Plainedge 4th 131)
Angelo Petrakis 3rd @106lbs
Shane Gibbons 4th @113lbs
John Kalinoglu 4th @120lbs
Travis Paradiso 5th @120lbs
Mike Stashin 4th @132lbs
Jesse Bran-Umana 5th @138lbs
Paul Brachfeld 3rd @170lbs
Chase O'Mahony 3rd @220lbs

Click here for complete results & brackets at LIWA

February 13, 2015

Massapequa in First place after day one of Nassau County Championship Tournament.
Chiefs have a total of 14 wins by Pin on day one. Heading into the semi finals will be:
Angelo Petrakis @106, Shane Gibbons @113, Travis Paradiso @120, Mike Stashin @132,
Jesse Bran-Umana @138, & George O'Mahony @220
Still in the hunt in the wrestle backs are:
John Kalinoglu @120, Andrew Ashmawi @126, & Paul Brachfeld @170


Alumni Night January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015 Alumni Night vs Freeport


2014 LIWA Golf Outing

Tom Malone, Head Coach Ron Serrano, Bob Nash & Coach Mike Tobia


Youth New York State Championship Events

March 16, 2014
Chase Liardi won his second NY USA Wrestling Youth Championship two weekends ago at Bayshore High School.  He then traveled up to Syracuse this past weekend to pin his way through the NYWAY State Championships to secure State Titles from both organizations.

Anthony Conetta won his first NY USA Wrestling Championship in dominating fashion at Bayshore two weeks ago. He then also traveled up to Syracuse, bumped up a weight class, and placed second with a hard fought OT finals match.  Alex Giuliani placed 5th and Johnathan Brachfeld 4th at the NY USA Wrestling Championships.

Anthony Conetta NY USAW Champion & Alex Giuliani 5th Place


50th Annual Massapequa Holiday Tournament

December 27, 2013

The Massapequa Holiday Tournament will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on Friday December 27th.  It is the second oldest Holiday tournament in New York State, started by Legendary Hall of Fame Coach Al Bevilacqua. The oldest, the Windsor Holiday Tournament began one year earlier. This event has consistently been one of the top in season tournaments in the state with numerous Sectional and NYS Place winners competing against each other. This year’s field includes: Bethpage (8), Connetquot (11), Division (8), Great Neck South (8), Long Beach (8), Hauppauge (11), Monroe-Woodbury (9) and Massapequa (8). The most recent Long Island Team Rankings published by our friends at MatSlap list Hauppauge as #3 and Connetquot as #4. Based on the MatSlap individual rankings, 13 of Long Island’s Top Ranked wrestlers could be competing in their respective weight classes at the event. Based on the most recent individual Sectional rankings available, there could be a total of 38 ranked wrestlers (#20 Section 8, #8 Section 9 & #10 Section 11) participating.


Grand Opening Ceremony of the Al Bevilacqua Wrestling Room

October 7, 2012 

The Al Bevilacqua Wrestling Room

 Thanks to everyone who attended the dedication ceremony and grand opening of the new wrestling room. The turnout was amazing and comprised a diverse group of local residents, students of all ages, school officials, school board members, politicians, alumni from near and far, and a who's who from the wrestling community including numerous Hall of Fame members. It was a great event for all those who attended, October 5th, 2012. 
Photos taken by Joe DAquila of

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Special Thanks to: William Young, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeffery Pheffer, James O'Rourke

Christopher Chimeri, Mundo Family, Helen Guido, James Ondris, Daniel Maccarone

John Piropato MHS AD, Richard O’Malley, Vincent Valvo, Tom Kalinoglu, Keith Kocis

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Jeffery Pheffer, Strumwasser Family, Wetzel Family , Richard (Pete) Hausrath

Frank Lamagna, James Rooney, Gary Mims & Family, Tom Malone & Family

Christopher Gawrych, The Hamilton Family, Jack Fiorvanti & Carol Kenngot,

Robert Nelson, one of the "Basement Boys" on the 1955-56, 56-57 & 57-58 MHS Wrestling teams

Chris Broccolli, Neil Weiss, Massapequa Wrestling Booster Club

The Friends of Massapequa Wrestling


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Sam & Tim Cullen

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School district announces the HS wrestling room will be named after Al Bevilacqua

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By:Various Sources / Gary Abbott, Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - © 2012

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By:Theresa Caivano, Friday, December 30, 2011
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By:Edward Robinson, Thursday, January 5, 2012
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Richie Kelly

1958 LI Championships Richie Kelly vs. Chuck Geddes (Bay Shore)2-0


1958 - 1959 Team

MHS Wrestling Team 1962

MHS Wrestling Alumni from the graduating class of 1962 will soon celebrate their 50th class reunion. Congratulations!

For more information, please contact Jim Mott at

Class of 1972

Class of 1972

National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum announces Class of 2012

November 28, 2011
The Bevilacqua’s –First Father & Son To Make the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Al Bevilacqua will receive the Order of Merit for his contributions to the advancement of wrestling. Bevilacqua has been coaching and promoting wrestling for 47 years as an organizer, administrator, teacher, and coach at the national and state levels. He is also one of the founders of Beat the Streets New York City wrestling program.

Chris Bevilacqua, a two-time All-American for Penn State, is the founder and CEO of Bevilacqua Media Company, whose mission is to be a principal investor and strategic advisor for media and entertainment assets. Prior to forming BMC, Bevilacqua was the CEO of Creative Artist Agency (CAA) Sports Media Ventures, Co-Founder of CSTV which was sold to CBS Sports in 2005 and Global Director of Negotiations for Nike Inc., from 1994-1999.

Chris is also the son of Al, which makes these honorees the first father and son to be inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in the same year.

1960 Squad has 50th Reunion

50th Reunion for the class of 1960 Richard (Pete) Hausrath, Joe Ingarozza, Ron Salzman, Richard O'Mara (59), and Mike Angstreich.

1960 MHS Wrestling Team

Mike Angstreich, Jeff Enck, Joe Ingarozza (Co-Capt), Joe Cimenna, Richard (Pete) Housrath, George Young, Joe Giannini, Randy Broger, Ron Salzman (Co-Capt). Missing Richard Warnke and George Rivera.

February 13, 1952 - April 13, 2007

Rudy Fiorvanti, a 1970 Massapequa HS alumnus passed away peacefully at his home in East Northport, LI, NY, surrounded by his loving family, his wife Patricia, sons Michael and Patrick, along with his daughters, Annie and Christie. Rudy was stricken with a deadly disease, leukemia, this past year and battled throughout the past months and showed extreme courage before he succumbed, he was 55.

Rudy was a rare three sport athlete, he lettered in football, wrestling and lacrosse in high school. In his senior year, he was the only wrestler to defeat the state champion and finished as a Nassau County Championship finalist. Although Rudy wasn't a state wrestling champion, he was a true champion nonetheless.

He attended Nassau CC, where he was undefeated in wrestling and entered the National Junior Championships, as the second ranked wrestler in the nation. He later attended Hofstra University where he competed in all three sports and was a qualifier at the 1975 NCAA Wrestling Championships.

In his opening bout, he defeated Bob Steele (Wyoming), 6-3. After graduation, he worked as a South Shore lifeguard at Tobay Beach, where he was involved in beach competition teams, including the line pull rescue. He led Tobay to numerous championships against the best squads on Long Island and the Eastern seaboard. Also, at Tobay he captured awards at the Tyler Lynde Memorial Boat Race, with his rowing partner and lifelong friend, Gary Jaeger. He was a lifeguard for the past 37 years.

Rudy also founded Action Fitness, a sports and fitness superstore where he was the president in the family owned business since 1981. Rudy's brother, Ed, is now currently the presiding officer in the company, at the Hauppauge based superstore. Rudy was also the Operations Manager and coordinator for The Mat Slap, a popular wrestling website and annual publication. Rudy is survived by his brothers, Ed, Jack and Thomas, along with his sister, Mary.

The most important part of Rudy's life was his family, which always came first, followed by his close friends. Rudy provided everything for his family and would do anything for his many friends. He was respected, revered and loved by everyone. His legacy is a caring, compassionate and a benevolent person, with a heart of gold. He brought so much to the table, and if you were a friend of Rudy's, it was for a lifetime.

In a book witten by Tom Rath, Vital Friends, The People You Can't Afford To Live Without, the author describes eight vital roles; builder, champion, collaborator, companion, connector, energizer, mind opener and navigator, Rudy possessed all of those characteristics.

We lost a giant of a man, a person that comes along once in a lifetime. Another close friend said, "God will never ask you to carry a stone that is too heavy", but the passing of Rudy Fiorvanti is a huge loss and will be difficult for everyone that knew him. He will be missed tremendously and always be remembered. He will be "Forever in our Hearts". We know that God only takes the best and he took one of the great ones. We will miss you and always love you! May God Bless him and his loving family.

A scholarship fund in Rudy's name has been established. If you would like to donate, please send your contribution to the Tobay Lifeguards, 23 Bonnie Kay Court, Sayville, NY 11782.

written by Jim Nordland

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Wrestling Links

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