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15 Feb

5 Tips For Creating A Powerful Homepage For Your Sports Club

Posted by Chris Tallos 15-Feb-2016

The homepage is often considered the heart of your sports website, as it’s the first thing most people will see when they arrive. This page is arguably the most important, because if you fail to get it right, people will leave before they get a chance to see what else your website has to offer. Below are 5 tips which will transform your sports club homepage from average to spectacular:

Provide Easy Navigation to Other Pages

The site’s navigation is the tool that your visitors will use to get from one page to another. It typically consists of links which will appear in the form of buttons which indicate things like home page, statistics page, team info page, and etc. These buttons should be easily visible and work best when they are placed at the top, bottom, or side of the homepage. Ideally, the number of buttons/links that comprise navigation should range from five to seven.

Try Using a News Feed

Having a news feed on your sports club website can be really cool because it keeps people up to date on what is happening in your sports club. The recruitment of new players, dates for tournaments and other events are all things that can be incorporated into a news feed. Although having a separate section for upcoming events in the form of a widget is a common practice, you can have this incorporated into the news feed to keep things organized.

Show Good Branding on Homepage

A well branded homepage for your sports club is one which establishes its own identity clearly. This doesn’t mean that it has to be overly flashy, but at the minimum, it should feature a good logo and relevant colors, and they should be incorporated into the page’s design. This theme should extend to all other pages of the website.

Offer a Link for Registration

One of the links that every youth sports site should feature in its navigation is a registration link. This link is critically important because it allows new players and members to sign up. The online registration option should be easy to locate and simple to use.

Use a Photographic Slideshow

Using images is one of the most powerful ways to create interest in your homepage. The slideshow is a tool which can be used to organize and showcase these photos. However, cluttering the homepage with too many photos will ruin the effect, so always use a slideshow to present your sports photos in a professional fashion.

homepage for sports club website

Are You Ready to Create an Awesome Homepage?

When designing a homepage for your sports club, you have a lot of options to choose from, and the way in which you use your imagination to use them will determine its success. Nowadays, when you use a website builder to create your sports club’s site, many of the on-page components you need to create a better homepage can be easily implemented, even without any web design skills. If you want an easy time in creating your website and building an awesome homepage, check out LeagueLineup’s free website builder today!