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15 Mar

How To Create Content For Your Sports Website

Posted by Chris Tallos 15-Mar-2016

Creating great content for your sports website requires adequate planning, knowledge, and imagination. Content is important because it makes your website “sticky” – meaning people will spend lots of time perusing and linking to the pages, which will give you a boost in the search engines while increasing your social media visibility. Your website’s content should also be diverse and high in quality, and below are some tips that will help you achieve this.

Publish Quality Videos

No sports website is complete without videos. These videos can showcase the players, the events, the training sessions or anything else that would be of interest to others.  These videos can then be posted to platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion or Facebook where fans can watch them on their smartphones, share them with others, and increase awareness for the team.

Include Podcasts

While quality articles are essential for SEO, you need to provide some variety in distributing information. Some people prefer listening rather than reading, which is why you will want to add audio podcasts to your site. The audio can be recorded through your smartphone, and you can then add it to your website or newsletter so that subscribers can hear what you have to say.

Offer Competitions

Competition is a great way to attract interest in your youth team website while bringing out the best in others. The prizes don’t have to be exorbitant; used sports equipment, club t-shirts, meals at a local restaurant or tickets to sports games could be excellent prizes that will increase the awareness and visibility of your website and team.

Publish Useful Articles

If you manage a sports website, there is a good chance you’re a player or coach. This means you have knowledge, skill and wisdom that can be shared with others. For example, if you’re the coach of a little league baseball team, you could write and publish articles highlighting your thoughts on baseball strategy, tactics, training and equipment. This is information that both visitors and the search engines would love, and when published regularly to a blog you will find that your search engine rankings will increase.

Always Add Lots of Photos

No sports website is complete without high quality photos. Research indicates that people respond better to images than mere words, and infographics in particular are wildly popular on social media websites. Getting photos of your sports team published on your website and others like Instagram and Flickr can go a long ways towards increasing the awareness and popularity of your team.

Now that you know how you can improve your sports site to attract more traffic, go ahead and try these tips! And if you do not have a website yet for your sports team, why not build a site with LeagueLineup today? We are the number one choice for youth sports team management and best of all, you can start an absolutely free sports website with us and get lots of additional tools to manage your site!