winning mentality in youth sports
30 Mar

The Winning Mentality You Should Have In Youth Sports

Posted by Chris Tallos 30-Mar-2016

Youth sports are important for children and teenagers because it leads to the development of skills that can be used later in life, whether the kids go on to be professional athletes or not. Some of the skills that kids learn during these activities include teamwork, communication, collaboration, focus, hard work, and discipline. Below are some additional aspects of the winning mentality that youth sports should develop in kids:

Expect to Learn from Losses

The players should never feel that losing a tournament lowers their self-value. Coaches and trainers should teach the players that losing teaches valuable lessons that will never be obtained from victory. It also allows individuals to overcome adversity and develop new approaches for problem solving. One of the worst things a coach can do is yell or be hard on the team because they lost. This shows a lack of maturity and leadership. The simple fact is that losses in life are inevitable, whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, and the team should be taught that how you handle the losses is what counts the most.

Never Fear Failure

Many young athletes suffer from a fear of failure, and the problem is exacerbated if their parents and coaches are perfectionists. But life is not perfect, and it is unfair for parents and coaches to expect perfection in their kids. When a child understands that failure is okay so long as they tried their best, this reduces a considerable amount of pressure, which will often make the child perform at a higher level. The most important thing to understand is this: the athletes and team should always come first and winning should be second.

Striving to Win is More Important than Winning

Many young athletes (and their coaches) believe that winning is everything. While a youth team should always enter a competition with the objective of obtaining victory, winning shouldn’t be seen as being the most important thing. More important than winning is striving to win. What makes someone a loser is not losing, but not even trying to win in the first place. The ability to keep pushing forward, especially in the face of adversity is the key to victory in both sports and every other area of life.

Winning and Losing is Just a Part of Life

Every parent and coach wants their team to win. But what is ultimately more important is developing the correct “winning mentality.” This mentality consists of the understanding that setbacks and losses are a part of life. Therefore, when the team wins, it shouldn’t be overly excited and when it losses it shouldn’t be saddened. The best way to handle the situation is this: whenever the team wins a game, throw a party afterwards. Whenever the team loses, throw another party afterward. The message that this conveys is that getting out there and putting forth effort to win the game is more important than winning the game, and is ultimately what the winning philosophy is all about.