items to be included for sports fan shop
30 Apr

What Should A Sports Fan Shop Offer?

Posted by Chris Tallos 30-Apr-2016

A sports fan shop can help to raise funds for a team, as there are sports fans all over world that will spend big bucks on memorabilia. The popularity of certain sports may vary by region, so it is important to pay attention to your local demand. It’s also possible that you can sell sports merchandise for collegiate sports or high school teams.Before opening your shop, it is crucial to develop a business plan which describes the type of items you will be focusing on. Here’s a look at some of the sports memorabilia that you can put into your fan shop:

Sports Apparel

Sports related clothing should be a mainstay of every sports fan shop. Hats, jerseys and jackets have maintained an enduring popularity over the years, along with t-shirts. The most popular sports apparel is items which have actually been worn by famous players. Though these items are difficult to acquire the huge prices they command make them worth it.

Sports Photos and Posters

Sports posters and photos are extremely popular among collectors, but the most popular are those which are signed by players. Sports photos are designed to capture and preserve a moment in time, and if the right shot is taken by the photographer, it can capture a photo so breathtaking and memorable that collectors will pay top money for.

Sports Souvenirs

Sports souvenirs are arguably some of the most diverse items you can offer. The reason for this is because of the many types of sports that exist today. For example, fans of boxing will want to purchase boxing gloves, while basketball fans will want to purchase basketballs. Soccer fans will purchase soccer balls, while golf fans will want golf clubs or equipment. Thanks to the Tour de France, cycling gear is becoming more popular with sports fans, and don’t forget about tennis or hockey. Additional types of souvenirs that you can sell in your store include lithographs, key chains, pins and pennants.

You could also sell sports team signs, flags or banners. Sports bobble heads are extremely popular, as are miniature race car models for NASCAR fans. When it comes to sports souvenirs, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Virtually any sports item you can think can be sold.

Opening Your Sports Fan Shop

Your business plan needs to include a provision for selecting wholesale suppliers as you will need them for inventory. Having an inventory will drive up your costs, but this can be avoided if you start a sports team website with LeagueLineup.

LeagueLineup offers a number of resources that can be helpful to those that want to set up an online sports fan shop, and they can do so in a manner which is cost effective. You do not even need to pay money when you try our free website builder to create your own sports team site. What’s more, selling dedicated sports merchandise exclusive for your team can help to raise funds for different purposes, and that is extremely important for youth sports teams. Join us today and see the difference we can make to your team marketing efforts!