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15 Jan

Why All Sports Organizations Should Have A Website In 2016

Posted by Chris Tallos 15-Jan-2016

The web has become a fundamental part of our lives, and people are using it for virtually everything these days, from research to socializing to entertainment. It is not difficult to design a website these days, and the best thing is that you can even get a free website for your sports organization. But why should you invest your efforts in starting a website this year? Well, those who are serious about building and promoting their sports organizations or teams will have lots to celebrate when their website goes live. Here’s what a website can do for you:

Having a Website Gives Your Sports Organization Credibility

The advent of smart phones and wireless technology has led to a world where a greater number of sports enthusiasts are using the internet to search for equipment, teams, statistics and other sports related information. Not only does having a website give your sports team or organization credibility; if it achieves a high rank in the search engines, it will generate good exposure for your organization. A well-designed website creates legitimacy, but having one with a great search engine ranking can yield you far more benefits than just a good reputation.

You Can Facilitate Communications with Your Stakeholders Easily

For those that are new to website design, it is best to think of a website as being a brochure as well as an interaction platform. The difference is that it is available online to anyone who has an internet connection and who wants to visit it at any time of the day. There is no need to print or distribute anything, and not only does this save you money, it makes it easy to update the website with new information, such as upcoming events, team statistics or any products you decide to promote. Because it is so easy to access, you can better facilitate with all the stakeholders in your organization or community.

A Well-Maintained Website Will “Age” Well

A lot of savvy website owners understand that when properly maintained, websites are like wine – they age well. A sports organization’s website which has existed for 10 or 15 years, which is well cared for, will be more prestigious than a brand new site that is only a year old. The older site will usually have better search engine rankings, more traffic, and better recognition than most new sites. Over time, the domain itself will increase in value. Some of the most valuable websites in the world are those that were built back in the 1990s at the dawn of the World Wide Web. Today, these domains alone are worth hundreds of thousands. If you are successful in maintaining your website, both its intrinsic and extrinsic value will grow continually.

Building a Website Brings New Opportunities

When you have a website, you will also be setting yourself up to attract new opportunities. For example, talented players can learn about your sports organization from your website and eventually join your team. You can also attract funding for your organization by offering ads on your website to potential sponsors, or thank your existing sponsors on your web space.

In this digital age, there are only beneficial reasons as to why you should set up a website for your tea or organization. If you are just beginning and worried about the budget to start a website, you can always try building an absolutely free website with LeagueLineup!