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Frank Grande, Jr.

Asst. Coach 7/8 Team


My name is Frank Grande, Jr. I’m married to my lovely wife, Alicia. We have two boys, Jake (a graduate of TIGERS Football) and Michael (7/8 team). They attend Highlands MS and WPHS.

I am certified in CPR and first aid and in addition to coaching football; I manage and coach baseball and wrestling. One of my fondest memories of coaching youth sports was managing the All-Star Game for the A division National team. It was the children’s first all-star game and we had a blast.

I was born and raised in White Plains. I’ve watched this city grow but more importantly, I’ve watched these young men mature and grow as people. I started coaching to be more involved with my own children and to teach all of the children the love of sports, including competitiveness, comradely, and sportsmanship. What I found is that all of these players have given me so much more than I could have imagined. It is a great feeling when one of the players that I coached comes up to me on the street and says, “Hi coach” with a big smile on their face. I want to thank all of the players and parents for allowing me the privilege to be involved in their lives.