553 Harvard Ave.
Barberton, OH 44203
Phone: (330) 745-4753

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Roger Mears President of Traditional Baseball Association (330) 745-4753
Brian Dumire Vice-President Traditional Baseball Association (330) 329-1450
Mike Legge Little League Central Division Administrator (317) 897-6127
Dan Morris President Ohio Hot Stove (330) 297-1033
Dale West President of Barberton AllTown Little League (330) 730-8232
Jeff Edgell President of Norton Youth Baseball (330) 825-2876
Perry Lakins President of Ellet Youth Baseball (330) 733-1032
Shawn Needham President of Firestone Park Youth Baseball (330) 773-7438
Jerry Gardner President of Kenmore Youth Baseball Unavailable
Brian Harding President of Coventry Youth Baseball Unavailable
Dan Roth President of Manchester Youth Baseball (330) 644-9801
Dean Antognoli President of Goodyear Heights Youth Baseball (330) 535-4954
Brad Fox President of Barberton Nomads (330) 416-2590