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Same Old Thing

August 27, 2009
Once again it looks like the Barberton AllTown Little League will keep the present directors. That means the same unorganized crap. Lack of organization, lack of coaching, and lack of commitment to make our kids better players.

ROGER: As a former board member I agree. I left because I did not see that anything would change next year. It looks like Barberton is content with the condition of the baseball program which starts at the Little League level. I could not return because of all of the negativity I was hearing from present and future board members.

"Same Old Thing"

September 3, 2009
My boys have played in this league ever since they were 5 years old. My husband and I have always volunteered every night when there was practices or games. The president is down at the fields everyday, umpiring games or mowing grass. What amazes me is the people that complain are the same people that will not donate any time to the league. Barberton might not have the nicest fields and equipment but the people involved work hard to make sure every kid has what they need. They truely have the kids best interest at heart.

ROGER: It is not about who mows the grass or umpires the games. It is about giving your child one of the best experiences of their life. Volunteers are essential in operating any league. Some people give more of their time than others. But the bottom line is teaching these kids the skills they need to reach their own personal potential. This is not happening in Barberton.

Foul Ball?

September 17, 2009
My son played for c-ball & my husband coached. We are also confused on where our $85 went. We had no field maintenance, the boys had to dig for the balls in the long grass, we had to buy our own trophies & it seemed favortism was shown to the older teams. I now coach for the BYF cheerleaders & know where my money went..field maintence, referees, the banquet, the tropies & we also did fundraisers. I think some things need changed or re-organized for the youth baseball teams.

ROGER: If you thinks it's bad now, wait until you get to the other side of the street.

Bad Sport

October 1, 2009
I'd like to thank Norton Youth Baseball for providing another outstanding season. However, watching my 9 year old grandson play became quite annoying. I have never seen such bad sportsmanship by coaches and parents. You should be ashamed.

ROGER: Not quite sure how it can be annoying and outstanding at the same time.

Missed Opportunity

October 1, 2009
Is it true only two parents showed up for the election meeting Sunday for the Barberton Little League? Everybody whines about how we need a new president, but two parents and six board members. Way to go Barberton, now quit whining because you missed your chance.

ROGER: Maybe if it was publicized more people would have attended.

BALL, Quad County, Parks to Coordinate Efforts

December 31, 2009
Barberton All-Town Little League and Quad County Softball are going to work with the Barberton Parks and Recreation, creating a framework to more effectively use resources and provide better youth programs. Each group will still have their own programs and boards, Parks Commissioner Andy Wildman recently said.
Wildman sees this effort growing into an organization with a representative from each of the city's youth sports programs to collectively work towards common goals, such as pursuing grants and sharing methods.
This is not a situation where the Parks Department wants to, or is even able to, take over the youth sports programs, Wildman said, but it is time for everyone to get together and find how they can work together.

Rich Muller, Herald Staff Writer

Proud Mother of a 12 Year Old

May 29, 2010
Welcome to the wonderful season of Barberton little league baseball. As the mother of a 3rd yr player I must say how very disappointed I am in most of the adults involved in the 2010 season. People these games are about the kids not about you. Petty arguments going on, on and off the field. I see the majority of these kids getting along very well even though they are in competition with each other. But that won't last for long, soon you will have the kids going at each other because the adults in this league can't conduct themselves properly. Sad to say, but the kids take losing a game better than the parents do. Grow up!!!

Former Player Parent

June 21, 2010
Congratulations to the Barberton Little League for another horrendous season. Once again a combination of no leadership and no coaching has given our boys of summer another mediocre season. The only skills that were improved were the coaches bickering with each other. It is time for new leadership and coaches who actually care for all of their players, not just their own kids. We lost three more youth fields this year. Next we will be losing all of our players to other cities that offer better programs. Something needs to be done before it is to late, if it isn't already.

ROGER: Seems like something I would say.

Submitted By: Tribe Fan

June 23, 2010
EVERY high school program has politics and favorites. The baseball team was mediocre due to the talent on the field. I watched a few games just because I live in the neighborhood. Barberton is no longer one of the biggest schools around like back in the 70's and 80's. I believe they are leaving the suburban league and that should help them compete on a better level. You have to have good lower level "feeder systems" to develop the kids. With out that, not even Joe Torre could manage a winning season for the Magics.

ROGER: I put this on site because of the "feeder systems" comment. Guess what Barberton's feeder system is "B.A.L.L." Need I say more.

Submitted By: OHSSA Umpire

June 26, 2010
One of the issues with B.A.L.L. is their umpiring. While EVERY other league pays umpires (35-45 per game), the Barberton league does not. It leads one to wonder where all the monies from team sponsors and registration fees are going. (Players are only supplied a cap and t-shirt... at a cost of $10-$15 per player). How solid can a league be if the umpires are unknowledgeable dads and older brothers of the players? Poor leadership leads to a poor feeder system.

ROGER: Things just keep getting better and better.

BALL Supporter

July 2, 2010
I feel compelled to address all of the negative comments that are always addressed to the folks who run BALL. If you have not held a VOLUNTEER position on their board, you would not know what costs are involved. They seem to be the only organization that has utilities to pay, fuel for the grass to be mowed and the insurance that covers the kids and volunteers. With them losing the fields behind UL Light this year, they seem to have had to dig deep into their pockets to make the fields they had work for everyone. If you are so unhappy, step up and volunteer or join their board, otherwise, if you cannot step up to help, you have no right to complain. Thank you to all that do volunteer, the kids really appreciate it.

Mad Mom

July 5, 2010
Norton b-ball isn't any better. There is only one purpose of the game...WIN. Sorry coaches winning isnt't everything. fundamentals and teaching a young boy how to be a good ball player is. Then boys are allowed to play on the team and bully the other kids and get away with it. No penalties, they don't even have to sit a game out. What does this teach our youth? I thought sports meant good sportsmanship, and teamwork, and team moral. Guess that doesn't matter anymore. As long as you have solid pitching the rest of the young boys can play with the daisies in the outfield. Then if your child has to miss a game for an emergency in the family, he is ousted from playing the rest of the play-off games. So you tell me, is this fair?

Baseball Mom

July 6, 2010
I have to say that my son played in the BALL league 2yrs ago, and it seems like nothing has changed. Before anyone starts in on me... I was a very involved parent and my husband was also. We helped coach, clean fields, pick up trash... you name it we did it. Now when my son played we had to pay $65.oo for him to play. That included a shirt and hat. Please explain to me where all the other monies went to? I know that the league only pays $11.oo per child for insurance through the little league charter. I know it doesn't cost that much to mow all the fields, oh wait there is only 2 that they played on! Now lets do some math here, you have to have at least 9 kids on a team and they are paying (2yrs ago) $65.oo to play thats $585.oo per team. When my son played there were 5 teams in his age division that $2925.oo. Thats not including the coach pitch or the t-ball teams, oh and the challenger team. So again tell me where the money goes? It sure didn't go to the fields or the Umpires. I am not sure if the same person is president of the BALL league, but I can tell you as a parent of a child that pays to play ball can request to see tax reports for that year. So you can see for yourself where the money is NOT going. As for joining the board in the BALL league that in its self is a joke! You have to be voted in and if you ruffled anyones feathers during the season or not, you aren't getting on that board!

Magic Man

July 6, 2010
@Baseball_Mom, are you kidding by breaking down those financial numbers? What a joke! I think $65/per kid these days is a bargain. When I was a kid, they made you go out and sell candy, mugs, coupon books, etc and we still paid a per kid fee. I am a former player who played beyond high school levels and all of this stems from the coaches not playing all the kids and maybe some kids are not that talented. Not all kids can be all stars. Save the future enrollment fees for college, you will sleep better at night.

Baseball Mom

July 7, 2010
@Magic Man... If you have read what I wrote, I wasn't complaining about the enrollment fee at all. I believe that price is a bargin myself. My son now plays in a league where it's $90.oo to play. All I was saying is that the money that is paid for these children to play isn't going to where it needs to go to. There is no reason why these kids can't play on the nice fields that are in Barberton. No they got stuck with some rinky dink fields behind U.L Light. Now those fields are no longer available to them. Where are they going to play? I also agree with you Magic Man, I think these kids should also have to do something extra for the enrollment fee, such as selling candy, mugs, and coupon books ect.


July 16, 2010
Fowl Ball Every year in September, the second Sunday of the month there is a vote for the new board for the folling year. If anyone is interested in being a part of the new board please call Dale West and let him know who you nominate for the positions on the board. Step up to the plate and take on the responsibility if you are not happy. BALL is only volunteer, if you want more done take on the job and see if you can do better.

Little League Mom

August 12, 2010
I have question to the comment made on this views line, in regards to B.A.L.L. having elections in September, where do we find the date and time to attend this session? I have searched the website and no information is listed for elections. My next question is to B.A.L.L., why do the fields on Robinson Ave look better now that the season is over and the tournaments have started? Is there new bleachers back there? This season for me and my players was very disheartening due to several factors that I will not air in this forum. All I can say is for “new” players coming to this league, review all your options before you determine where you and your children will play, find out from the league where your $85.00 goes, because no one from B.A.L.L. can seem to provide us paying parents with that answer.


August 23, 2010
B.A.L.L. News On Sunday September 12th at 5:00 P.M. there will be a general meeting. If you or anyone you know of is interisted in a board position please call Dale West at 330-730-8232 or Heather Scott at 330-825-1907 or Shelbi West at 330-860-3120. You may also nominate someone for any position. Thank You B.A.L.L.

Former Player Parent

October 8, 2010
Vivian must be a relative of one of the B.A.L.L. Board members. This league is horrible and getting worse. I know someone who would have turned this league around but no one gave a damn. He was on the board but quit because nobody really cared about the kids. Now they have had their new elections and it's probably the same old bunch. It's a shame these kids are going to pay because a few individuals don't know when to "hang 'em up".