My Sports Resume

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Over 52 years of Sports

Played baseball from Little League through High School. (1958-1969)

Played & Managed Softball until 1996. (1970-1996) Played one year with the Silver League at 52 years old. (2003)

Was a coach for 7 years in Barberton All-Town Little League and 4 years with the Barberton Nomads. (1987-1998)

League Director and Field Coordinator for the City of Barberton for 7 years. (1996-2003)

Instrumental voice in helping to get the Barberton Community Foundation Sports Complex built which I managed in its first year. (2003)

Brought the Aquafina Pepsi, Pitch, & Hit Competition to Prentiss Park in Akron. (2006)

Formerly served on the Board of Directors of the Barberton All-Town Little League. (2008)