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Roger's Ramblings

October 31, 2009
As some people know I was interesting in runnng for President of B.A.L.L. until I realized that things wouldn't change if some of the board members returned. Out of respect for their long tenure with B.A.L.L. I decided not to run. However, before I made that decision I had came up with a 21-point plan to improve this league. Hopefully if someone from the new board reads this they will institute some of these and give the kids a better experience and give the league a better name. (These are not in order of importance).

Here we go:

1. Bring AquaFina Pitch, Hit, and Run Competition
2. Go back to Raffle Tickets to defer the cost of registrating
3. Team Car Washes
4. Reverse Raffle
5. Wooden Bat Tournament
6. Form "All-American Division" for smaller leagues
7. Sponsors rotate setting up their booths at the games
8. Return to Opening Day ceremonies - It's for the kids...not the parents
9. Coaches vs. players game
10. Need flagpoles on each field or at least on the main one
11. Bring pictures and tryouts back to Barberton
12. Traditional team names
13. Need more coverage from local papers
14. More games under the lights at BCF Complex
15. Higher percentage of African-American participation
16. Pursue grants for non-profit organizations
17. Sponsor Package - Uniform, Fence, Website
18. On-Line Registration
19. Mandatory Coaches Training
20. All-Star teams from all divisions - at least recognize them even if they don't play
21. Rain-Out Picnic - make up all games on one day. Bring your grills and picnic baskets. One big family cookout.

These were just a few of my ideas. If you are unsure of my thoughts on a certain subject just send me an email and tell me the number of the idea you want me to expand on. I will get back to you ASAP.

Tell all your baseball friends about the site. Maybe we all can make a difference.

Until next time.....

Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2009
I realize this is the slow time for youth baseball in Ohio. Not really expecting too many comments until January. But wanted to jump on the site to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to remind everyone to say a prayer for all of our troops overseas who can't be home with their families.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

December 24, 2009
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all. Hopefully it will be a safe and happy one. Sign ups are getting closer every day. Check the calendar for your leagues sign up date. I will update them as they come in.

Needed Clarification

January 2, 2010
I felt it was necessary to clarify something that has bothered me ever since it was posted to the forum. I am not doing this site to attack any specific league. It just so happens that I was involved with the one here in my hometown. I have asked questions pertaining to that league because this is a new site and no other leagues have participated so far. Some of the questions I was asked when I was on the board. So I put them out there for discussion for the parents and the leagues to discuss. That is what a forum does. Draws as many comments as possible from everyone involved in order to better understand the question. I did not create this site to bash my local Little League. I created the site to give the parents, coaches, and leagues a way to communicate their concerns or accomplishments about any issue pertaining to their own specfic organization. It is also intended to be an informative site giving advice, obtained from many different sources, about how to have a successful playing career and on the many different aspects of being a board member, coach, parent, or a player.
Finally, anyone who has known me personally over several years knows my passion for the sport and the kids. On one hand this site is intended to offer ways to help them improve their skills in order to succeed in baseball. On the other hand it was created to make leagues accountable if they are not giving that opportunity to their players. We all need to be accountable. I realize you have to take the good with the bad when you have a site that allows comments. But please remember that this site is not about me. It is about your opinions and your suggestions on how to make your league better for your children.

BALL, Quad County Merger

January 9, 2010
I just want to say that I think the merger between these two leagues are, definitely, a step in the right direction. I only want to see the kids in this city have the best opportunity to succeed in their respective sports. If they can come together and do that then the only people that should benefit is the kids.

Speak Out!!

January 31, 2010
I have noticed that there have been quite a few "hits" on this website over the past few months and I realize this is the slow part of youth baseball. But please remember that I started this site to have open dialogue between the parents and the youth organizations in this area. I need you to voice your opinions. Only two people, so far, have had the courage to say what was on their minds. If you, as the parents, don't ask the questions you will never get the answers. And the same goes for the organizations. They need the parents input as well. So as the weather warms I am hoping to get those questions from both sides.

Until next time...Roger

It's That Time of Year

March 29, 2010
Just a couple of thoughts...

You know it just doesn't make sense to me. As a former board member and as a baseball parent I still can't figure out where all of the entry fee money goes. Back when I played (yes, they had uniforms) we got a full dress decked out uniform. Shirt...hat...pants...and a pair of socks. The only thing the parents had to buy was the glove and spikes. All for around $85-$100. Now parents pay $85-$100 per player and get only a hat and t-shirt.

It was draft day again with most of the leagues. You know the usual loading up of a couple teams while the rest just get to go through the motions. Leagues ought to do what the Men's Silver League Softball teams do every year. Pick completely new teams so no one can load up their roster.

And last, but not least, this site is for everyone who has an opinion and can voice it here. If you don't like the way your league is being run go to the forum and express that. If you don't like how your child is being coached speak out. You parents are the only people that can hold your league accountable. I am already getting an ear full of how a certain leagues draft was handled.

Until next time...

Amazing...Yet Humbling

June 17, 2010
I find it amazing, yet humbling, that a certain local Little League decided to use some of my 21 point plan to make the league better. It's a shame they had to do it after I suggested it. Hang in there Little Leaguers. A change is on the way.

Hello Again...

January 23, 2011
Thought I'd stop by and tell everyone that I will be spending more time on this site than ever before. Players are still defecting to other cities to play which makes it even more crucial that someone needs to open someones eyes before there is no one left to play. Be talking to you....Roger