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Instructional Baseball Information
MBA Instructional Division Rules

1. The home team is responsible for setting up the field before the game and the visiting team is responsible for breaking down the field after the game. Both teams are responsible for ensuring the field is properly raked after the game.

2. Games are scheduled to start promptly at 6:15PM. The home team will have the field for pre-game practice between 5:45PM and 6:00PM. The visiting team will have the field for pre-game practice between 6:00PM and 6:15PM.

3. A game consists of 4 innings.

4. There are no strikes, balls, strikeouts or walks.

5. Outs are made, but not counted toward ending an inning.

6. The batting order consists of all available players for the entire game. Each team will bat half of their available players each inning, regardless of their defensive position.

7. Except for the last batter of an inning, each batter and all runners on base at that time advance one base at a time. The last batter of an inning and all runners on base at that time continue to advance until properly put out or until they reach home. The batting team will give notice when the last batter of an inning comes to bat.

8. Season is split into two halves.

a. First half includes all games up through Saturday, May 8. During these games, ALL batters will hit off the batting tee. The batting team’s coaches are responsible for setting up and removing the tee in case there is a play at the plate. In addition, if an out is made in the field, the runner will stay on base.

b. Starting with games on Monday May 17, a batter may be pitched to or use the batting tee. If, in the manager’s judgment, a child’s development is being impeded by using the batting tee, that child may be pitched to prior to May 17. Pitching is done by one of the batting team’s coaches. If the batter is not successful in hitting the ball into play within FIVE (5) good pitches, the batter MUST use the batting tee. Also starting at this time, if an out is made in the field, the runner MUST return to the bench.

3. The batter and all runners on base MUST wear a batting helmet AT ALL TIMES.

4. A maximum of 10 defensive players may be used in the field, with no more than 6 fielders positioned inside the base paths. NOTE: Do NOT leave one player on the bench by himself/herself. A team with 11 players may play all 11 players in the field, but the 6 infielder limit remains in effect.

5. The defensive team must field a catcher unless there are fewer than 9 players available. The catcher MUST wear protective equipment (helmet and mask). One of the batting team’s coaches will handle the catching duties when the defensive team is unable to field a catcher.

6. A player should not be out of the game for more than 1 inning in a row. All players should play about the same amount of time during a game.

7. Players should be rotated through all the various field positions during the course of the season.

8. On-field instruction should be given throughout the game. As many as 3 coaches from the defensive team are permitted on the field to instruct the fielders. The batting team should have 2 base coaches to assist the runners, one coach to assist the batter, and one coach to pitch.

9. Everybody is a winner - all games will be declared a tie. Standings will not be kept, and there are no playoffs.

10. Managers and coaches should guide all activities to ensure that they are safe, informative and fun for all players. Always be positive in your remarks to the players and encourage good play and sportsmanship.