Rosters/ Umpires/blackout/opening days

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Team Roster 2020
Each Team needs to fill out a team roster. If more than 15 players please submit a second form with the additional players

Blackout/ School Function Dates 2020
Please use this form to submit your Blackout school function dates for 2020. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 4 of these dates Plus your areas High School Graduation.

Dates submitted with no explanation of the function will not be accepted.

Request for dates during our tournament will not be accepted.

Please choose your dates wisely. You will not get extra dates.

If You Have Enough to Play, You Play.

Opening Day Dates
Use this form To Submit your Dates for Your Leagues Opening Day event. Opening Day dates are granted on a rotating schedule. Please submit 3 dates. with the first being the preferred date. If the date is open on your turn in the rotation, you will get it.
Umpire Availability
Umpires must use this form to submit their weekly availability. I must receive the form by each Friday for the following weeks availability. The week will run from Monday through Sunday.