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10-Under Girls Information
Girls playing in the 10-under division cannot turn 11 before January 1, 2018.

Regulation games are 6 innings long.


Bases are set at 60 feet.

The pitchers plate is 6"x24" and set 35 feet from the back point of home plate.

A chalk circle with a radius of 8 feet must surround the pitchers mound. The radius must start from the center of the pitchers plate.

The batters boxes must measure 3 feet wide by 7 feet long.

Teams may score only 5 runs per inning or a maximum of 8 runs on the continuation of a play. Runs are unlimited after the 6th inning.

If either teams leads by at least 12 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5, the game is over.

There is no infield fly.

Base runners must maintain contact with the bag until the ball crosses the plate or hits the ground.

Batters may not advance to first base on a missed third strike catch by the catcher.

No player shall be permitted to steal home or harass the catcher from third base as long as the catcher has possession of the ball within the catchers box or batters box area. Any steal of home must be done at the time of the pitch once the ball crosses the plate or hits the ground, on a past ball, or on an errant throw. Any runner who steals home in any other fashion shall be sent back to third base.

No player shall intentionally collide with any other player while running the bases or fielding the ball. If a close play exists at any base, the runner coming into that base must attempt to avoid contact or be called out. RUNNERS DO NOT HAVE TO SLIDE.

10-under girls shall use an 11" softball.

10-Under girls will play under a 2 hour time limit