Communication Device Policy

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Communication Device Policy

Edison Central League
Communication Device Policy


In order to become compliant with the “Communication Device Policy” of PONY Baseball and Softball, the following policy has been put into place as ordered by PONY Baseball and Softball in 2014. All rules of this policy shall be enforced, and all disciplinary action for failure to follow the policy shall be enforced on a timely basis.


Edison Central League Communication Device Policy:

During regular season and tournament games, cell phones, pagers, video recorders, or any other type of communication device shall not be used on the field of play. The field of play includes bullpens, dugout areas, coaches boxes, and any other such area where coaches, players, and umpires have access. A laptop or tablet type device may be used for scorekeeping purposes Only. When devices such as these are used, only one shall be permitted for each team and wireless communication must be disabled. One other such device may be used for running an electronic scoreboard.


Policy Clarification


  1. During regular season and tournament games

Communication devices may be used during practice times for the purpose of Communication, training, or instruction.


     2.  What is a communication Device

Any electronic device which can be used to communicate verbally with another individual. Any electronic device which can be used to communicate through text or instant messenger. Any electronic device used to take pictures or videos. Any electronic device which has wi-fi or cell signal capabilities.


    3. Field of play explained


        Field- Actual area where the game is being played


Bullpens- Designated area for pitchers and catchers, or other players to warm up


Coaches Boxes- Designated area on the field where base coaches may be stationed during a game


Dugout Area- Designated, fenced in area, including the dugout, which is accessible to game participants only. Entry to this area may be through the dugout, or a gated section of the fences designating the dugout area. All fields must have a fenced in dugout area. Failure to have this area properly designated shall result in No games being played at that field until proper requirements are met


    4. Scorekeeping Purposes


Fields which utilize electronic scoreboards shall be permitted to use an electronic device for the purpose of running that scoreboard. Wi-fi must be disabled, unless necessary to control the scoreboard.


Each team shall be allowed to have one electronic device for the purpose of score keeping. Wi-fi on these devices must be disabled. Anyone caught using these devices for anything other than keeping score shall be considered in violation of the communication device policy.


    5. Disciplinary Action


Anyone caught violating the Edison Central League Communication Device Policy shall be ejected from that game, along with the Head coach or person in charge of that team during that game. Both people shall then be suspended for 2 games with that team. This suspension shall include any other teams in the ECL these coaches may be involved with while serving the 2 game suspension


    6. Policy Exceptions


In the case of an emergency where medical professional, Ambulances, Law Enforcement, or Parents must be called, a communication device may be used without being considered in violation of this policy.


An umpire or game official may use a communication device for the purpose of getting rules clarification or contacting league officials.


    7. What can you do?


        Make sure all players turn their devices off, leave them at home or in their vehicles

If you must have a device with you, put it on silent or vibrate mode. If you receive a call or text, you must leave the playing field before answering it or returning the call.