Background Checks

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Edison Central League

Background Check Policy


In order to be in compliance with our insurance carrier through PONY Baseball and Softball as well as our responsibility for the safety of the youth who participate in our league, the Edison Central League has implemented the Following Background Check Policy.


All volunteers working with our players at all levels in practice and games, must agree to and pass a personal background check every season. The list of individuals who must pass the background check shall be as follows.


  • Coaches
  • Scorekeepers
  • Umpires
  • Local League Presidents
  • Edison League Officials
  • Game time and Practice Volunteers who work directly with our players on a consistent basis



Each Volunteer must be willing to submit their personal information to a website with a special link provided by the Edison Central League. Each volunteer must be willing to pay for their own background check at the time of submitting their information through the provided website. The Edison Central League along with Local League Presidents will then verify each background check and inform each individual as to the results.


All volunteers, as listed above, must pass the background check to participate as any of the roles listed above.


To complete the background check, you must click the link at the bottom of this page. A new page will open. You must create a username and password. Once you do this you will be taken to the background check page.


On that page you answer all questions and simply follow instructions until the check is finished. You will have to pay for your background check to finish the process. The rate is currently $16.00. Payment must be made online before your background check will be processed. You will be able to pay your fee with a Credit/Debit card. You will then have the ability to print your receipt. You will also receive an email verification with your receipt.  Once processed, it could take up to 5 days. You can get a copy of your report through your local league president


To Get Started, Click the Link Below


Edison Central League Background Check