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Proud Bayonne Resident
Bayonne, NJ
November 13, 2015
8:46:31 PM

Entry ID: 2069528
Pete, I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for my son in the Special Needs Sports Program. It means so much to me and my family. Thank you again and we love the Bayonne Rec. Dept :-)
Jeannamarie West
Bayonne, New Jersey
June 4, 2013
11:31:44 AM

Entry ID: 2031906
I am new to the city of Bayonne, New Jersey and found the website had very important information concerning the town and its functions. Everyone should take a look at the site as I am sure you will find potent information that you as a resident need to know. Very impressed with what is offered in town for children. Absolutely Fantastic!
September 1, 2012
12:27:23 AM

Entry ID: 1987343
Nice job on the website.
July 10, 2012
10:23:04 PM

Entry ID: 1978423
Mr. Amadeo, I just want to thank you for all your help with getting my children into day camp. They love going each day, I can not thank you enough! I also want to say what a great website you have! I love love love the photo albums! Bayonne is lucky to have such a wonderful Recreation Department :) Thank you again!
Ray Nunez
Richmond, VA
January 29, 2012
4:04:57 AM

Entry ID: 1949691
We are planning a cruise in August and I was looking for things to do in Bayoone. As a father of four and grandfather to two, I really enjoyed the cute pictures of the children. Looks like you are raising a wondeful group of children. It may be an overused phrase, but it does take a village to nuture and mold the next generation. From the looks of it, you are doing fantastic job of it. Congratulation.
Football Mom
November 3, 2011
11:24:15 PM

Entry ID: 1931090
Great season Coach Pete!! Love the website (:
Big Fan
April 11, 2011
3:32:01 PM

Entry ID: 1879174
Congradulations to Mike McKittrick, Jr. for a GREAT season coaching the Penguins to a victory his first year of coaching. Mike you are the youngest coach ever to coach in floor hockey in Bayonne. Job well done keep up the good work. Big Fan
Big Fan
March 29, 2011
3:24:58 PM

Entry ID: 1875836
CONGRATS, Rocky for your Championship Win last night in floor hockey. The kids are lucky to have such a GREAT COACH. Keep up the great work. Big Fan
Dottie Stalter
Bayonne, NJ
March 16, 2011
11:47:24 PM

Entry ID: 1872703
I would like to say Thank you to Pete Amadeo and all of the Coaches who do such a great job with the Floor Hockey Program. I wish it could be a program that goes year round. My son Rhett just loves it. Our kids don't get enough exercise and this program is such good exercise for them. Thanks again for running this awesome program.
John O.
March 15, 2011
1:03:38 PM

Entry ID: 1872396
Pete, Bayonne Recreation is the greatest! Keep up the GREAT work!
Bayonne NJ
January 13, 2011
11:10:37 AM

Entry ID: 1858135
Happy New Year! Keep up the good work for the citizens of Bayonne! Hope you have another successful season in 2011..........right now sailing on the 'Explorer of the Seas" .....see you soon............
December 11, 2010
6:36:11 PM

Entry ID: 1851908
i love this website and i go on it all the time, its nice to see the statistics updated especially when im in the top 3.
out of state
November 10, 2010
5:26:19 PM

Entry ID: 1844464
Maryann L
October 29, 2010
9:32:25 AM

Entry ID: 1840720
Congratulations on being in the Top '10' keep up the great work you do for the community.....Happy Halloween to you and your staff.......
October 19, 2010
9:24:02 PM

Entry ID: 1837527
Nice photos from the Kid's Travel trip to the Intrepid in New York City.......looks like they all enjoyed the trip. Keep up the good work and taking the children on such nice adventures!!!!!
July 22, 2010
11:26:29 PM

Entry ID: 1809328
Pete, thank you for everything you did this season for the Womens league, it meant a lot to us!
Big Fan
July 15, 2010
2:22:49 PM

Entry ID: 1807519
Pete, I would like to thank Gary Parlatti for all his hard work with keeping up with the schedukes and game results on your web site. Pete, you do have a great staff working for you. This should make you happy. Once again Thank you Gary for all that you do for the web site. Great job guys keep it up. Big Fan
July 7, 2010
5:17:26 PM

Entry ID: 1805507
Great site!
July 6, 2010
11:14:17 PM

Entry ID: 1805333
Hi Pete, thanks for all the help today and thank you for letting us know about your wonderful website, my son loves it! He loves the arcade. See you at Floor Hockey!
Ms. K.
Bayonne, New Jersey 07002
June 22, 2010
9:33:15 PM

Entry ID: 1802345
Pete, this site is terrific! GREAT WORK!!! :-)
April 26, 2010
10:13:20 AM

Entry ID: 1784432
This is the greatest website EVER!!!!
Bayonne, NJ 07002
April 14, 2010
10:42:08 PM

Entry ID: 1780746
Mrs. M.
Bayonne, New Jersey
April 5, 2010
7:44:15 PM

Entry ID: 1777188
Pete, it was great meeting you today at the Easter event. My kids had so much fun! Thank you again and GREAT website! :)
Big Fan
March 31, 2010
9:01:05 AM

Entry ID: 1775477
CONGRATS to coach Rocky and the Wilds for winning the campionship game. Rocky you rock having two undefeated seasons in a row. Rocky has my vote for coach of the year. Congrats, Big Fan
Big Fan
March 31, 2010
8:56:04 AM

Entry ID: 1775476
Pete, You done it again. You had yet an other great season in floor hockey. All the kids had smiles on there faces throughout the season. You bring joy to the hearts of little ones, as a parent of one of the kids I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Big Fan

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Total Entries: 98