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About the US Sports Institute

The US Sports Institute is a full time, professional sports provider that works with Recreation Departments and community based organizations throughout the United States.

They offer a wide range of sports programming to children of all ages and ability levels, currently running over 2000 camps and clinic per year.

The US Sports Institute is dedicated to delivering year-round, quality programs where children have the opportunity to experience sports in a positive, constructive and fun learning environment.

The Staff

The staff base consists of international and US staff who are not only selected for their coaching skills, but also for their ability to be a positive role model and mentor to the children they work with each and every week.

The backbone of any good camp is the quality of the camp director and his/her coaching staff. These are the people than can make the difference between a good camp and a fantastic camp experience for the children attending.

Sports Squirts

The US Sports Institute offeres 6 different options for the younger players. Each Squirts program is designed to introduce children ages 3 to 7 to sports in a safe, structured and fun environment.

All games and activities encompass hand/eye coordination, balance, agility, and movement - all key factors to the early development of children in sport. In addition to having a great time playing the different sports, children will develop social interaction and communication skills.

Multi Sports

The flagship camp of the US Sports Institute is the rivaled Multi Sports Camp.

During the week children will have the opportunity to experience over 15 different sports from around the world plus group building games and fun activities.

Inspired by the fun and relaxed atmosphere, children will have the opportunity to thrive on the sports field. All games and activities take place in a positive, low pressure educational environment under the guidance of qualified coaches who are chosen for their ability to inspire, motivate and encourage campers.

Campers will receive technical instruction in each sport, then experience the sport in a realistic game situation, as well as participating in the exciting USSI World Cup Competition.

Whats offered by Bayonne Recreation with the US Sports Institute


The US Sports Institute, in affiliation with the US Tennis Association (USTA) offer a cutting edge tennis program that caters to all age groupd and ability levels.

Development - Following USTA curriculums, the program offers a wide variety of drills and games suited to the ability level and age of every person who attends

Fun - Games, games, and more games! It's all about fun! This tennis program is not only practical, but fun and sociable!

Curriculum - The curriculum encourages players to participate in a competitive environment at an early stage by introducing tactics and strategies within the game.

Program Highlights

* Racket familiarity
* Coordination and ball control
* Movement and footwork
* Forehand
* Backhand
* Serving and smashing
* Ball toss
* Introduction to volleying
* Fun tennis games and tournaments


Using a revolutionary new system, the USSI golf camp is the ideal introduction to the sport of golf. Children will experience greater success using the larger golf balls and oversized club heads. This enables, children to strike the golf ball more easily and consistently, leading to increased confidence and enjoyment levels.

Program Highlights

* Golf Club familiarity
* Grip and stance
* Swing technique
* Ball striking
* Driving
* Chipping
* Putting


During the week children will have the opportunity to experience over 15 different sports from around the world plus group building games and fun activities.

Sports Covered in the Multi Sports Camp

* Bocce
* Baseball
* Basketball
* Badminton
* Cricket
* Soccer
* Pillo Polo
* Olympic Games


The US Sports Institute’s Parent & Me Sports Squirts programs have been designed to introduce children aged 2-5 years old to a variety of sports, games and group activities, all with the help of Mom or Dad!

Each day your USSI coach will lead you and your child through a series of fun games and activities, designed to encourage learning, develop gross motor skills, and promote social interaction.

All our progressive curriculums enable you and your child to work together to learn the key skills and techniques in each sport. Parent & Me classes are offered in Total Sports Squirts, Soccer Squirts, Basketball Squirts and Golf Squirts.

Once your child graduates from the Parent & Me programs, they can try their hand at playing on their own on one of our many Sports Squirts programs for children aged 3-7. Click here for more information.