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North Street Park

 spray park and playground

11th Street Oval

playground, baseball field, benches and restrooms

28th Street Park & Avenue F

playground, benches, and basketball courts

40th Street Park & Avenue E

playground and benches

Neil DeSena Park (52nd & Avenue C)

playground and benches

25th Street Park on Park Road

spray park, playground, exercise area and parking facilities

Al Slootsky Park (Juliette St.)

playground, benches, basketball court and wading pool

Dennis P. Collins Park

restrooms, walking paths, benches, playgrounds, basketballl courts, baseball fields, spray park, bocce court,

             fishing pier, Veterans Memorials and parking facilities

Skate Park

located in Collins Park

Bike Park 

located in Collins Park

Dog Park 

located in Collins Park

Cottage Street Park 

benches, playground and basketball court

5th Street Walkway Park 

walking path, benches and parking

Terry Collins Park 

spray park, walking path, playground and benches

Charles Heiser Park

baseball field, consessions and parking

Edward Clark Park

benches, playground, basketball courts

G. Thomas DiDomenico Park

restrooms, playgrounds, handball court, municipal pool, amphitheatre, boat launch, walking paths,

      benches, baseball/softball/soccer fields basketball court, tennis court, firing range, and parking facilities

19th Street Neighborhood Preservation Park

benches, playground and wading pool

Halecky/ IMTT Park

walking path, benches and flowering gardens

Sr. Miriam Theresa Park

walking path, benches, and flowering gardens

24th Street Park

playground and benches

Francis G. Fitzpatrick Park

spray park, walking path, playground and benches

Dr. Morris Park

open space with benches

Russell Golding Park

spray park, playground, basketball courts benches and walking paths

Richard A. Rutkowski Park

bird watching, walking path, bike path, Boatworks Monument and parking facilities

9/11 Harbor View Memorial Park

walking path, benches, Memorial Monument and parkinf facilities