The Bayonne Division of Recreation has announced the 6th annual Recspy Awards. Similar to the Espy Awards, the Recspys will honor the years best individual and team accomplishments. The Recpsys were chosen with great consideration of team and player attributes. 2012 was a year of great teams, great players, and great games. The Recpsys will honor what a great year it was.

The Bayonne Division of Recreation offers various leagues for both children and adults. These leagues include: Jr. Girls Softball, Women’s Softball, Bocce, Elementary Basketball, Men’s Indoor & Outdoor Basketball, Men’s Baseball, Indoor & Outdoor Co-Ed Volleyball, Co-Ed Softball, Indoor Co-Ed Floor Hockey, Youth Flag Football, Adult Touch Football, Chess Tournaments, and many other events. Recreation is growing and the Department will look to meet the needs of the aspiring community.

The Division of Recreation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Bayonne by providing high quality recreation and cultural programs which meets the needs of all segments of our community.




Uniform of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Part of Recreation is the extremely interesting uniforms that some teams put together.  We’ve seen some interesting uni’s, from recs most famous tuxedo shirts, to the one of a kind catcher sitting on a toilet, this season we had another award winning logo.  In 2012, one of our womens softball teams put together a logo like no other.  A pinup girl sitting in a martini glass on the front of the jersey.  The recpsy for uniform of the year goes to the VENICE VAMPS.



Most Intense Athlete

Bayonne Recreation 2012


When you think of this player, intense is one word that definitely comes to your mind.  He’s a player like no other.  He will battle to the end to the end and at no cost.  He once got so into the game, he slammed his hand to the ground and broke it.  You would think a broken hand would stop someone from playing.  Not this player.  While playing, he took a line drive off his chest and barely flinched.  He’s as intense as they come.  The recpsy for most intense player goes to Tom Murphy. 




Team Mascot of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Over the years, we’ve had some fascinating mascots come into the league.   This one coach, though, continues to think of the unimaginable.  2 Years ago, he dazzled the world with the Armadillos.  Now, he’s back with a new mascot.  The recpsy for mascot of the year goes to Jimmy V and the Chipmunks.


Robert Kochanski & Lisa DeJesus

Best Dressed

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Recs best dressed may be one of the toughest awards to achieve.  So many well dressed players, both on and off the field.  Last year, the award was given to Vinny Oszmanski and Lauren Farina, and since then, they’ve taken their wardrobe to another level.  They’ve paved the way for a new winner.  This year, the award goes to two people who are not shy to style.  They can be seen wearing all of todays top fasion designers,  always dressed to impress.  The winner for recs best dressed goes to Rob Kochanski and Lisa DeJesus. 


Billy Carr

Lifetime Achievement Award

Bayonne Recreation 2012


The Lifetime achievement Award.  One of our most prestigious awards.  This award goes to the player who has given his absolute best, on and off the field, at a consistent basis.  No matter the circumstance, he understand what it takes to win.  He understands the game, he understands the importance of the will to win.  He understand what life is all about.  He even has his own pens.  The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Billy Carr. 



Headline of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


So many storylines in Rec, both on and off the field.  But this year, we have come across the best storyline in Rec in quite some time.  This past year, people have become closer.  Guys and girls have become closer.  Boyfriends and girlfriends have become closer, and it’s the boyfriends who are taking the next step. This past year, we saw 6 couples become engaged.  I’d like to think Recreation was a big reason for people getting together, One future bride told me if it wasn’t for COED Softball, her and her bf would have never met.  But it’s the love you guys have for one another.  You guys are truly destined to be with one another.  .   I wish all of you the absolute best in the future.  The headline of the year goes to the engagements of Dan Hampton & Stephanie Sielski, Tom Montagne & Jerilyn Carine, Mike Rizzo & Cailtin Pietronico, Joe Olmo & Jessica Szweada, Vinny Oszmanski & Lauren Farina, and Anthony Mackow & Allie Barbedo. 


                                                                                  Jerilyn Carine

Fan of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Being a rec fan is not easy.  Especially when your sitting in a chair on a freezing cold Saturday morning at Gorman Field.  But that’s what a fan is.  This one person never complained, she just always showed her support.  You’ll be sure to see her at games for a long time to come.  The fan of the year goes to Jerilyn Carine. 



Anthony Yurchak & Timothy Yurchak

Most Dedicated Recreation Player

Bayonne Recreation 2012


These two players are two of Recs veterans, they’ve been with Rec since 8th grade and continue to be a big part of all of Recreations adult leagues.  They’ve been on championship teams and have been on teams just having fun.  They enjoy competition and most importantly enjoy the basics of what recreation is.  They are always rooting on the next team and the next player.  Whether its down at Gorman Field, or the courts at 16th st. or the Ice Rink, they’re dedicated.  The Recpsy for most dedicated goes to the Yurchak brothers, Tim & Anthony. 


Mix’d Chix

Sportsmanship Award

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Every year, an award is given out to the one player who shows great sportsmanship.  That one player who shows what sports is all about - not winning and not losing.  This year, I have decided to give the sportsmanship award out to a team.  This team has been playing for several years now, and every year they enjoy themselves more and more.  They don’t get caught up in the score, they don’t get caught up if they win or lose.  They come down every game just to have fun, not only with one another, but with their opponents as well.  They are the true definition of sportsmanship.  They are an absolute pleasure to have in Rec and we look forward to every spring to see them play.  The sportsmanship award goes to the Mixd Chix of the Women’s Softball League.


Joe Norton

Play of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


So many plays throughout the year and so many top plays.  But this one play stood out more than any other.  It was a play that had never happened in the history of the league.  On a cold playoff game in November, this one player returned a punt 60 yards for a touchdown.  Not only did this player maneuver him way down the field, but he did so on a bad leg, hopping into the endzone.  He would pull his hamstring, but what did he on that play will be remembered forever.  The respy for play of the year goes to Joe Norton. 


Anthony Oszmanski & Frank Ajosa, Jr. 

 “Mr. Hustle”

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Hustle is one of the most important factors a player can possess.  Hustle separates one player from another.  You either have it or you don’t.  These two players definitely have hustle, and you can see it in their play, whether on the softball diamond or basketball court, or football field, they hustle, at all times.  The Mr. Hustle award goes to Anthony Oszmanski & Frank Ajosa, Jr.   


Jackie Johnson & Nikki Perez

“Mrs. Hustle”

Bayonne Recreation 2012


Every year we have had the Mr. Hustle Award, and I never thought to have the Mrs. Hustle Award.  So this year, two players will be recognized for their absolute hustle during the season.  They play at a high level at all times and never back down from any challenge.  They love to compete and will compete with the best of them.  You can see them lead their team by example and they are two players any team would love to have playing.  The Mrs. Hustle award goes to Jackie Johnson and Nikki Perez. 


“Fully Loaded”

Most Dedicated Recreation Team

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one team loves playing in Recreation.  They love the competition, they love the players, they love the game.  They give it their best every pitch, every inning every game.  They play hard and are dedicated to the league, but more importantly, they are dedicated to one another.  The recpsy for most dedicated team goes to Fully Loaded. 



Michael Tully

Best Postseason Play of the Year

Bayonne Rereation 2012


This one player has been making a name for himself since high school in Recreation.  He's become an impact player throughout the years and he has been nothing but a sparkplug on all of his teams.  He is an athlete who will do whatever it takes to win, at anytime, in any game, anywhere.  This past November in the Adult Touch Football Championship, he clinched the league title for his team with a last second interception.  He would make a play that will be remembered forever.  


                                                                            “Unfinished Business”

Team Name of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


One of the more creative names we’ve had in Rec, but this team name had deeper meaning.  This one team set out a goal in the beginning of the year and they made sure that goal was met.  They made sure they would not have a disappointing finish as they have had in the past.  The recpsy award for best team name goes to UNFINISHED BUSINESS. 


Mary Cerreta

Coach of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one coach has been coaching in Recreation for a long time.  This coach has seen her ups and has seen her downs.  Shes coached through adversity and has coached through triumph.  Shes coached players to play at their best, to give it their all no matter what.  She gets the best out of her players and that has whats made her so successful.  Her team has won the championship the past 2 seasons.  The coach of the year goes to Mary Ceretta of On the Rocks. 


Gary Parlatti

Comeback Player of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one player is a fan favorite and his popularity was shown this past season.  This one player had gone through a difficult few months but he’s a competitor and no fight is ever too big.  Hes back at full strength and look for another big year from him.  The comeback player of the year goes to Gary Parlatti. 



Breakthrough Team of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one team has come on strong the past few seasons, but this past summer they took their game to another level.  They will only continue to get stronger and they are a definite threat for years to come.  They come to play and have nothing else on their mind other than winning.  They’ll compete with the best teams and best players.  The breakthrough team of the year goes to the Peacocks of the Mens Basketball League. 


Sheldon Clarke

Best Basketball Player

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one player came onto the scene 3 years ago and he’s only getting better.  Hes a threat every time he takes the court and at times he’s been unguardable.  He’s a championship type player on a championship team.  His knowledge of the game is remarkable and watch out for him in the future.  The best basketball player goes to Sheldon Clarke. 


Steve Stiller

Best Football Player

Bayonne Recreation 2012


He’s been in the league since 2004 and he certainly has made a name for himself since.  Some may say he’s the best player in the history of the league.  He has the strength and he has the tools to be the best.  He’s won 4 championships and he wants more.  The best football player goes to Steve Stiller. 


Scott Lewkowitz

Best Co-Ed Softball Player

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one player came on strong in 2012, leading his team offensively and defensively.  He plays the game the right way and he’s sure to be a factor in 2013.  He’s a tough out and he’s a threat every time he steps up to the plate.  He’s strong, fast and has what it takes to be the best player on the field.  The recpsy for best coed softball player goes to Scott Lewkowitz. 



Team of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one team has always had a target on their backs.  Every year they take on the fierciest competition and it never gets easier.  Playing in what some regard as the toughest league Rec offers, this one team has battled each and every opponent and never has backed down.  In 2012, they did what no other team accomplished in the league, and that was finish the season undefeated at 14-0.  The recpsy for team of the year goes to Roccos in the ATF. 


Kristy Bonner

Best Womens Softball Player

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This player gets better with each season, and her game is always improving.  She was a big reason why her team won the league championship and shes ready for another title.  Her personality only adds to the player and person she is.  Shes a tough player with a heart of a champion.  The Best womens softball player goes to Kristy Bonner of OTR. 


Jennine Pelliccia

Female Breakthrough Athlete of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This player came on strong in 2012, playing in her first season in the Women’s Softball League.  She has the fire and the will to win.  She loved competiting and most importantly she loved competiting with her teammates.  She loved the challenge of the league and she cant wait for 2013.  Shes a fan favorite and you can not help but to root for her.  Shes an exciting player and watch out for her this spring.  The female breakthrough athlete of the year goes to Jennine Pellicia of the Venice Vamps. 


                                                                                 Christina Conti

Scholar Athlete Award

Bayonne Recreation 2012


This one player is the true definition of a scholar athlete.  Balancing academics with sports is not easy for one to do.  But to do it, along with a full time job, is even tougher.  She never let the stress of studies interfere with her passion, and that’s playing softball.  She’s a competitior and a scholar.  She recently just receieved her degree in early childhood.  The scholar athlete of the year goes to Christina Conti. 


Mike Rizzo

Athlete of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012


The athlete of the year, Recs most prestiogious award.  This years winner goes to someone who has competed at every level, in almost every sport offered.  He has led his teams to championship and has shown he is a leader.  His love to compete separates him from other athletes.  He loves to win, and will never give up, in any situation.  Whether its throwing a football, shooting the three, or running the bases, he gives 100% at all times.  He the true athlete.  The athlete of the year goes to Mike Rizzo. 


Joe Olmo

Employee of the Year


This one employee has really come on this past year.  He’s learned the ins and outs of what it takes to be a good official and good employee.  Hes one of our most reliable and hes never afraid to take on the big game and make the big call.  He’s as knowledgable as they come and he’s definitely an asset to Recreation.  The employee of the year goes to Joey Olmo. 


Rich Sudimack & Luis DeLaCruz

League Commitment Award


These two players have been committed to Recreation for a long time and they are what makes Recreation what it is.  They are not only players, but they are fans, they are competitors, they are what commitiment is all about.  They are commited to the league, but more importantly they are commited to their teams, and to their opponents.  We can only wonder what Recreation would be without these two players.  The league commitment awards go to Richard Sudimack and Luis DeLaCruz.  

John Norris

Most Improved Player


This award is given out to someone not because he is a weak player getting better, but because he’s a good player becoming greater.    He’s been on several rec teams and he only makes his teams stronger.  He’s a competitor and will always be ready to for a battle on the field.  The most improved player goes to John Norris. 


Anthony Smith

Gold Glove Award


The Gold Glove award is given out to someone who gives his all on the defensive end of the game.  He gives his all on every pitch, every play.  He’s that one player who you may not see in the box score, but when you see him on the field, you see nothing but excellence.  Defense wins championship and this one player was a big reason for his teams successful year and a league title.  The Gold glove goes to Anthony Smith. 


Mike Rizzo

Athlete of the Year

Bayonne Recreation 2012 


The athlete of the year, Recs most prestiogious award.  This years winner goes to someone who has competed at every level, in almost every sport offered.  He has led his teams to championship and has shown he is a leader.  His love to compete separates him from other athletes.  He loves to win, and will never give up, in any situation.  Whether its throwing a football, shooting the three, or running the bases, he gives 100% at all times.  He the true athlete.  The athlete of the year goes to Mike Rizzo. 





Dan Hampton


This award is given to the one player who gives his best off the field.  The one player who is dedicated to his work and gives back to the community.  The Danan Hughes Award is given to Dan Hampton of McCabe's COED Softball team.  Dan has been an EMT for several years and shows his love for his job every day.  Recently, during Hurricane Sandy, Dan worked around the clock to do what he loves to do, and that is to help others.  His commitment to his work, his friends, his family and his teammates is what makes him the person and player he is today. 






 Team Excellence


Recreation will be recognizing a team that has set the way for all of Recreation.  A team of excellence.  This one team came together in the early 1990’s and dominated Bayonne and Dominated Recreation for more than a decade.  They showed what teamwork was all about, they showed what winning was all about.  They came together as one and played together as one.  They fought many nights at the 16th St. Courts against opponents looking to defeat them.  They never backed down, they never gave up.  They are the true definition of a team.  They would not only become a family on the court, but they would become a family off the court.  Til this day, they will be forever remembered.  They will always be a champion.  I’d like to call up the Killer Klowns for the team excellence award. 


Special Thanks:


Mark A. Smith

Director of Municipal Services

Joe Waks

Director of Public Works

Gary Chmielewski

Superintendent of Public Works, Parks & Recreation

James Cilino

Supervisor of Recreation

Pete Amadeo

Recreation Leader

Gary Parlatti

All Recreation Officials

All Recreation Scorers



2012 is over. Another Rec year completed, and what a year it was. So many games, so many players, so many great nights. Whats in store for us in 2013? Only time will tell, but recreation will be bigger and better than ever! Recreation is such an integral part of our lives. Is it a part of yours?