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August 16, 2018
12:43:34 AM

Entry ID: 2090312
Very true
August 15, 2018
9:57:39 PM

Entry ID: 2090307
Probably not because there Noel Road
August 14, 2018
11:11:56 PM

Entry ID: 2090281
So if royals beat Noel road this weekend and get other games they will finish ahead or Noel for aaa?
August 10, 2018
7:38:48 AM

Entry ID: 2090166
Last email i saw said bns was firm with the 6 team tournament to be held at Mainland and Beazley. BNS has also said it will be a cost shared tournament. There will be games early on Friday and lights will only be used if there is bad weather to help keep the costs down. Sounds like there will be a meeting over to off season with MIBL, NSIBL, RABA, BNS and any other interested parties to try to figure out how to proceed in the future.
August 9, 2018
8:47:11 AM

Entry ID: 2090139
Heard Metro got their asses up and only want to host aaa if it's an 8 team. tourney.
August 9, 2018
3:25:20 AM

Entry ID: 2090136
Yeah it�s getting ridiculous. The intermediate leauge is going down hill one step at a time hopefully everyone�s gets there shit together and makes how it used to be
August 8, 2018
9:11:05 PM

Entry ID: 2090129
agree with lyfer. this is getting ridiculous. announce where the hosts will be, who will be where. please.
August 8, 2018
2:21:33 PM

Entry ID: 2090110
whats the deal with provincials for aaa aa a..where is it..and when will schedule be out
August 7, 2018
6:17:18 PM

Entry ID: 2090072
Hearing all Halifax teams will not be participating in provincials this year? Really hoping that is not true. Would not be many teams at all participating...
August 6, 2018
8:00:25 AM

Entry ID: 2089999
Looking to get back into the game, anyone in need of a left handed power hitter?, been out of organized baseball for a few years, but kept in to batting practice
July 27, 2018
1:39:26 PM

Entry ID: 2089791
I have been hearing rumors of aaa provincials being an 8 team tournament. I was speaking to Barry this am and he told me it will be only a 6 team this year.
July 19, 2018
6:15:28 PM

Entry ID: 2089614
Yes, total points
July 16, 2018
10:04:46 PM

Entry ID: 2089529
Could someone please answer my question..what is the final standings based off of? What will determine the final 4? Should be final points should it not be?
July 4, 2018
10:40:03 AM

Entry ID: 2089257
Could someone please explain what the standings are based on? From my understanding, it has always been total points - not win %. This encourages teams to play their games
Barry Anderson
May 19, 2018
12:32:59 PM

Entry ID: 2088194
I would like to wish all teams a successful and good season this year. We start tomorrow and I hope that the predicted ran holds off. If it doesn't, please consider Monday. Lots of luck, lots of laughs and have fun. BA, President
Barry Anderson
May 19, 2018
12:32:00 PM

Entry ID: 2088193
I would like to wish all teams a successful and good season this year. We start tomorrow and I hope that the predicted ran holds off. If it doesn't, please consider Monday. Lots f luck, lots of laughs and have fun. BA, President
May 12, 2018
9:24:41 PM

Entry ID: 2088102
The provincials are always on labor day weekend and our league playoffs are always the weekend before.
May 8, 2018
7:22:23 PM

Entry ID: 2087990
Just wondering if the dates for league tournament and provincials are on the same dates/weekends every year?
April 14, 2018
1:25:40 PM

Entry ID: 2087509
Meeting is in hantsport tomorrow afternoon. No schedule yet, all teams are asked to bring any schedule issues tomorrow so we can try to fit them into the schedule. As far as I know we are looking at 7 teams this year. PC is not returning. The league has always started the ling weekend in May I assume that will continue.
April 13, 2018
4:04:24 PM

Entry ID: 2087504
When will the league meeting be held? And a schedule made? Just wondering how many teams there will be in the league this year, as well as when the season starts
March 14, 2018
8:43:26 AM

Entry ID: 2087145
There has been some interest from a Cb team, i'm not sure they are still interested. Yarmouth is checking to see if they can get enough interest for a team again. I did hear Weymouth was interested but Barry heard they are going to wait another year. That's all i have heard
March 6, 2018
10:55:37 PM

Entry ID: 2087071
Saw that there is interest in Sydney joining the league. Is there interest in other teams joining as well? And also is Yarmouth coming back?
Keith Nickerson
February 16, 2018
10:10:23 AM

Entry ID: 2086880
Hey guys, I hope winter is treating you well! I know its early but do we have any idea of when the league meeting may be? I think with possible new teams in the mix we should give ourselves more time by having the meeting earlier in the year. Having been a new team not that long ago I'm sure other teams could use the extra time to ensure that they have everything aligned that they need players, money, field times, umps, a finalized league schedule, food vendors, etc. It seems like many of the issues (field time and umpire scheduling conflicts) we run into as a league are the result last minute final schedule arrangements. I'm not trying to be a negative nelly here, in fact just the opposite. I enjoy our league and want to see it ran as efficiently as possible! Take care!
Paul MacDonalding for a positive
Sydney Mines
October 6, 2017
2:54:06 PM

Entry ID: 2085841
Barry We have spoke a couple of years ago about trying to play in the league. I am hoping you will revisit the idea , we have no where to play and just got denied entry into the R.A.B.A We were told they are not exspanding at this time but I received a few messages from people in the league it is because we put a pounding on a all star team from there at provincials , never the less the reason we still have no league to play out of and its getting frusterating only getting 5 or 6 games in a summer. I think we can all agree that Intermediate ball is a great form of entertainment across the province from Yarmouth to Cape Breton and its great ball. I know people down here would love to see teams in the Nova Scotia Intermediate League play here and for a new team to come into your exsisting towns. we would be as competitive .as any other exspantion team and hope you would just give us a chance. Thank You for your time and waiting for a positive response, yours truly Paul MacDonald Sydney Mines Marlins
Paul MacDonald
Sydney Mines
September 4, 2017
9:47:40 PM

Entry ID: 2085313
Congrats to Pictou County on winning the ''A'' provincials

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