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Keith Nickerson (Schooners)
Sherose Island
June 9, 2017
10:24:40 AM

Entry ID: 2082808
Hey, I hate to be a pest but the venue for our team needs to be changed to: Sherose Island 20 Circle Drive, Barrington. Also, it would be nice if our team name could also be corrected to the, Sherose Island Schooners. We haven't been Shelburne County since two years ago. Thanks, Keith
June 5, 2017
10:21:10 AM

Entry ID: 2082632
Windsor and Albions split yesterday in Windsor.
Pictou County
May 28, 2017
10:00:36 PM

Entry ID: 2082391
May 28, 2017
9:58:33 PM

Entry ID: 2082390
2 Wins for The Knights today over the Royals 4-0 11-2
May 28, 2017
5:02:22 PM

Entry ID: 2082384
All not true.
Pictou County
May 27, 2017
4:07:45 PM

Entry ID: 2082350
The schedule says we play in Windsor twice. It also says Albians, we're the Albions.
Terry Dunbrack
May 26, 2017
3:10:21 PM

Entry ID: 2082338
This is the first time I've checked out the guestbook since the fall. I'm very sorry to hear of Dave Pemberton's passing. I've gotten to play a lot of baseball all over the province and my stints of playing in Windsor were my favorite. Dave was a big part of that for me. We had a lot of good smart ball players there and even when some of us didn't agree with something Dave wanted to do coaching wise, I always felt that he respected us in whatever the final decision that was made whether he won our or we did. Sorry that I didn't hear about this til now and if he has any family or friends who are regularly on this site I want to pass my condolences as well as my appreciation for having known him.
May 22, 2017
1:40:13 PM

Entry ID: 2082201
My apologies for the delay with getting the schedule put online. It's up with the changes requested, if anyone sees any mistakes please email me thanks. Have a Great Season Everyone, Wish I were on the field playing with you all.
Barry Anderson
May 22, 2017
11:23:29 AM

Entry ID: 2082199
In league play under very windy conditions which made for some very adventurous plays, the Shamrocks took two from the Albions the Knights and Braves split and the Jays took two from the Bearcats.
Barry Anderson
May 19, 2017
12:41:30 PM

Entry ID: 2082184
Looks like a good weekend. Put me in coach LETS PLAY BALL
April 30, 2017
2:38:56 PM

Entry ID: 2081672
Hey boys, Welcome back for the 2017 NSIBL season. I hope you've all had a restful winter. I'm sure most of you witnessed the Cubs winning the World Series n the Pens winning the cup. N Screw the Patriots. Anyways. I think you guys can go in and enter your rosters. Make sure you click the display stats button. If there are any problems let me know via email so I'm sure to get your issues quicker.
Barry Anderson
February 16, 2017
9:28:05 AM

Entry ID: 2080305
I would like to offer my condolences to Dave Pemberton's family on his passing. He was the first President of the NSIBL and is a member of our Hall of Fame.
Paul Macdonald
Sydney Mines
February 5, 2017
3:50:21 PM

Entry ID: 2080211
Anyone know when the senior schedule comes out cach
Barry Anderson
December 22, 2016
1:54:48 PM

Entry ID: 2079982
On behalf of the Executive of the NSIBL I would like to offer a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. May all your wishes for a successful season be granted. Barry Anderson
October 31, 2016
4:33:55 PM

Entry ID: 2079400
I think the league might be interested in possible expansion. You would have to apply for entry at the spring meeting.
D McLellan
October 15, 2016
5:15:16 PM

Entry ID: 2079169
Would the league be open to expansion in Truro/Bible Hill?
September 4, 2016
7:45:05 PM

Entry ID: 2078366
Schooners went 3-0 in round robin. Lost championship game #1 10-6 Lost championship game #2 2-0 (with controversy, phone calls to halifax and protest. Poor judgement call on a play in the top of the 6th [game 2]).
September 4, 2016
7:34:40 PM

Entry ID: 2078365
Got a text from Matt, Shawn Marshall (Our League MVP) Pitched 6 innings of 1 hit ball and Matt MacDonald came on in the 7th to close it out. Congrats on your 3 Peat boys.
September 4, 2016
7:18:33 PM

Entry ID: 2078364
A provincials I'm not sure of any info.
September 4, 2016
7:17:41 PM

Entry ID: 2078363
Great job Sherose Island Trap Schooners losing in the finals I think 2-0?? Won bother their games in extra innings to earn a championship game.
September 4, 2016
7:15:21 PM

Entry ID: 2078362
Congrats to the 2016 AAA Provincial Champions The Noel Road Jays. Congrats boys I think what's this 3 in a row. Great job.
September 4, 2016
6:39:21 PM

Entry ID: 2078361
Can anybody fill me in on who won prob at every level, scores?
Barry Anderson
September 3, 2016
9:29:57 PM

Entry ID: 2078337
Sherose Island is through to the finals in the Int. AA Championship.
#2 Gateway Fan
September 3, 2016
3:08:36 PM

Entry ID: 2078334
I heard that Yarmouth lost? The team just didn't show up today...or yesterday...or tomorrow...
#1 Gateway fan
September 3, 2016
7:49:08 AM

Entry ID: 2078330
Just a curious fan here. How did Yarmouth fair out in their first game of the AA Provincials in Shammyville?

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