Concession Stand Team Duty: 2019

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2019 Concession Stand Schedule

Pre Season

 No Pre-season games this year


 May 7: Quality Mold

May 9: Gary Steele Karate

May 10: Ponytails Truck Repair

May 17: Blankenship Farms

May 21: Killer Kustoms

May 23: Crisp Springs Market

May 28: Prater Realty

May 30: Holder Realty (coach pitch)

May 31: Dr Pepper

June 4: First National Bank

June 6: Melton and Cowan Law Office

June 7: Holder Realty (Jr. League)

June 11: Volunteer Bearing

June 13: Ben Lomand Connect

June 14: RRP

June 18: Riverside Custom'

June 20: Bratcher Farms

June 21: Roscoe Brown

June 25: Cherry Springs Nursery

June 27: Amy's Army

June 28: Majak Screen Print

Post Season Tournament (teams will be assign a date)



1. Please arrive by 5:30 pm to get concession prepared to open by 6:00 pm

2. No one under age 14 allowed to work in concession.

3. Have at least 5 to 6 workers and no more than 8 working at same time.

4. Pick up trash on grounds and take trash can bags to dumpster, clean up bathrooms and concession before leaving the night.

5. If you change nights with another team or have another problem of getting there, please contact Barry Taylor.

6. Thank you very much for your help and support and volunteering your time to the youth league.